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WWE 'SmackDown' results and live blog for Sept. 28: Big Show vs Randy Orton

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Sept. 28, 2012) episode of WWE SmackDown on SyFy, featuring Big Show vs. Randy Orton in a number one contender's match for the world heavyweight championship.

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WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 28, 2012) from Buffalo with a taped show on SyFy featuring Big Show taking on Randy Orton in a previously advertised match for the number one contender status to the world heavyweight championship currently held by Sheamus.

Because Alberto Del Rio has to leave the title picture at some point, right?

Elsewhere, The Miz is back with another edition of MizTV, Wade Barrett is still doing his thing and a very special tag team tournament gets underway.

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show click here.

If not, come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



Nolan in.

Video package of Kane and Daniel Bryan's hijinks last week.

Broadcast is live from Buffalo, New York.

Big Show is out to start us off.

Show says the most destructive force in WWE history is back and he wants the World Heavyweight Championship. He said his last reign lasted 45 seconds. He gets mad and states how embarrassed he was. He says it made it worse when Daniel Bryan lost to Sheamus in 18 seconds at WrestleMania.

Big Show said no one will make fun of him anymore like they did leading up to WrestleMania. He says that he is the one man who can defeat Sheamus. He starts to talk about how his gameplan.

Randy Orton is out now. The crowd pops for Orton hard.

Orton tells Show that he finds it funny that Show hasn't gone through the most "sadistic, dominant" person on SmackDown.


Orton said he heard backstage that the match tonight is for a World Heavyweight Championship match against Sheamus at Hell in a Cell. He tells Show that he has another thing coming if believes he'll walk through him.

Big Show says that someone will either be "bit by an RKO, or hit with a KO."

Mariachi horns hit and Alberto Del Rio is here with Ricardo Rodriguez, sans neck brace. He wants his music cut off. Del Rio says that he cannot be discounted as a contender and he is better than Show and Orton combined.

He tells the two "perros" (dogs, for the non-Spanish speakers) to wait in line.

Apparently, Del Rio was next in line for an RKO as he steps in the ring and eats one.

Orton walks up to the ramp and him and Big Show jock at each other.


Miz TV will be tonight, featuring Sheamus.


WWE United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Santino Marella

Match starts with a lockup. Cesaro pushes Marella into the ropes and boots his stomach. Drops Marella with a punch. Cesaro whips Santino into the corner, but Santino floats over. Cesaro with a clothesline attempt, but Santino ducks under. Hip toss attempts fails for Santino, as Cesaro clobbers him with a clothesline.

Cesaro tosses Santino into the corner and starts unloading with punches. Suplex gets Cesaro one in a nearfall. Cesaro stomps on Santino's chest with both feet.

Cesaro with a chin lock.

Santino gets out with a side suplex. He takes control with jabs and punches, getting a bodyslam.

Cobra time!

Stifled with a punch to the stomach by Cesaro. Karelin lift throw by Cesaro, but Santino reverses for a rollup. Nearfall. Cesaro drops Santino with an European uppercut. Cesaro picks him up for the Karelin lift once again and gets it this time. Only a nearfall.

Cesaro taunting Santino, but Santino pulls back and clocks Cesaro with a superkick for a nearfall. Cesaro on the apron and he shoulder bumps Santino's gut. Cesaro goes up top, but Marella shakes the ropes to crotch Cesaro. Santino goes up top with him. The two start exchanging strikes with Cesaro coming out on top.

Gotch Neutralizer from the top?

No, Santino turns it into a back bodydrop. Santino still up top and he goes for the diving headbutt.

No one home and Gotch Neutralizer lands for Cesaro. He remains the champ with the pinfall and victory.


Raw Rebound featuring the infamous diner segments between Dr. Shelby, Kane, and Daniel Bryan.


Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

Phoenix rocking the Buffalo Sabre colors in her outfit.

Eve's Tout saying that Kaitlyn's blonde attacker will face serious consequences for her actions.

Beth and Natalya start with a handshake.

Wristlock from Beth and Nattie turns it into a fireman's carry with a wristlock of her own. Beth with the legscissors on the body of Nattie. Drop toehold for Beth and Nattie turns it into a hammerlock. Beth counters with an arm drag throw. Nattie once again gets the hammerlock.

Ref breaks the two in the corner.

Beth ain't having it and uses it to get a side headlock. Nattie puts her off the ropes and attempts to leapfrog, but Beth catches her. Nattie fights out and shoves Beth from behind.

Beth isn't happy and starts putting the finger in the chest of Nattie.

Nattie slaps Beth in the face.

Beth is angry and gets the double leg takedown. She mounts and wants some punches. Nattie gets the rope break.

Phoenix going up top and wants some fire from her hometown.

