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WWE Raw results and live blog for Sept. 3: More anger management!

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 3, 2012) from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL, and features more anger management classes for Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Considering how unbelievably awesome the first few skits were that aired last week, there's no way the skits that air this week will be bad. And the good news is we'll reportedly be getting even more after this week.

CM Punk and John Cena have been officially booked for a match at Night of Champions for the WWE championship and that means they're going to have to come up with an angle to get them there. Let's just hope it doesn't involve more announcers.

Plus, AJ Lee continues her feud with Vickie Guerrero over the General Manager spot.

Raw starts at 8 p.m. ET on USA, so be sure to make your way back here to chat with all of your favorite Cagesiders during the show. It's always a fun time. Raw live blog after the jump.


Nolan in.

Lawler/Punk video recap from last week.

Broadcast is live.

Cole saying that there is a disturbing situation developing. Video from backstage shows that Punk and Lawler brawled backstage three minutes before the show.

Cole is going solo, apparently.


Sheamus is here.

Sheamus says they started with a jump start in Chicago. He says the party never ends in that city. But, the party will be ending for Alberto Del Rio, apparently.

CM Punk's music is on and he is posing on the stage to his hometown crowd.

Punk tells Sheamus not to try to come out here and try to talk to his hometown. He says they can't relate to Sheamus, but they can relate to him. He asks the crowd how they're doing, to which they roar in approval.

He says the cameras caught him beating down Lawler, but they didn't show Lawler sneak attacking him. He says there is only one king of Chicago and you better not miss if you go at him. He says Lawler attacked his integrity and that's why he needed to teach him respect last week.

He says class was in session until a white knight came and stuck his nose where it didn't belong. He says it was John Cena. Punk says Lawler was only getting what he deserved, saying he turned his back on the WWE Universe.

"So I ask the WWE Universe, did I turn my back on you?"

Resounding "no" from the crowd.

Punk says that by helping Lawler, Cena is stating he agrees with Lawler. He says that is ultimately disrespecting him and that he won't tolerate it. He says if you disrespect the champ, then you turn your back on the WWE Universe.

Sheamus interrupts. He says he knows they are in Punk's hometown, but if Punk wants to talk disrespect, he is the World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus says that is a crime, almost like The Rock's crime to interrupt Punk. He says that at least The Rock had the guts to step in the ring and invites Punk to come to the ring.

Punk, from the stage, says he already beat up one goon tonight. He says Sheamus is, at best, the second best in the world. He says there is a pecking order and Sheamus is behind him, so he needs to shut up.

Sheamus says that if Punk is talking out of his arse, he needs to turn around so he can at least be looking at it.


Anywho, AJ is out.

AJ says she has an announcement, but has no disrespect for either.

She has an idea for tonight's main events. Challengers at Night of Champions will square off, as Alberto Del Rio will take on John Cena.

In addition, there will be a champion vs. champion match between Sheamus and CM Punk.

AJ skips around the ring as the two men jaw at each other and raise their belts.


Ziggler vs. Orton rematch from Smackdown will be next.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton

Lockup and side headlock for Ziggler. Off the ropes and shoulder block from Ziggler does nothing. A dropkick does, though, and Ziggy struts.

Lockup once again and Orton gets the side headlock. Orton off the ropes and a side headlock. Running the ropes again and a duck over and under from Ziggler gets him shoulder blocked by Orton. Dropkick from Orton. Nearfall.

Orton stomping on Ziggler's body, working the leg. Uppercut drops Ziggler. Orton whips Ziggler into the corner, but Ziggler is able to ride the ropes over. No matter, as Orton holds on and gets the slingshot suplex for a nearfall.

Ziggler fighting back with punches. Orton in the corner and Ziggler unloading. Orton pushes him off. Orton in the opposite corner explodes out and knocks Ziggler down. Action moves to the outside as Ziggler is whipped to the floor. Orton whipping Ziggler into the barricade to the right of the ramp. Now to the left. Orton levels him with a clothesline.

