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WWE 'SmackDown' results and reactions from last night (Sept. 28): Show hits Orton hard

WWE SmackDown came to us from Buffalo, New York last night (Sept. 28). The main event featured Randy Orton wrestling Big Show for the right to face WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus at Hell in a Cell. Stars like Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Beth Phoenix, and Ryback were in action as well. Read commentary and results from last night's episode right here!

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WWE SmackDown aired last night (Sept. 28) from Buffalo, New York. The main focus of the show was finding WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus' new number-one contender. Big Show and Randy Orton squared off to fight for that right, but Alberto Del Rio was up to his usual schemes and threw a bit of a wrench in that plan.

Of course, we also had more matches and appearances featuring the Rhodes Scholars, Beth Phoenix, Ryback, Sheamus, and The Miz.

Let's get right into it!

  • The show kicked off with Show saying that he was the only man who would be able to defeat Sheamus. Orton came out and said that he has yet to face him, so he couldn't make that claim. This lead to the main event between the two. Of course, Alberto Del Rio ate an RKO in the opening segment and tried to ruin Orton's special night by attacking him backstage. Show came out on top of an injured Orton. The match was good and it is great to see something other than Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio. Although I have my doubts about the match, a change of scenery never hurt anyone.
  • The show didn't really promote anything other than that, but one of the bigger announcements to come from this show was that there would be a tag team tournament to decide the number one contenders to WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No. The Usos squared off against Rhodes Scholars, with the latter ending up victorious. With Sandow, Rhodes, Kane, and Bryan, the fans can't lose. This will be a triple-sized shot of adrenaline to the tag team division and I cannot wait.
  • WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro retained against Santino Marella. Loving the Cesaro push and all, but there has got to be a more relevant challenger that he can defeat. Beating Santino gets you heat with little kids, but not much else. I've enjoyed this feud, but it is time to let this dog off the leash.
  • Beth Phoenix and Natalya had a pretty great Divas match. Eve came out and suspended Phoenix until Kaitlyn's attacker was found, but Booker reversed that decision later in the night. I really want to care about women's wrestling, but I don't want to pay money for SHINE or SHIMMER pay-per-views and DVDs. Give me more of these matches and we'll talk.
  • Oh, also, please don't leave, Beth.
  • As far as Eve going on a power trip, this lady has potential and she is pretty well-rounded. She also turned the tables on Booker by telling him that her suspension of Phoenix was Teddy Long's idea, which might get him fired. Teddy getting fired and Eve being a foxy authority figure is something I can get behind.
  • Zack Ryder wrestled Wade Barrett. I like both of these guys as far as being pretty talented, but really, I can't care. Barrett won, of course. Yet, it still did nothing for him.
  • Miz TV happened. Well, it was happening until Dolph Ziggler came out. That is when it finally got interesting. He trash-talked a bit on the mic until Sheamus was able to rid of both him and Miz. If Ziggler cashes in at Hell in a Cell, I don't think anyone will object. It is his time.
  • Ryback beat Tensai. Fine match for bigger guys, but what was most impressive was Ryback hitting his finisher on Tensai. Crowd popped pretty hard for it, too. So, that's something, I guess.
You can't go wrong with an episode of SmackDown. It is one of my favorite pro wrestling offerings week in and week out. That said, tonight's episode gets a "C+" from me. It won't set your world on fire, but it will keep you interested for two hours.

What did you Cagesiders think of last night's episode of SmackDown?

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