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WWE Raw results and live blog for Sept. 24

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 24, 2012) from the Times Union Center in Albany, New York, and features all the fallout from last week's show closing angle that saw John Cena pin CM Punk despite the latter's foot resting on the rope before the three count.

The official in that match was berated for missing the call and one week removed from the incident, WWE is promising more complaining from "The Second City Savior."

There's a part of me that thinks this is all just one big nod at the current controversy plaguing the National Football League (NFL) and its replacement officials staining the integrity of the game.

Don't be surprised if that's the angle Punk takes during his promo tonight. John Cena, by the way, has promised to be in the building, arm in a sling and all.

Plus, Daniel Bryan and Kane are back for more wacky hijinks.

Raw starts at 8 p.m. ET on the USA network, so be sure to make your way back here to chat with all of your favorite Cagesiders during the show. It's always a fun time. Raw live blog after the jump.


Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.

CM Punk in a chair in the middle of the ring and Paul Heyman has the mic. He says it is his honor to be sharing the ring with the WWE Champion.

Heyman says the show will be stopping right now until "justice is served."

The injustice is shown on the Titantron, showing Punk's foot on the ropes during last week's main event. Heyman asks for a replay and a freeze-frame of Punk's foot on the rope.

Heyman says we are all witnesses to an injustice to CM Punk. He calls Brad Maddox to the ring, saying he needs to apologize and tender his resignation.

Heyman says he has all night.

Brad Maddox finally makes his way out.

Heyman said this is Maddox's big moment.

Maddox tells "Mr. Heyman and Mr. Punk" that he made a mistake and that he should have checked the ropes before completing his count. He says he feels terrible.

Heyman says he applauds him and that he knows the rulebook now, but he should resign now.

Maddox says he apologizes, but he doesn't feel...

Punk says he doesn't care what he feels, unless it is ashamed. He says he embarrassed the WWE Champion on his own show. Punk asks who he is and how he got this job. He asks how he can come down here and call himself a man.

Maddox says AJ called him and they needed more refs.

Heyman is shocked, says he is a "scab." He says he isn't even a real referee. He has a gift for the ref for when he sleeps tonight.

He pulls out a sleeping mask adorned with the WWE AND NFL logos.

Punk says that is a telling piece of eyewear. He says that it tells the story. Punk says Maddox is the buffoon hired by the "idiot General Manager." Punk says if AJ was smart at all, she'd come out here and fire Maddox.

Speak of the devil!

AJ gets in the ring and tells Maddox to go to the back.

Heyman welcomes AJ and assumes she is out here to reverse last week's decision.

AJ says that assuming makes an "ass out of me and you. But, mostly you." AJ says she won't let Punk and Heyman berate an official and hold the show hostage. She asks Heyman who the hell he thinks he is?

Punk takes umbrage and says he is the reason AJ has a job. Punk says he is the WWE Champion. He says, however, that he knows why AJ has it out for him. Roll the footage!

Punk shutting down AJ's marriage proposal 2 months ago.

Punk says that's the reason there is tension between the two and that she sent the referee to screw him. He says if AJ forgets that match last week, he'll forget that AJ showed up wearing Punk's shirt. He'll forget all of the emails and texts that weren't fit to air on USA tonight.

Punk says he is the reason AJ has skip in her step and that he wants AJ to say he is the "best in the world."

Heyman pulls Punk aside and says that he will handle this. Heyman addresses AJ and...bows to one knee? He has a smirk and says that if they marry, they'll become the best power couple the world has ever seen. He says that AJ can take all of Heyman's ideas and take the credit.

AJ looks back at him with a smile, then smacks him in the face.

AJ goes backstage as Punk and Heyman look upset in-ring.


Brad Maddox talking with a referee backstage.

AJ comes up.

Maddox thanks AJ and apologizes, saying he will never make that mistake again.

AJ says that it is no problem because, if Maddox pulls this again, he will never work in wrestling again. She said that Maddox embarrassed her and she will not clean up his mess.

AJ is in a trance as Maddox apologizes and walks off.

Tears in her eyes, AJ snaps out of it with a deranged smile.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

Tweets exchanged between the two set up this match.

Truth at ringside next to the announce table. He has a soda for "Little Jimmy," which he pours on the empty chair next to him.

Vickie starts rubbing her nose at Little Jimmy, causing all four folks involved here to come out.

Truth tosses the soda on Vickie and she is having a fit.