Ziggler in pain as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Orton in control. Uppercut from Orton. Ziggler sent into the ropes and Orton throws him up into the air...and Zigs drops. Zigs in a corner and Orton with the ten punches to the head. Ziggler sent into the ropes, but he kicks Orton's knee. Swinging neckbreaker from Ziggler.

Orton rolls out and Ziggler follows. He whips Orton into the barricade shoulder first. Ref begins the count. Action back to the ring and Ziggler with a nearfall.

Ziggler slow to his feet, but he gets there and does a jumping elbow. Nearfall once again.

Ziggler with a sleeper in and Orton looking to escape. The two roll around on the mat, but Ziggler still has it. Ziggler with a headstand, then he turns it into a bridged sleeper.

What a beast.

Back to the feet and Orton opening up with strikes. He runs off the ropes, but eats a knee to the stomach. Ziggler again looking for the jumping elbow, but Orton moves out of the way.

Ziggler getting more cheers here.

Ziggler in the corner after some strikes and Orton charges, only to eat an elbow. Ziggler blasts out with a running clothesline. Only gets a nearfall.

Ziggler now looking to go up top as Orton is grasping his throat on the ground. Ziggler up there, but Orton taps the turnbuckle and crotches Ziggler. Orton with an uppercut to a prone Ziggler. Headbutt. Orton going up top now and looking for a superplex.

Nails it.

Orton slowly over for the cover, but only a nearfall.

Orton with the two clotheslines and powerslam as Ziggler runs off the ropes. Rope-assisted DDT this time, but Ziggler counters with a hangman's neckbreaker. Ziggler charges at a hurt Orton, but Orton reverses and gets his signature backbreaker. Nearfall.

Orton walking around here and Ziggler up, but Ziggler gets the jumping DDT. Cover and nearfall for Ziggler. Ziggler now stalking, looking for the Fame Asser. Orton ducks and gets the rope-assisted DDT.

Orton looking for the RKO, but nothing and he goes into the corner. Ziggler charges, but Orton rests on the top rope and proceeds with a rollup.

Ziggler using the momentum to roll through and has Orton stacked. He also has the tights, but the referee doesn't see and counts the three.

Ziggler is your victor.

Vickie and Zigs celebrate as they go backstage.

And Miz comes out. He is doing commentary, apparently.



We're back and Cole and Miz are here.

It is time for some anger management! YES!

Dr. Shelby welcomes the class and tells everyone to find their seats.

Bryan and Kane enter. Harold switches seats with the lady next to him.

Anger collage time.

Bryan's collage is a bunch of YES! and NO! designs. He explains that he can't take when he says "YES!," people say it back. When he says "NO!," people still say it. He rips up his paper in frustration.

Kane's turn and he holds up a blank sheet of paper. Dr. Shelby says that Kane was supposed to show how he feels inside, and asks if blank is how he feels. Kane asks if Dr. Shelby really wants to know how he feels.

He takes the paper and throws it in the trashcan. He then summons the fire and the can lights on fire from the inside.

Kane takes a seat and Bryan says he is a teacher's pet.

Dr. Shelby is impressed and he wants to talk about families next.


Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara are teaming up next.


Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Tensai (w/Sakamoto) and Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes and Sin Cara start. Kick to the gut from Rhodes. Cara with a springboard elbow.

Rhodes regroups in the corner and talks with Tensai.

Sin Cara and Rhodes stare as we go to commercial.

Tensai and Cara in as we come back. Tensai puts Cara in his corner and unloads with punches. Rhodes tags in and works stomps and punches. The ref gets in Cody's face and Tensai levels Cara with a headbutt. Rhodes with a nearfall because the ref is distracted.

Cody in the middle of the ring and has a backbreaker submission on Sin Cara. Cara rolls for a cover and nearfall. Rhodes drops Cara with a kick and is now going for the mask. He drives Cara into his corner.

