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A.W. tweets re: his firing and WWE Diva Cameron’s suspension

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Photo via WikiMedia Commons

As reported here at Cageside, Ariane Andrews, more commonly known as Cameron, was suspended for a DUI on Aug. 24 in Tampa, FL. Not only is driving drunk incredibly irresponsible, ignorant and dangerous, but TMZ also reported Cameron made several other stupid choices last week when she failed to notify her employers at WWE of her arrest and even attempted to bribe Tampa's finest in order to keep any charges from being filed against her.

All of this...and only a 15-day suspension.

For those of you who think this is incredibly unfair, you are not alone. Brian Jossie, known as A.W. in WWE before being fired, let his thoughts about the hypocrisy in WWE policies be known on Twitter:

"As I said before @WWE allows you to disgrace other countries flag, have DUI's, smoke marijuana, and do steroids but you can't speak ur mind! As I said before I was fired for tweeting about Linda McMahon. I didn't get fired over the Kobe joke. To those who don't know I was fired for tweeting "Support Linda" I also tweeted "VoteOrDie4Linda" Vince didn't get it. #PDiddy #Obama @linda_mcmahon : Hiiiii Linda! It's the guy that was fired for supporting you."

While the assumption was always that A.W. was fired for his ill-advised on-air joke, which referenced the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case, he seems pretty adamant that his career was actually cut short with WWE due to his tweets regarding Linda McMahon's Senate run.

What is the take away from all this? WWE will merely suspend their workers for criminal charges, but voicing "support" for Linda McMahon, well, that is just simply crossing the line! Attacking the Republicans, as CM Punk did over the weekend, is perfectly kosher, though. Ones standing in the company is always important, but I don't know if I would place A.W. as less valuable than Cameron. Would you? I didn't think so.

WWE seems to be giving mixed messages to its workers. Without any sense of uniformed punishment, situations such as these will continue to arise. With the November, 2012 elections looming ever closer and WWE continuing to push "family friendly" programming, it would probably be in their best interest to get everyone on the same page before something worse happens.

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