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Jim Ross confirms he'll call WWE Monday Night Raw tonight (Sept. 24) with Michael Cole

In a move that was expected all along, Jim Ross has confirmed via his Twitter account that he will be ringside tonight (Sept. 24, 2012) calling WWE Monday Night Raw alongside Michael Cole in place of Jerry Lawler.

In typical J.R. fashion, he did so while promoting his products.

"Few hours left for USA folks to get FREE SHIPPING on JR's products at WWE Shop," he tweeted. "Oh, yeah I'll be with Michael Cole on RAW Monday."

The reason Ross is getting the call is because JBL is currently climbing a mountain in Africa. It's fitting, though, that Ross will be next to Cole for the show because Lawler is scheduled for an interview via satellite from his home in Memphis, TN.

This does raise the question of how likely it is that WWE sticks to its format of having one heel announcer and one babyface. If they do, who assumes what role? It would be a real shame to see Cole revert back for a night out of some outdated notion that it's necessary.

We'll find out tonight.

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