Tensai in and he powers Cara. Punches and a clothesline. Middle of the ring and powerslam by Tensai. Nerve hold from Tensai. Tensai tosses Cara into the corner, who runs out with an enziguri.

Rhodes tags in and tries to prevent Sin Cara from tagging in. He fails. Mysterio in with punches and forearms to Rhodes. Mysterio off the ropes and kicks Rhodes, who attempted the back bodydrop. Hurricanrana from Mysterio. Mysterio charges Rhodes in the corner and gets bodydropped, only to go up top and get the senton facebuster. Nearfall.

Pan over to the announce table, back in and Cody with a rollup, but Mysterio pops out and gets a dropkick. Nearfall. Tensai broke it up. He has Mysterio up for a move, but Mysterio gets out and hits a 619 on Tensai. Cara hits a missile dropkick to send Tensai out.

Rhodes does a facebuster suplex. Mysterio is able to fight back and get the drop toehold. 619 connects.

Sin Cara tagged in and gets the swanton bomb. Pin and all three. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio get the victory.


Back to anger management classes.

The group has formed a circle of trust, as they stand hand-in-hand.

Bryan and Kane are not participating and stay seated.

Dr. Shelby asks Kane and Bryan to demonstrate.

Bryan is going to be doing a trust fall, where Kane will catch him.

Dr. Shelby tells Bryan to just trust Kane and falls backwards. Bryan says "NO!," but then gets it together. He does the trust fall and Kane catches him, only to shove him away.

Dr. Shelby says that he is moving them on to phase two where they work together. They will be doing a trust fall with Harold.

Harold falls back...and both men don't catch him. They both ask each other if they knew that the other wasn't going to catch Harold. Bryan tells Kane that he thinks he finally understands him.

Dr. Shelby says Harold, who is Mason Andrew from TNA and Scorpio Sky from indie promotions, will now need medical attention.


Sheamus vs. CM Punk

Punk comes out in street clothes, jeans and his t-shirt.

Crowd chants his name as he has the mic in hand.

"Sweet home Chicago!"

Punk says that Sheamus doesn't understand this city. He says that the city respects his decisions. He says they understand that champion vs. champion is a Wrestlemania main event. He says that they know they don't trot CM Punk out at the 8 o'clock hour and exploit the fact he is from Chicago.

Punk says it is labor day and that, along with the hard working people taking breaks, he'll be doing the same. Punk exits the ring.

Sheamus says he has disrespected the people by skipping this match.

Punk walking around backstage and AJ wonders what Punk is doing.

"Check my deal, bro!"

Punk says for her to check his contracts and that he has personal days. He states that this is one.

Matt Striker in and AJ asks who he is. Striker looks astonished, but AJ doesn't know who he is. She says that, whoever he is, tell Sheamus to stay in-ring and she'll get him an opponent.


We are back and Alberto Del Rio is at ringside and at the announce table.

We have Sheamus' new opponent...and it isn't ADR.


Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

Lockup and Sheamus reverses Swagger into the corner. Swagger ducks under a lockup attempt, but Sheamus with an elbow. Sheamus with a side headlock and off the ropes for a shoulder block.

Sheamus looking to work the arm, but Swagger shoulder bumps him in the corner. Sheamus reverses into the other corner and gets to the top for a battering ram. He converts for a nearfall.

Sheamus whips Swagger into the ropes and sets up for a back bodydrop, but he eats Swagger's boot. Sheamus in the corner and Swagger whips him after a few strikes. Sheamus reverses and gets some clotheslines. Shoulder to the gut in the corner from Sheamus.

Sheamus misses a knee lift and Swagger looking for a slam, but Sheamus reverses and looking for the White Noise. Swagger slips out and slams Sheamus' head into the top turnbuckle. Swagger with a splash from the second rope for a nearfall.

Sheamus drops Swagger with a knee lift and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Swagger taps.

Sheamus is your winner.

ADR and Ricardo take the ring. The two outnumber Sheamus, but Sheamus is able to get ADR in the ring solo. He gets the White Noise. Now looking for the Brogue Kick, but Ricardo is back in. He shoves ADR out of the way and takes a Brogue Kick for ADR.

