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Video: Jerry Lawler returns to WWE Raw for interview from Memphis

Watch the interview WWE conducted with Jerry Lawler live on 'Monday Night Raw' just two weeks after he suffered a heart attack in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

WWE fans have a bad reputation, that's something we can all admit. Generally, we're viewed as knuckle dragging mouth breathers and while that's complete horseshit, it's the accepted view on the fan base as a whole.

Well, last night (Sept. 24) it felt more like the fan base was a family welcoming back one of our own when Jerry "The King" Lawler showed up on the titantron from his home in Memphis, Tennessee for an interview with Michael Cole live via satellite.

The crowd cheered for the triumphant of the human spirit. They rejoiced that Lawler not only made it out of Montreal alive after suffering a massive heart attack on the air, but he came back just two weeks later -- raspy voice and all -- to show us that he's doing okay and he'll be there in person before we know it.

"I probably feel a lot better than I should after what all I've been through but it is so great to be back here with the WWE Universe at Monday Night Raw," he said.

Regarding a possible time table for his return ringside, "The King" was noncommittal.

"Michael, let me just say, first of all, it was probably just a matter of time. You gotta realize that once Raw went from two hours to three hours, I defy anybody to sit next to you, Michael Cole, for three hours every week and not have a heart attack!

"I'm only kidding. I'm just kidding, Michael.

"I'm leaving my return ... up to the doctors. As soon as they give me the clearance. I would love to be with you in Albany, New York, tonight but I will leave that up to the doctors and just as soon as they tell me I can come back to Raw believe you me, 'The King' will be on the first thing smoking."

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