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WWE 'NXT' Review: Sept. 26, 2012 edition

WWE NXT is the proving ground for the new generation of WWE talent. Today, we take a look at the episode that aired earlier this week on Sept. 26. The main event features the artist formerly known as Chris Hero, Kassius Ohno, taking on Ricky Steamboat's son, Richie Steamboat.

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When talking WWE television, there is often a mixed reaction among viewers. Raw is usually the most hit-or-miss of the group, while SmackDown can consistently prove to be the best wrestling show on television. Saturday Morning Slam is geared towards children and it does a fine job of entertaining that age group.

However, when it comes down to actual in-ring action, it seems to be in short supply.

That's why we at Cageside are going to bring you the WWE NXT Review each week. Featuring younger stars looking to make an impact in WWE, there is no shortage of in-ring action, as the young lions look to make a name for themselves.

This week, Michael McGillicutty jerks the curtain against Mike Rotunda's son, Bo Dallas, in a fine outing that sees the veteran getting the pin on Dallas. You'll also see Vader's son, Jake Carter, grapple with former FCW World Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger in a losing effort. Ryback gets fed Francis Remi Dorian and Aiden English with predictable results.

Finally, your main event this week features former indie star Chris Hero, now known as Kassius Ohno, taking on the son of WWE legend Ricky Steamboat, Richie Steamboat. Steamboat picked up the victory, but the extracurricular activity may be the more important part of the showdown.

Overall, this episode of NXT is a very intriguing appetizer to those unfamiliar with the action this show brings each week.

Be sure to get here each week to watch this episode while it is available. It is also available on Hulu Plus, which is currently offering a free one-week trial.


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