Sheamus smiling as he heads back and Ricardo Rodriguez is knocked out cold. Medics come in as we go to commercial.


Recap shows Ricardo being out cold during the commercial.


Eve vs. Kaitlyn

Layla at the announce table.

Lockup and Eve gets the back. Kaitlyn gets the back and trips Eve up. Step on Eve and crossbody into the pin. Kaitlyn with a side headlock on Eve. Kaitlyn off the ropes and a hip toss.

Forearm from Eve and double leg. Ground and pound from Eve, while Kaitlyn reverses. Eve once again gets the top. Back to our feet and Eve wants to shake hands.

Kaitlyn slaps hands.

Lockup and Eve with a wristlock. Eve with a drop toehold and into a headlock.

Layla and Miz arguing. They are going at it on the mic. This is so much better than the match.

Eve has a side headlock on Kaitlyn. Eve off to run the ropes and Kaitlyn mistimes a leap frog and injures her leg.

Match continues. Eve with a kick to the stomach and a neckbreaker.

Eve with the pin and the victory.

The only thing that mattered here was Layla and Miz going at it.

Eve helping Kaitlyn up and shakes her hand. Eve then goes to the outside to talk to Layla. She offers her hand to Layla, and Miz tells her to shake her hand. Layla tells Miz to stay out of it, but then begrudgingly takes the handshake.


Backstage and Swagger looks to be leaving the arena.

AJ asks him where he is going and Swagger says he'll be taking an extended leave, signifying that he has been on a losing streak and he hasn't been himself.

AJ begs him not to leave, but Swagger says sorry as he walks off.


Back to anger management.

Dr. Shelby congratulates everyone, giving special recognition to Kane and Bryan. He gives them the floor.

Bryan says he is happy to have taken the course and that he realizes he had an anger problem. He says he will be happy to give Kane a rematch from their Summerslam bout.

Kane thanks Bryan and promises to try his hardest not to eviscerate Bryan.

Bryan takes umbrage with this and that sets both of them off.

Harold tells them to try and calm down, but they both tell him to shut up.

They both jaw at each other, saying they can end each other. Kane gets a choke on Bryan.

Dr. Shelby tries to calm them, but eventually loses his cool. He screams at them, telling them that they have learned nothing.


Michael Cole at ringside says AJ has informed him that the WWE Universe will have a call on Twitter on what match Kane and Bryan will have tonight.

Either compete against each other, compete as a tag team, or hug it out.

Vote now!


Striker backstage and he asks ADR for an update on Ricardo's condition.

Otunga comes out of the trainer's room and tells Striker that his client has no comment at this time.


WWE covers The Rock preventing a burglary on the set of The Fast and Furious 6, which was covered on Cageside earlier.

WWE has come up with a hashtag: #Boots2Burglars.



Ryback vs. Jinder Mahal

Ryback has his own shirt now.

The men lockup and Ryback backs Mahal into a corner. He ragdolls Mahal into the opposite corner. Mahal with a knee to the face and he locks up a wristlock. Ryback just throws him off. Both men lockup and a knee to the gut from Mahal.

Ryback fights back with two fists to the back of Mahal. Mahal in the corner and Ryback runs at him, getting a boot. Tries again and gets two boots. Shoulder block from Mahal with a nearfall. Ryback tosses him up from the pin.

Strikes to Ryback from Mahal, but he runs the ropes and gets powerslammed. Back bodydrop from Ryback. Ryback with a pick-up powerbomb.

He gets booed...then the crowd mysteriously starts chanting. Okay.

Clothesline from Ryback and he wants to finish it. He hits the Shell Shocked.

Pinfall and victory to Ryback.

And the crowd goes mild.


Matt Striker at the Raw GM's office.

He knocks and asks what AJ plans on doing for all the breakdown that's going down on Raw.