She jumps for a missile dropkick, but Nattie catches her and locks in the Sharpshooter. Beth crawling and inches away from the rope break. Nattie drags her back to the middle. Beth in huge pain, but she gets the rope break.

Nattie wanting Beth to get up and Beth gets control, tries a rollup, but they get back to the feet. Nattie goes off the ropes and wants a bulldog lucha libre style, but Beth uses it to lock in the setup for the Glam Slam.

Nails it.


Wow, folks, an entertaining Divas match.

Nattie tosses Beth into the corner, putting her face into the top turnbuckle. Beth goes up top and rolls through with a sunset flip. Nattie counters and stacks Beth, only for a nearfall. Beth rolls through with a reversal.

Pinfall goes to Beth Phoenix. She is very emotional here in her hometown.

Eve is here to ruin her special night.

Eve apologizes for acting irrational on Monday. She says she needs to act rationally until the attacker is apprehended.

Eve says until they find the attacker, Beth Phoenix is indefinitely suspended.

The two blondes in the ring bicker, both claiming innocence.


Teddy Long talking with Booker T backstage.

Booker T creates an eight-team, single-elimination tournament for the tag team division to determine number one contenders to WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No. Winners will face them at Hell in a Cell.

Beth Phoenix here and asks Booker why she is suspended. She asks if Eve has authority to suspend her.

Eve comes in and says that she does.

Booker says she doesn't and that the suspension is reversed.

Beth Phoenix walks out, still mad at Eve.

Eve then tells Booker that she should have trusted her instincts instead of taking orders from Teddy Long.

Teddy is befuddled and says he has nothing to do with what Eve just did. Booker looks at him accusingly and says give him time to think.


Raw Rebound featuring the CM Punk, Mick Foley, and John Cena saga.


Miz getting his makeup done backstage, primping for Miz TV.


Zack Ryder vs. Wade Barrett

Match starts with Barrett unloading knees to the stomach. Shoulder block from Barrett. Rope-running predicament ends with Barrett landing a sidekick to the stomach of Ryder. Pumphandle slam gets Barrett a nearfall.

Barrett with strikes in the corner. Barrett picks Ryder up and lands a slingshot backbreaker. Nearfall once again.

Barrett puts the knee in the back of Ryder and stretching him out. Ryder fights out and ends up getting a facebuster. Barrett charges a cornered Ryder and eats boots. Missile dropkick for Ryder.

Barrett goes off to the corner and eats a flying forearm.

Broski Boot time!

Barrett escapes by going outside, but he eats a baseball slide kick. Ryder brings him inside and looking for the Rough Ryder, but Barrett evades it. Clotheslines Ryder to the outside.

Action moves outside momentarily, only for Barrett to bring him back in.

Barrett with the straightjacket choke and we know Ryder is going to get The Souvenir.

Barrett with that exact elbow strike. It gets him the pin and the win.


The "When Harry Met Sally" moment between Bryan and Kane is shown.


Miz TV time.

Miz welcomes us in his typical Miz way.

He begins to praise his show, but Sheamus decides he is ready for his appearance.

Sheamus throws one chair outside to start, as he poses to the crowd.

Miz asks if he "has any idea," but Sheamus grabs the mic. He says that Miz has some memory loss, as Ryback beat him from pillar-to-post last week. He says he was impressed by Miz TV last week, then asking how he is going to top it.

He puts the mic over to Miz, but then yanks it away. He says Miz would top it by having the World Heavyweight Champion on his show.

He then asks Miz how he feels about having him on as a guest. Same shtick, as Sheamus says that he must be thrilled. Sheamus says Miz is useless in the ring and it is no wonder he is stuck to a C-level talk show. He says that he is wasting the people's time.

Miz says that he is still the the IC champ and lists the accomplishments he has created in wrestling, film, and radio. He says people pay to see him.

Sheamus says that no one wants to pay to see him. Miz says he has jokes. Miz says that he is surprised Sheamus isn't serious, considering tonight's main event. He asks why Sheamus isn't worried. He says that he'll lose either way.

Sheamus says he takes things seriously, considering he is champ. He tells the "Hollywood wannabe" that no one takes this more seriously than him. Sheamus says he likes to have fun, but that no one can say he doesn't take this seriously.

He says that he'll be ready for either opponent. He says that if Miz wants to question his integrity, he'll definitely give the people what they paid to see.


Mr. Money in the Bank is here. Dolph Ziggler, ladies and gents.

Vickie says she doesn't understand why Sheamus is concerned with Show and Orton.

Ziggler takes the mic and says he can speak for himself. He says it doesn't matter who Sheamus faces, as he'll be broken by the end of the night. He raises his briefcase and says that will be all that matters.

He calls Sheamus' reign irrelevant and guarantees that he will take home the title at the end of Hell in a Cell.

Sheamus says he has no idea how he'll feel after his match, but he says he may get lucky if he decides to cash in.

