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Cageside Seats Weekly Commenter Award: Week ending Sept. 21

Our brand spanking new weekly awards feature showering the Cageside Seats community with accolades for your outstanding comments, FanPosts and FanShots throughout the past week.

Just as any government is only as strong as the people that make it up; Cageside Seats is only as good as the commenters that support us each and every day. While the staff may get the fame, fortune, and admiration, it is on the backs of Cageside's Third Estate that we rise to glory.

So it is about time that you -- yes, I'm looking at you -- received some well-deserved recognition. Without the passion, dedication, and humor of you Cagesiders, this site would not be as great as it is. Maybe more importantly, it wouldn't be as fun. So, take a moment to pat yourself on the back and be proud of your work.

To make our gratitude a little more official, though, we will be starting a new tradition. The Weekly Cageside Seats Commenter Award (catchy name yet to be determined) will be a celebration of the FanPosts, FanShots, and comments that make Cageside Seats the best damn pro wrestling site on the Internet.

How will the awards be chosen? Well, I intend to sift through a week's worth of Cagesider works and choose what I personally think deserves the spotlight. But it is not all up to me! The recs given by your fellow Cagesiders on your comments, 'FanPosts' and 'FanShots' throughout each week are taken into account, along with any replies. Work that creates a positive reaction will be rewarded justly.

Plus, since this weekly column is all about you, Cagesiders, YOU get to determine what we will call this illustrious award. "The Cagey's" is the best I have come up with so far... so, yeah... help me out here and bring your best. Put your creative, award-name nominations in the comments below -- the nominee receiving the most "recs" will win the honor and appear in next week's column.

This is a new experiment, so any tweaks or suggestions are more than welcome. Above all else, remember that this is supposed to be fun. So, without further ado, we present to you...

This week's Cageside Seats Commenters Awards (er, umm, Cageys???):






* to see comments in the context of their own threads, click on the 'time stamp' behind each Cagesider's name.

From the "On This Date in WCE History: Sting Declares Himself a Free Agent on Nitro" thread:

The General says keep it up

I keeps it up

by Anthony Pace on Sep 16, 2012 7:18 PM CDT

From the "WWE Night of Champions Results and Live Match Coverage" thread:

(Following Kaitlyn being attacked backstage at Night of Champions):


by Dannie Ray on Sep 16, 2012 7:26 PM CDT

From the "WWE Night of Champions Post Show Open Thread":

I'm not surprised that the immediate response on the live thread


by Michael Jong on Sep 16, 2012 10:28 PM CDT 3 recs

From the "WWE Night of Champions Results and Reactions" thread:


I wonder how Punk/Hogan would have turned out. It really depends on which edition of Hulk Hogan.

CM Punk © vs. Sterling Golden: CM Punk wins in about 10. Golden goes on to tag with Lord Tensai, possibly feud with Santino.

CM Punk vs. pre-WMIII, "Eye of the Tiger" Hulk Hogan ©: Hogan gets the easy win in about 10 minutes, no selling Punk's entire offense. Punk sells the legdrop like death, heads to the AWA to feud with Nick Bockwinkel. Heyman lines up his next challenger for Hogan, the mysterious Bork Laser (very obviously based on Tron.) Punk comes back to WWE 3 years later under a new gimmick as a dancing ninja obsessed with new WWF ice cream bars.

CM Punk © vs. post-WMIII, "Real American" Hulk Hogan: Hogan might put Punk over after Paul Heyman explodes a fireball in his face, Punk hits 5 straight GTS' onto his brass knucks padded knee, and evil Hebner runs a fast count. Jack Tunney orders a rematch, Hogan wins in about 20 after no selling the GTS and being too big/strong to be put into the Anaconda Vise (but somehow blades anyway.) Post-match, Hogan shaves off Paul Heyman's skullet and beats Heyman with his own giant cell phone before waving the flag.

CM Punk© vs. Hollywood Hogan: Nash and Hall run-in, Heyman turns on Punk, Punk wins via DQ but Hogan steals & keeps the title. Just go with it.

Punk vs. Hulkastolgia Hogan: Hogan is either ko'd by the GTS or taps to the anaconda vise. Maybe both. He definitely blades, though. After the match, they shake hands, Punk raises Hogan's hand.

BONUS: Punk vs. TNA Hogan: CM Punk shows up in the Impact Zone, Hogan books himself in a tag match: Hogan/Sting vs. Punk/Jeff Hardy. Punk spends most of the match playing Ricky Morton. Punk turns on Hardy, beats down Hogan and Sting, spends the next year in the rafters after exclaiming "the only thing you know for sure about CM Punk is that nothing's for sure with CM Punk." Punk is later revealed to be the leader of Aces & 8s, aligns with Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Luke Gallows (causing basements everywhere to flood with semen) before losing a climactic tag match to Hogan, Sting, and Kurt Angle.

by GuyinNY on Sep 17, 2012 9:20 AM CDT 18 recs

From the "WWE Raw Results and Live Blog" thread:

Nothing wrong with breast cancer awareness month

who doesn't love tits. I don't want them getting cancer.

by CJD2502 on Sep 18, 2012 5:35 AM CDT

From the "Stone Cold Steve Austin Signs 35,000 Copies of WWE '13" thread:

That's your punishment Mr. Austin

For giving us the "Whaaaaat?" chant...over...and over...and over...

by Doors Hate MMA Fighters on Sep 20, 2012 3:19 PM CDT 1 recs

From the "TNA 'Impact Wrestling' Results and Live Blog" thread:

Hulk is having phone sex with A&8's

by joliemadchen on Sep 20, 2012 8:09 PM CDT


A&8s: What are you wearing?

Hulk: a hulkamania shirt, and I'm playing with my bat.

A&8s: Nice, I'm gonna send some minions over later, maybe you can smack em in the face with it.

Hulk: you know just what I like brother.

by Ecstasy with Extra Cheese on Sep 20, 2012 8:13 PM CDT

From the "Sin Caras Bad Habits Apparently Rear Their Ugly Head Again In WWE" thread:

They should make him wear his boner tshirt to the ring as punishment.

by TJLethal on Sep 20, 2012 9:51 PM CDT 3 recs

From the "WWE SmackDown Results and Live Blog" thread:


why do you hate me?

by BitchHoldMyHoops on Sep 21, 2012 8:52 PM CDT


by association, duh

by BrooklynBrawler4Life on Sep 21, 2012 8:54 PM CDT


but but

I'm awesome and have tits lol

by BitchHoldMyHoops on Sep 21, 2012 9:13 PM CDT


In closing, Cagesiders, don't forget this series is all about you; so if you think I missed anything, or have any suggestions or tweaks for the Cageside RECs, please let us know in the comments below or email one of the site editors through our Masthead page.

Bring it on with some awesome award-winning stuff for next week's awards. Until then, see ya in the threads!


Editors Note: Get Internet Famous! (Even If You're Nobody) You Too Can Win The Interwebs! Remember, you can't win a Cageside REC Award* if you don't play, er um contribute.

*Disclaimer: Winning the Internet - Cageside REC Awards in this weekly column guarantees you nothing but Internet notoriety within a small community of pro wrestling smarks. is not responsible for any harm you may or may not do to yourself or others in the event you are unable to handle your newfound Internet fame as a result of winning this award. That is all, stay calm and carry on.

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