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On a John Cena heel turn, the song remains the same

John Cena is not actually a heel here.
John Cena is not actually a heel here.

During a recent interview with the podcast (via, ESPN anchor Robert Flores, a big pro wrestling fan, revealed the details behind a recent conversation he had with John Cena. Naturally, Flores wanted to know about a heel turn and Cena's answer should surprise no one.

"I've talked to John Cena about this and he doesn't really want to because he does so much charity work and I think he thinks it would affect that... I see guys like Miz and David Otunga, guys that are 'heels,' still continue to be involved with the company's charity initiatives, so obviously Cena is on a different level when compared to those guys, but just being selfish as a fan, I think it would be fascinating TV to see him just turn heel and see the reaction it would get."

Not to beat a dead horse but there's a major storyline to be had here at some point down the road when WWE gets everything they possibly can out of a babyface Cena. It's fair to compare it to the kind of impact Hulk Hogan had when he finally made the decision to turn heel in 1996 when he finally ran stale and joined up with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to create the New World Order (nWo).

If done right, Cena's turn could have a similar impact. Interestingly enough, Hogan was also reportedly hesitant thanks to his status as the top babyface and all that came with that away from the ring.

But money talks.

So we're left to wait in wonder for the time when Cena decides he can finally make more money as a heel than he can as a babyface. There are other factors at play here, like WWE feeling comfortable replacing him with someone on the roster, which they obviously aren't, not right now. Sheamus could get there eventually but he's simply not catching on the way Cena did when he was rapidly rising to the top in 2005. The current landscape of the business also dictates that Cena is better as the top good guy to oppose CM Punk as the top bad guy. For now.

The wait continues. But that's what will make it so much sweeter when they finally do pull the trigger, right?

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