Miz sits in his chair behind Sheamus and it looks like a brawl is coming.

Sheamus knocks Miz with the title and double legs Ziggler. He tosses Miz over a couch and Ziggler pounces. Miz comes back in while Sheamus is downed. Sheamus fights back and sends them both outside, with Ziggler landing on Miz.


Jerry Lawler interview from Monday is replayed.


#1 Contenders Tag Team Tournament: The Usos vs. Rhodes Scholars

Sandow starts off with Jimmy Uso.

Jimmy with a rollup for a nearfall. Working Sandow with strikes in the corner. Whips Sandow into another corner, but runs into the boots of Sandow.

Sandow stomping and working Jimmy. Elbow drop gets him a nearfall. Sandow attempting some offense, but he eats a Samoan drop.

Hog tag brings in Jey and Cody.

Jey knocking Rhodes down with a shoulder block and landing strikes. Sidekick to the gut and the uppercut. Corkscrew dive to the leg of Rhodes. Rhodes in the corner and gets a running butt bump to the face. Nearfall as Sandow breaks it.

Sandow nearly eats a Superkick, but he ducks out. Cody tries to take advantage, but Jey clocks him with a Superkick.

Jimmy in and going up top.

Sandow drags Jey out.

Jimmy dives for a splash, but ends up landing on Cody's knees. Cross Rhodes and the Rhodes Scholars pick up the victory to advance.


Kane and Bryan at the diner once again, replaying when Bryan ate a meatball and Kane ate a lettuce leaf.


Tensai vs. Ryback

Lockup and a bit of a stalemate. Ryback finally bullies him into the corner. Tensai with an uppercut and now working Ryback with strikes in the corner.

Tensai pushes Ryback to the corner and gets a running splash. Forearms.

Ryback is back and he lands strikes and gets a belly-to-belly suplex. Going for a clothesline, but he runs into a Baldo Bomb. Nearfall. Tensai goes for another pin and a nearfall.

Tensai with forearms and controlling Ryback. Ryback comes back with a clothesline.


Ryback struggles, but he gets Tensai to eat the Shell Shocked. Crowd is pumped as he gets the pinfall and victory.


Orton walking backstage.

Alberto Del Rio attacks him from behind and sending him into the wall. He shoves Orton into a pillar. He uses an equipment cart to ram it into Randy's ribs.

Ref comes to break the assault and Orton hurt on the floor.


Big Show vs. Randy Orton

Orton's music hits, but ADR walks out.

ADR says it looks like Orton won't compete tonight and he'll take his place.

Or not, as Orton attacks him from behind and sends him into the WWE stage fixture.

Match starts.

Show looking to corner Orton, but Orton ducks under a strike from Show. Orton on his toes. Big Show gets him to the corner and tries a chop, but Orton unloads with punches. Big Show stops this with a headbutt.

Show taunting Randy about his ribs and stalking Orton. Chop attempt again, but Orton again fights out. Show again stops this with a headbutt.

Show clawing the ribs of Orton. Orton in the corner and Show with a right hook to the ribs. Orton falls in pain. Show stepping on the stomach of Orton. Once again, he claws the ribs.

Orton back to his feet and lands a punch, but another headbutt from Show. Show hits the Final Cut for a nearfall.

Orton goes outside. Show follows. Orton with kicks to the legs, but Show again with a body shot. Show gets a gorilla press and drops Orton onto the barricade.


Orton downed in the corner still as we are back.

Show whips Orton into the corner and charges, but he eats an Orton boot. Orton with punches and he goes off the ropes, but walks into a Chokeslam. Orton counters this with a flying DDT. He gets a nearfall.

Orton stomping the leg of Show. Knee drop to the face of Show. Orton picking Show up, but Show unloads a body shot. Show with body shots in the corner and punishing Orton. He wants Orton to quit.

Orton downed and Show clawing the ribs of Orton. Show steps across the ribs. Another body shot sends Orton outside once again.

Show looking to ram the back of Orton into the ring post, but Orton falls out and Show eats some ring post. Show on the apron and Orton gets a boot to Show. He wants the rope-assisted DDT, but Show falls off the top rope and wrings Orton's arm on the top rope.

Show back in and wants the Chokeslam. He has Orton up, but Orton counters into the RKO! Show kicks out of the pin.

Orton going for his running punt, but he walks into a Chokeslam. Show gets it and covers. Nearfall.

Show picks Orton up and puts a little more sauce on this Chokeslam. He covers and gets the full three. Show is your winner and he will take on Sheamus at Hell in a Cell.

Show walks out, but he comes back in to land the WMD. Orton goes down like a sack of potatoes.

Show with the mic. He tells Sheamus that he'll be seeing him at Hell in a Cell.

Show walks out as Orton is down and out.

Fade to black.


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