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Zack Ryder admits he's a joke while teasing a gimmick change

Zack Ryder took the pro wrestling world by storm with his breakout hit YouTube show and underground cult following. But since getting featured briefly on WWE television, he's faded back into obscurity. Time for a gimmick change?

Ed Webster

Zack Ryder has had enough of being an enhancement talent (read: jobber) on WWE television after having such a successful 2011 campaign. He's gone from creating a YouTube show to get noticed to winning the U.S. championship to a major program with Eve Torres and John Cena to being relegated back to Superstars.

Now, on his latest episode of Z! True Long Island Story, he's teasing a gimmick change while admitting openly that he's a joke and just another guy on the roster.

"I started this show in February 2011 because I was sick -- no, not just siiiiick -- but sick of being just another guy on the roster. Fast forward to episode 86 and guess what, I'm just another guy on the roster.

"At the beginning of 2011, I couldn't even get on Monday Night Raw. But then the Ryder Revolution took over the WWE and by the end of 2011, I was the United States champion. I did what I've always been told to do and I grabbed that brass ring.

"But what I didn't know is that you're only supposed to reach for it, you're not supposed to actually grab it ... unless they want you to. 2012 was supposed to be my year but guess what? 2012 sucks.

"And there's only one person to blame for that. No, not Kane. Not Eve. Me.

"Yeah, I stare into the mirror but I don't like the things I see. My friends and family are so proud of me for living the dream. But I'm not living the dream. My dream was to be the WWE champion, not the biggest joke in the WWE.

"I'm not dreaming anymore. I'm wide awake, Katy Perry style. Changes need to be made. Changes to this show, and more importantly, changes to the Long Island Iced Z.

"People say I can't be more than just the Internet champion, that I can't be more than just a gimmick, that I can't be a top guy. Don't tell me what I can't do. I am Zack Ryder. I am the self made superstar. And I am the future of the WWE.

"Woo, woo, woo; I know it."

The video:

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