AJ tells Striker to go tell Cena and ADR that their match is now Falls Count Anywhere.


Daniel Bryan is out and trying not to lose his cool with the fans.

Kane out.

Recap of the Kane and Josh Mathews incident on Smackdown.

The stipulation is hug it out.

Oh man.

The crowd is chanting "YES!" Bryan is screaming "NO!"

Kane looking mad as well.

The two slowly approach each other as the crowd encourages them to hug it out. Bryan putting his hand out, but retracts. The ref demands the two hug it out. Bryan coming in with extended arms.

"NO! NO! NO! NO!"

Bryan is losing it.

They approach...and chest bump.

The ref doesn't allow it. The two approach once again. They keep going back and forth. Bryan goes in and gets the hug first. Kane doesn't put his arms around Bryan.


The two now approach again. Kane moves in...and wraps the arms.


The two approach once again.


Long hug between the two and Bryan extends a handshake. Kane accepts.

The two chat in the ring and Kane smacks Bryan's arm a little too hard. Bryan gives him one himself. Kane fires another back. Bryan keeping his cool, but he then shoves Kane. Kane shoves Bryan into the corner.

Bryan shoves Kane again. Kane shoves back. Bryan smacks Kane in the face. They go at it now. Bryan with the kicks and going for the "NO!" lock. Bryan off the ropes and eats a big boot. Bryan pulls down the ropes as Kane charges at him.

Bryan on the apron and charging at Kane, but he eats an uppercut.

Kane now tossing Bryan into the barricade numerous times. Kane with a chair to the gut of Bryan. Kane rolls him back in-ring and gets the chokeslam. Kane has wrapped the chair around Bryan's head and wants to leg drop off the top.

Refs come out and prevent this from happening.

Bryan gets up and cracks Kane in the body with a chair, who falls off the top and back into the ring. Bryan scurries out.


Santino next and he wants his United States Championship back.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Santino Marella

Lockup and Santino slaps Cesaro. Drop toehold into the second rope from Santino and a hip toss. Diving headbutt from Santino.

Santino attempts the Cobra, but Aksana distracts him. He tries to do it barehanded, but it doesn't work.

Cesaro in control. Gut wrench suplex. Cesaro working in the corner. Clothesline from Cesaro. Santino ducks under and grabs for his Cobra, which is in the middle of the ring.

Cesaro gets back in and attacks Santino from behind. He hits his Neutralizer.

Pinfall and victory for Cesaro. He retains.


Heath Slater vs. Zack Ryder

These two have had a Twitter war that lead up to this match.

Heath Slater with a side headlock. Off the ropes and a shoulder block. Ryder hits a flapjack after a rope running predicament. Nearfall.

Slater being choked in the corner, but he fights out and takes the brawl to Ryder. Ryder whipped into the corner chest first and gets a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Slater with elbows to Ryder. He gets up, does a little Elvis impersonation, and gets a knee drop.

Slater with a sleeper hold and Ryder fights out. Slater pushes Ryder into a corner. He pummels him with punches, then poses for a bit. Charging at Ryder, he gets a boot in the face. Ryder now taking it to Slater. Broski Boot.

Ryder looking for the Rough Ryder, but misses out and Slater unloading with offense.

Ryder gets back in control and hits the Rough Ryder.

Ryder with the pin and victory.


Vickie immediately out after the match and says she wants to give AJ a piece of her mind. Vickie asks for a chair and says she won't be going anywhere until AJ comes out and addresses her.

We go to commercial.


Back and Vickie still in the ring.

She says if she needs to remind everyone why she is here, she tells the fans about AJ's Jericho/Ziggler matchmaking and AJ's attacking of Vickie.

Vickie starts having a conversation with the empty chair.

Yep, make fun of Clint Eastwood, folks. American icon.

After some rambling. AJ hits the ring.

She just got off the phone with the WWE Board of Directors. They said that her actions as of late are unacceptable and that she cannot lay her hands on any WWE employee ever again. They also asked her to apologize, which she does.

