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NFL replacement referees screwing up games, providing storyline fodder for WWE

The replacement referees currently wrecking shop in the NFL are doing more than screwing up the outcome of games. They're actually providing storyline fodder for WWE.

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Remember in Nolan "The Colon" Howell's Raw live blog when you were told to look out for the fact that the current WWE storyline focusing on referee's making blunders and generally being incompetent may have been a tip of the cap to the NFL and its current mess with replacement referees?


It turns out, that's exactly the case, at least according to Dave Meltzer, who revealed as much on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. According to Meltzer, the storyline with Brad Maddox screwing CM Punk and being brought out and mocked for it by Paul Heyman and CM Punk was WWE taking a shot at the NFL for utilizing the replacement referees who are getting progressively worse at calling games.

Apparently, WWE head Vince McMahon is no fan of the NFL because they steal a significant portion of his audience every year during the Monday Night Football season. That's been happening for years and years but there has never been a better opportunity to poke fun at the NFL than now.

It's kind of fitting, too, that WWE was poking fun at the NFL in Albany, New York, for using these incompetent replacement refs while thousands of miles away in Seattle, the Green Bay Packers would ultimately lose a game to the Seahawks due to the worst call in a pro football game in the modern era.

By that time, Raw was already off the air but as long as the NFL's real referees remain locked out and unable to reach a deal with the league to come back, you can bet McMahon and WWE will continue shooting holes in the already gaping wound.

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