This leads to Vickie and Truth being ejected from ringside.

Match starts and Kofi opening up with strikes. Leg kicks. Uppercut from Kofi drops Ziggler. Dropkick from Kofi. Kofi sends Ziggler into the ropes, but Ziggler holds on. Clothesline sends Ziggler outside.

Kofi's gonna fly! Flip dive over the top and Kofi in control as we hit the break.

Back and Ziggler gets a reverse suplex for a nearfall. He locks in the sleeper on Kofi and is cranking it. Kofi attempts to reverse, but Ziggler turns it into a neckbreaker for a nearfall once again.

Ziggler taunting, but Kofi unloading with punches to the midsection, then the face. No dice, as Ziggler gets a dropkick for a nearfall once again. Sleeper in for Ziggler again. Kofi stomps on the foot of Ziggler and punches out, but a right from Ziggler sends Kofi into the corner.

Splash for Ziggler, but Kofi ducks out and Ziggler goes into the corner.

Exchange of strikes in the middle of the ring, but Kofi ducks under and gets a clothesline. Dropkick lands. Jumping forearm from Kofi.

Boom Drop time. He gets it.

Kofi wants Trouble in Paradise, but Ziggler ducks under and tries a reverse throw again, but Kofi into the SOS. No, Ziggler runs him to the corner and charges, but eats the pendulum kick from between the ropes. Kofi with a springboard forearm for a nearfall.

Ziggler in the corner and Kofi charges, but Ziggler ducks. Kofi springboards to the top and gets a moonsault crossbody for a nearfall. Ziggler kicks Kofi in the kneecap and gets a Fameasser. Rolls Kofi over, but only gets a nearfall.

Ziggler attacks Kofi from behind for the sleeper, but Kofi gets out. He hits the SOS! He only gets two on the nearfall.

This is a great match, folks.

Kofi up top and Ziggler tries to counter, but Kofi has him in slingshot position. He slingshots Ziggler, who goes up top. Axehandle misses and Kofi springboards up top for the moonsault crossbody again. It lands. Nearfall once again!

Kofi wants the Trouble in Paradise, but Ziggler ties Kofi up and sends him into the corner hard. Kofi ricochets to the floor and Ziggler wants the Zig-Zag.

It lands. Pinfall and victory goes to The Showoff.


Cole and JR talk about John Cena's elbow surgery.

He'll be here later tonight.


Smackdown recap of all the Kane-Daniel Bryan events that went down on Friday.


Footage from earlier today at some diner.

Dr. Shelby and Bryan chatting it up.

Dr. Shelby says that Kane and him almost had a breakthrough as WWE Tag Team Champions.

Bryan points out that he is the Tag Team Champions.

Dr. Shelby says that Bryan's statement doesn't even make grammatical sense. Regardless, he has a role play exercise for Kane and Bryan to coexist. Bryan asks how.

Kane in an apron and he asks if he can take Bryan's order.

Bryan laughs and Kane says it is stupid.

Bryan wants a steamed vegetable platter and a tag team partner that isn't a selfish, 7-foot freak. And more silverware.

Dr. Shelby says that Bryan needs to remember that this is Gerald, a friendly waiter.

Kane says he is Gerald, a friendly waiter. He says they have a new cook today. He says the old cook was annoying, getting in his face and taking all the credit. He says that he took the old cook by his scraggly, goat beard and dunked his face in the deep-fryer. He says that he then chopped up that goat beard and sprinkled it in every meal he made today.

Dr. Shelby alerts the disgusted customers that Kane is just kidding.

Kane has no idea, since he is just a waiter named Gerald.


WWE fans will be able to name the tag team of Kane and Daniel Bryan.


The Prime Time Players vs. Santino Marella vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder and Young start.

Lockup and Young bullies Ryder into the ropes. He shouts "Millions of Dollars!" Ryder ends up getting a flapjack for a nearfall. Rope running predicament and Ryder flies into the ropes throat-first. Young with an elbow drop and a sleeper. Ryder fights out, but Young goes for a side suplex.

Santino in as Ryder flips out to tag. Santino with the jabs, a forearm, and a side suplex. Diving headbutt for the nearfall.

O'Neil breaks up the pinfall.

Young sends Ryder into the ringpost.

Santino sends Young off the ropes for the hip toss and the Cobra.