Vickie asks if she was apologizing for being an inept GM or apologizing to her. Vickie says that she'll put it in words AJ can understand and that she needs to apologize to her RIGHT NOW.

The two stare each other down. AJ swallows her pride and apologizes, albeit with a sarcastic smile.

Vickie says that her apology was pathetic and she needs to make another one that means something.

AJ says that she apologizes in a more sincere tone.

Vickie slaps AJ, who almost comes back at Vickie. Vickie taunts her saying that she can't touch her. She again slaps AJ and leaves the ring laughing hysterically.

AJ looks very upset in-ring.

She is now going crazy. She throws down the mic and the chair. She starts hitting the ring with a chair and screaming like mad. She throws the chair out of the ring and is throwing a tantrum.

She calms down, only to do a sort of Mankind-like thing with her hair.


Recap of Punk beating down Lawler and taking the day off.


John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

Otunga with a Tout that says he and his client will be pursuing legal action on Sheamus. More on Smackdown.


ADR in control as we are back. Nearfall from Del Rio. Chinlock in for ADR and Cena trying to work his way out.

Dueling Cena chants as usual.

Cena out and a kick to the gut of Del Rio. Both men exchange strikes and Cena comes out on top. Both off the ropes and a double clothesline puts both men down.

Both men up and Cena going for a clothesline. ADR ducks under and gets the Backstabber for a nearfall. Stomp to Cena.

ADR up top and comes down into a Cena dropkick. Five Knuckle Shuffle and AA coming up.

ADR gets a rope and gets on the apron. Hangman's neckbreaker for ADR. He brings Cena to the outside and whips Cena into the steel steps. ADR stomps on Cena. Taunting Cena and he shoves him into the barricade.

More stomps to Cena. ADR tries to whip Cena into the other set of steps, but Cena reverses. ADR jumps on top of them and lands next to the barricade. Cena is right there on the steps with a clothesline for a nearfall. Falls count anywhere, folks.

Cena setting up the announce table for some violence, but ADR is there with an enziguri. Nearfall for Del Rio. Kick to the head of Cena. ADR setting up for a suplex on Cena near the table. Cena blocks it and tries for an AA. ADR falls off and shoves Cena into the ring post.

ADR has a chair now, but misses and connects with the steel post, sending it back on him. Cena tosses ADR over the barricade and into the crowd. Cena sets up the steel steps next to the announce table and proceeds to walk ADR up for an AA. ADR elbows his way out and gets a side suplex right through the table!

And it is only a nearfall. Wow.

ADR gets Cena back in the ring and he has a mic. ADR tells Cena he is beneath him. He says the entire roster is beneath him. He says Chicago is beneath him, all the while stomping Cena. He says he is going to break Cena's arm.

Cross armbreaker attempt, but Cena rolls through for the STF. ADR out and Cena is up. ADR up and he charges at Cena, who moves. ADR goes through the middle rope and looks hurt.

Both men outside and ADR with a punch to the stomach. Suplex onto the steel ramp for a nearfall by ADR. ADR off the stage with an axehandle.

Cena now with the upperhand and slamming ADR into the stage.

Cena takes a look at ADR's car and has a sneaky grin. He goes to grab a speaker, but ADR prevents that with a kick to the knee.

We are going backstage now. Strikes from Cena to ADR. Cena throws a trash can, but ADR moves. Both men are going into various objects. ADR is thrown through the interview area. Del Rio retreating and gets the upperhand with strikes.

Going for the cross armbreaker on the backstage floor, but Cena reverses for the AA. He AAs ADR onto some plastic boxes.

And CM Punk is there to crack Cena from behind. He puts ADR on top for the cover.

ADR with the pin and victory.

Punk puts Cena on his shoulders and drops him face first onto the hood of his car.

He stands over Cena.


CM Punk in the car and posing down with the belt.

The car goes in motion and the driver pokes his head out to see the wreckage.

Paul Heyman, ladies and gents.

Fade to black.


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