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TNA 'Impact Wrestling' results and reactions from last night (Sept. 27): I've got a fever and the only prescription is more Aces and Eights

TNA Impact Wrestling went down last night (Sept. 27, 2012) at the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida. Bound for Glory opponents Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries teamed up, while Sting and Hulk Hogan confronted the Aces and Eights!

Photo via IMPACT Wrestling

TNA Impact Wrestling aired live from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida last night (Sept. 27, 2012). It brought us more of the beloved Aces and Eights saga, while it also featured a main event of Bobby Roode and Bully Ray taking on Jeff Hardy and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries.

Let's get right to it!

  • Of course, more Aces and Eights drama went down this week, as the group was able to hold Sting and Hulk Hogan hostage. In the end, the two sides agreed to a match at Bound for Glory. The best two in Aces and Eights will take on two of TNA's best. If Aces and Eights wins, they'll control the IMPACT Zone. If they lose, they'll go away forever. Part of me wants them to lose embarrassingly, but I'd still like to see who is under those masks. Unless they do that, I really do not care, and I think I can speak for most anyone in saying they do not care either.
  • The main event match featured the diabolical heels Bobby Roode and Bully Ray taking on Jeff Hardy and his Bound for Glory opponent, Austin Aries. Fun enough match, although you didn't let the heel peacocks that are Ray and Roode fly enough here, in my opinion. Hardy and Aries picked up the win and they are building towards their match, which should be good, at least.
  • Hogan kicked off the show with Aces and Eights shenanigans, but he started with an announcement that James Storm and Bobby Roode will go at it in a street fight at Bound for Glory. This is a great idea after the red-hot brawl the two had last week. However, what isn't a great idea is adding currently-suspended MMA fighter "King" Mo Lawal to make his TNA debut here as a special enforcer. Special enforcers are usually something special, not some fighter who has moved from fledgling promotion to another fledgling promotion. Looking forward to the scrap, but I shiver thinking about what TNA could do with Lawal here.
  • Kurt Angle, Chavo Guerrero, and Christopher Daniels squared off in a match with Daniels getting the pin on Chavo. Good match between these three that is building to the triple-threat tag team match at Bound for Glory.
  • Hogan was backstage deciding who would be wrestling for the TV title. Between Magnus, Samoa Joe, Garett Bischoff, and Mr. Anderson, they of course went the illogical route and pitted Joe against Anderson. The match was unsurprisingly nothing to write home about and Joe now has the TV title. Glad to see it on him.
  • If you're a Mr. Anderson fan, you've done something wrong with your life. Reevaluate and get back to me.
  • Gut Check contestant Evan Markopoulous didn't get a contract. Bummer, as he had a good match with Doug Williams. At 18, he still has plenty of potential and room to grow better.
  • Tara is the number one contender to TNA Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher after beating ODB. I think the best part of all this was Eric Young locking up with Taryn Terrell.
  • Oh, Joseph Parks or Joseph Park will be collateral for Aces and Eights. From big-timing it with Bully Ray to people literally not knowing your name and being captured by Luke Gallows, Park(s) is when keepin' it real goes wrong.

TNA is a mixed bag and this is an episode where you reached in and got a few stale peanuts. For that, it earns a "D+" from me. Still passes, but it was sort of a pain to watch.

Did last night's episode leave a good impact on you?

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