Unfortunately, O'Neil tagged in. He hits Santino with the Cobra and gets a sitout powerbomb. Pinfall and Titus O'Neil picks up the victory for the Prime Time Players.


Back and WWE talking about the Susan G. Komen partnership.


Mick Foley is here, folks!

Foley says that he comes here tonight as a card-carrying member of the WWE Universe. He says that he often sees things that move and inspire him.

He says that one year ago, CM Punk inspired him.

The crowd boos and Foley talks about Punk inspiring change, only to betray the fans and align with Paul Heyman.

CM Punk is here.

He gets in-ring and shoulders Foley before getting a mic.

Punk says do not come out here in an attempt to maintain relevance and say it to his face. He asks if Foley is selling a new kids' book.

Foley says that he isn't here for that and that he struggled with relevancy, but CM Punk validated that last year. Foley said he texted him last year, asking how it felt to be the biggest man in the business. Punk apparently replied back thanking Mick, saying it meant a lot coming from him.

Punk back on and tells the fans to shut up. He says he has no clue what Foley is talking about.

Foley says that, make no mistake, he was a Paul Heyman guy. He says he learned more about the business from when he left Heyman's side.

Punk says that he gets it and lists off a bunch of usual criticisms of Heyman. Slime, etc.

Foley says that isn't it at all. He says that Heyman was a good guy to him. He says the only thing is that Paul Heyman will do what is best for Paul Heyman. He wonders why Punk needs a mouthpiece. Foley tells Punk to decide from himself to be an inspiration or a Kool-Aid drinker.

Punk looks mad and then yawns. He asks if we are done here.

Foley says that he isn't. He says if he isn't going to listen to him about Heyman, he'll listen to him about Hell in a Cell. Foley details his legacy in the cell and how it made him who he was today. He says he earned respect through that much. Foley says anyone who has survived it has. Undertaker, HBK, etc.

Punk said that was a brilliant speech. He asks if he wants the old Punk, the "voice of the voiceless."

Foley says he wants Punk/Cena at Hell in a Cell.

Punk says that Cena has given him the same speech for the past two pay-per-views. He says he heard it from Bret Hart, too. He says Hart punched him and knocked him down and embarrassed him. He says that what would be more embarrassing is if he put his hands on Mick right now.

Punk says he won't, though, because Foley is beneath him. Punk says that he doesn't know how many times he'll need to beat Cena to get respect, but he knows he doesn't need to do anything for the fans. He says Foley has done stupid things, such as jump off the rope of his house and land on thumbtacks, to get fans to respect him. He says that he does that through a microphone.

Punk says all that matters is 309. Tomorrow, 310. The day after, 311.

Foley says he only held the title 29 days in three reigns. He says that he doesn't care because he isn't just a statistic. He asks Punk if he wants to be a legend or be a statistic. Foley says that AJ gave him this time to extend the offer for this match at Hell in a Cell. Cena is here tonight and is coming off elbow surgery, so Foley is curious. He says that Punk can basically take it or leave it.

Foley walks off as Punk contemplates.


The Miz vs. Ryback

Miz with a punch to Ryback. Ryback angry and Miz just unloads. Ryback with a right hand that owns Miz. Miz into the corner and he gets shoulder blocked multiple times.

Ryback with a huge hip toss that sends Miz across the ring.

He charges Miz and eats an elbow. He picks Miz up in a lawndart position, but Miz fighting out. Ryback gets him once again and gets a running powerslam.

Miz to the outside and Ryback follows. Miz gets back inside and Ryback wants to drag him out, grabbing his legs. Miz kicks him into the barricade. Miz goes outside to charge, but Ryback picks him up and puts him back inside.

Three kicks to the head and DDT from Miz only gets a nearfall.

Miz with a kick, but Ryback stops him with a powerbomb.

A fan runs in and we get a screen full of buttcrack.

Ryback picks Miz up with a Shell Shocked and gets the pin. Victory to Ryback.


Back with Dr. Shelby and crew at the dinner.

Kane and Bryan are sitting at dinner. He says he doesn't understand why Dr. Shelby keeps pushing them together. Kane agrees, saying they'll never be friends.

Bryan says it is a shame, since they beat down eight men.

Kane goes through it in gruesome detail, banging the table at the pleasure of beating those men. Bryan starts screaming "YES!" They two hit a climax and finally calm down.

Mae Young says that she'll have exactly what they're having.



AJ with the referees backstage.

