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Precap to the Sept. 28, 2012, episode of WWE 'SmackDown', or a fresh new face to love

Previewing the Sept. 28, 2012 edition of WWE SmackDown, featuring a number-one contenders match between Randy Orton and Big Show, and the revitalized tag team division.

Sheamus! Orton! Show! Ziggler! Race to the Middle! World Heavyweight Championship!

As we inch closer and closer to Hell in a Cell (Oct. 28), we wait to find out who Sheamus' next opponent for the World Heavyweight Championship will be. Randy Orton and The Big Show will be facing off tonight (Sept. 28) to be the number one contender. (It's not a spoiler if WWE itself has already announced it!) I'm not exactly sure why Show is able to get this opportunity. Is it just because he's been around long enough that he can do whatever he wants? Does he have it in his contract that he gets at least one shot at each major title every year? The guy you work with who hasn't shown up at the office for three weeks can't just pop in and ask for a promotion.

It seems there should be a lot more complaints about this type of thing in WWE.

Nevertheless! We finally get a new face (or heel, so to speak) in the main event picture. While Alberto Del Rio showed some flashes of brilliance, there was just no chemistry between "The Mexican Aristocrat" and "The Great White." Randy Orton can have a good feud with most anyone, and The Big Show is the perfect balance of cartoony bad guy and straight up hoss that should work well with Sheamus. Either choice looks to be a step-up from what we've had.

Then we have Dolph Ziggler, the holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase. The man who, at the snap of a finger and the ring of a bell, can claim the World Heavyweight Championship as his own. We're only two months removed from him winning the briefcase at Money in the Bank, which means he still has another ten to cash it in. With how WWE has been positioning Ziggler, though, one has to assume it's coming sooner rather than later. Does he cash it in on SmackDown? Or perhaps Hell in a Cell will offer up the perfect opportunity?

Bryan! Kane! Hell No! Rhode Scholars! A Real Division! Tag Team Championship!

We have a legitimate tag team division! Ring the bell, sound the alarm, get the damn hunchback off his ass and alert the townspeople! We have a handful of real teams on our hands, and I'm so freaking excited!

Last Monday (Sept. 24) Daniel Bryan and Kane were given the name "Hell No" by the WWE Universe, which may be in the running for the greatest stupidest name out there. Following the reveal, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow jumped the Tag Team Champions and proclaimed themselves "Rhodes Scholars," which is brilliant in its simplicity. Add into the mix The Primetime Players, and we have at least three teams that I am actually excited to see.

Bryan has proven to be the most entertaining talent on the roster, and Kane has been the perfect wingman for him. Sandow just oozes awesomeness, and Rhodes is finally finding a place where he can shine. The Primetime Players are still a bit green, but they are quickly getting their legs under them. WWE has an embarrassment of riches in terms of talent. Revitalizing the tag team division is the perfect opportunity to showcase everyone without crowding the singles scene.

Do you know how long we've been waiting for this? I cannot remember the last time I cared about the tag team division. The fact that the belts are getting airtime on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown just makes it even sweeter. We actually have wrestlers getting more airtime and acting like the belts actually matter. It seems so simple that I start to wonder why WWE has taken this long to make it happen.

And then I push those negative thoughts aside because I'm too overjoyed to care. Tag teams, you guys!

Tag teams!

Everything Else! Bullet Points!

  • Kaitlyn came out on Monday and proclaimed that she has the security footage from Night of Champions, and she knows that her secret attacker was blond. Eve Torres took this to mean that it was Beth Phoenix, and gave her a pretty wicked neckbreaker as punishment. It's simply a way to let Beth leave WWE, but it actually works perfectly within the story. It puts heat on Eve, and will make the reveal that the SmackDown Assistant General Manager was behind the whole thing even more dramatic. I just love me some logic in my Divas division.
  • Poor Aksana. After accidently falling into the ring last week and costing Antonio Cesaro a match against Santino Marella, the Swiss rugby player broke up with her in five languages. Cesaro is nothing more than a jerk, and hopefully Aksana finds someone better for her. I hear Teddy Long is still single.
  • Wade Barrett is still here. And there was much rejoicing.

Hopefully, this has helped get you prepared for the night's activities. Leave a comment about what you are looking forward to, and please join Nolan, myself, and the entire Friday Night Cageside gang during the live blog right here.

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