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Shaul Guerrero, Vickie's daughter, asks for, but is not given, a WWE contract release

Shaul Guerrero, the daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero, who wrestles in WWE's developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) as Raquel Diaz, has asked to be released from her WWE contract. Due to her immense potential, having quickly become FCW's most charismatic Diva, and the recent exodus of women from the promotion, WWE declined her request, hoping that some time off would lead to a change of heart.

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On Thursday night, both and reported that Shaul Guerrero, the 21 year old daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero, who wrestles in WWE's developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) as Raquel Diaz, had asked to be released from her WWE contract. There was some confusion though over whether that release was granted, as the first word was that she had got what she had wanted, but later WWE officials told Dave Meltzer that they had declined her request.

Meltzer gave more details in today's subscriber only Wrestling Observer Radio show. Apparently, she was feeling banged up and homesick, and wanted to return to college, which led to her wanting out of WWE. Instead of firing her, WWE management allowed her to go home instead, hoping that with some time to rest and heal up that she would change her mind. Given how young she is, the chances of that eventually happening are quite high.

The main reason that WWE is trying to hold on to Guerrero so badly, is that of all the women in FCW she had the most charisma and was the best talker of the group. How high the FCW bookers were on Diaz's major league potential was demonstrated by her holding the FCW Divas Championship for a record breaking 197 days after winning the title on Dec. 16th, 2011. Thus, from a character perspective she was already more than ready for the main roster, though her ring work wasn't quite there yet. Moreover, there was the natural storyline of bringing her up when ready to feud with or be managed by her mother.

A secondary reason is that WWE must be quite concerned with the recent flood of female talent that has left the company. In the last six months alone, The Bella Twins, Kharma, Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly have all departed WWE for a variety of reasons, but burnout, nagging injuries and frustrations over their push and the inability to pursue outside projects without WWE approval, which is hard to come by, were common factors. There is also concern that current WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres will be the next to go, given her recent engagement to Rener Gracie. With the exception of this year's mega push for AJ Lee, WWE has not done a very good job of creating new female stars to replace those that have left and they were banking on Guerrero to be someone who could fill in that gap. At least for now, they will have to look elsewhere, which is good news for the remaining women in FCW like Paige and Sara Del Rey.

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