She says they are the backbone of the WWE and they'll never be able to have a replay system. She says they all make mistakes sometimes, patting Maddox hard on the back.

Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga, and Ricardo Rodriguez here.

AJ says that she understands ADR was upset at the Brogue Kick being banned, so she is giving him a match.

ADR asks if he is getting a title shot.


ADR, Otunga, and Rodriguez vs. Sheamus, Sin Cara, and Mysterio.


Wade Barrett vs. Tyson Kidd

Kidd runs up with a dropkick. Leg kicks and another dropkick. Spinning back kick and running dropkick get Kidd a nearfall.

Kidd sent into the corner, but floats over. Barrett still lands a sidekick. Clothesline from Barrett. Barrett hanging Kidd between the ropes and has the Thai clinch. Unloads knees and boots Kidd to the outside.

Barrett goes outside and rams Kidd into the ring apron.

Both move back inside. Kidd goes to the apron. He shoulder butts Barrett in the gut and gets a rollup for a nearfall. Kidd trying to get an advantage, but Barrett gets a sidewalk slam for a nearfall.

Barrett with the straightjacket choke, whips Kidd out, and pulls him back into a big elbow. That move is called "The Souvenir."

Pinfall and victory for Barrett.


Jerry Lawler's interview is next.


Cole in the ring and he prefaces the interview with information about the heart attack that Lawler had.

Cole says Lawler looks fantastic.

Lawler thanks Cole and says he feels great, aside from the breathing tube giving him a scratchy throat.

Cole asks him what he remembers, to which Lawler replies that he remembers the opening segment and not much else. Cole asks what he remembered when he regained consciousness. Lawler said he thought he was in Aruba, as he and his girlfriend were just on vacation there.

Cole asks about how the fans have treated him, to which Lawler details the numerous notifications and response he got from fans. He thanks the fans.

Cole asks him when he'll be back. Lawler says he will be back when the doctors allow.

Cole thanks him and the fans give him a good response.


Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga, and Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Sheamus, Rey Mysterio, and Sin Cara

Back from commercial and Otunga just ate a battering ram off the apron. Mysterio and Sin Cara take out ADR and Ricardo with suicide dives.

Back inside and Sheamus with a knee to Otunga. Otunga choked by Sheamus' boot.

Sin Cara in with leg kicks, but Otunga knocks him down with a shoulder block.

Ricardo in. He eats an arm drag from Sin Cara. Sin Cara off the ropes, but ADR kicks his back. Ricardo drops Sin Cara from behind and gets a nearfall. He kicks Sin Cara's back and gets the nearfall.

ADR in and a snap suplex gets him a nearfall. ADR holding a sleeper now. Sin Cara fights out and goes off the ropes, only to receive a kick to the gut. Del Rio jumps and stomps Sin Cara to the mat for a nearfall.

Del Rio brings in Ricardo. Ricardo with a punch to the ribs. Ricardo wants the mask, but he eats a kick. Botched tilt-a-whirl headscissors takeover by Sin Cara.

ADR and Mysterio in. Headscissors for Mysterio. Drop kick to the knee and a boot to the face by Rey. Rey shoved into the corner and ADR charges, eating a drop toehold. Mysterio up top, but ADR goes up with his enzuigirl for the nearfall.

Otunga in and choking a downed Mysterio by standing on his throat. Otunga with a delayed bodyslam. He puts Rey in a sleeper and tags in Ricardo. Ricardo drops Rey with a punch to the gut. Nearfall. Rey starts flailing at Ricardo, so Otunga comes in and stomps on Rey. Otunga puts Rey in his corner chest first.

ADR in and he enzuigiris the back of Mysterio. Chinlock in for ADR. Rey fights back after a while, but ADR downs him with punches and stomps to the head. ADR with a sunset flip, but Rey rolls through for a dropkick.

Hot tag and Sheamus in with Otunga. Running axehandles, plants Otunga in the corner, then gets a running kneelift. White Noise, but Otunga out. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but Otunga runs out and makes a tag.

Ricardo is in and Sheamus pulls Ricardo in. Ricardo runs to the ropes, but Sheamus traps him with the ten forearms. ADR gets on the apron, but Sheamus knocks him off.

Rey is called in and gets the 619. He then puts ADR into the barricade with a headscissors.

Sheamus puts Sin Cara in and he hits the Swanton. Pinfall and victory to the masked men and the Great White.

The group pose for a bit, but Otunga is in the corner licking his wounds.

Rey and Cara point out that he needs a Brogue Kick. Sheamus obliges.


More Kane and Bryan goodness.

Dr. Shelby and the two at the table. Dr. Shelby tells them they have made progress today. He has one more piece of identity therapy for them.

Waitress brings Kane a salad and Bryan a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.

Dr. Shelby tells them to take one bite each to walk a mile in each other's shoes.

They both begrudgingly take bites.

He asks Kane how he feels, to which Kane belches loudly.

Bryan takes a bite of the meatball and says it wasn't that bad.

Bryan begins to gag, to which Dr. Shelby keeps telling him "NO! NO! NO! NO!"

Bryan leans over and pukes all over Dr. Shelby's lap.

Kane says, "Check, please!"


WWE Universe has three options:

Team Friendship, Team Hell No, or Team Teamwork.

Pick your awful poisons, y'all.


Bryan and Kane are Team Hell No.

Sandow and Rhodes jump them from behind.

Rhodes grabs the mic and declares himself and Sandow the future Tag Team Champions.

Team Rhodes Scholars, y'all. AWESOME!

We get a "YOU'RE WELCOME!"


Recap of Heyman's proposal to AJ and Foley confronting Punk.


Alicia Fox and Layla vs. Eve and Beth Phoenix

Layla with a kick to the stomach of Beth Phoenix. She slams Phoenix's face in the top turnbuckle. Her springboard crossbody lands for a nearfall.

Fox in and Layla with a facebuster. Dropkick and another from Fox. Fox put into the corner and it ends up with Fox countering for a rollup nearfall. Beth muscling Fox around and isolating Fox into the corner. Slingshot suplex and Eve is in.

Neckbreaker from Eve and the pin for the victory.

Kaitlyn here.

She says that she scored the security tape from Night of Champions. Turns out her attacker was a blonde.

Eve and Phoenix argue in the ring. Eve takes out Phoenix with a neckbreaker, maintaining innocence.


Brodus Clay vs. Tensai

Lockup and Tensai with an uppercut and headbutts. Tensai splashes Brodus in the corner. Tensai off the ropes and he eats a headbutt.

Splash in the corner on Tensai. Brodus botches a T-Bone suplex. He misses a splash. Tensai goes for a splash and misses, too.

Big Show makes a surprise return.

He drops Tensai with a right hand.

Clay stares him down and charges, but only to eat a right hand.

Enter, right hand, leave.


John Cena is here.

Looking dejected, he grabs the mic.

Cena says there are mixed emotions about him being here tonight. Cena says with his future in question, he wanted to thank the fans. He thanks the fans for supporting Susan G. Koman Foundation.

Cena says thanks for the support post-elbow surgery.

Cena apologizes for Maddox, Chad Patton, and CM Punk. He says Punk has grossly misquoted him. He told Punk that if he remained WWE Champion after Night of Champions, it'd define his career.

Cena goes on a censored-cursing tirade, which is...well, typical Cena.

Cena says that every Monday night is crazy with the fans.

Cena says that he doesn't guarantee anything, but he'll guarantee that he'll come to Hell in a Cell to fight.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman here.

Punk holds his hand out for a little kid, then pulls it back when the child was about to high-five him.


He says that was a beautiful speech and it reminds him of the rotten words politicians spew every four years. He says Cena should have been a politician. He says that Albany is a dump and there has always been one CM Punk. The same CM Punk that consistently beats Cena.

He tells Cena that won't be ending anytime soon at the hand of a one-armed man.

Cena tells him to shut up and just face him at Hell in a Cell.

Punk says it isn't fair that Cena gets multiple title shots. He says Cena won't be medically-cleared for the event.

He tells the crowd to shut up.

He says that facing the most dangerous man in the WWE with one arm is paramount to the stupidest thing he has done. He tells Cena to run. He says he is going to turn his back and count to five. If Cena is still there, he is going to beat him senseless.

The count has started.

Cena pulls out a lead pipe.

Punk turns around and Cena cracks him with the lead pipe in the gut.


He says he'll see Punk at Hell in a Cell.


Cena jocking for the crowd and Punk in pain.

Punk walking around backstage and he sees Mick Foley.

He says he thought about something as he walks up to Mick, but kicks him in the gut.

Punk walks away, but turns back to talk trash.

Ryback is standing there and Punk just backs off.

Fade to black.


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