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Slapstick Saturday: Falls count anywhere

Poking fun at stuff for you entertainment...

Welcome back to "Slapstick Saturdays," Cagesiders, where your old pal Hollywood Holland pokes fun at every botch, blooper and bomb the world of professional wrestling has ever given us.

And if 'pro wrestling fails' were currency, then former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Scott Steiner would be the richest man in town.

Back in 2003, "Big Poppa Pump" was embroiled in some half-baked program from WWE that involved an on-again, off-again relationship with tag-team partner Andrew "Test" Martin. Stacy Keibler had the thankless role of manager, which for all intents and purposes, made her Catherine to their Jules et Jim.

Hooray for love triangles!

Anyway, Martin was all up in Keibler's face when she tried to accompany Steiner down the ramp prior to their match at the Bad Blood pay-per-view. Things got a little heated and "Freakzilla," who was already in the ring, came forth and leapt to her defense.


Unfortunately, Steiner had all the grace and dexterity of a newborn calf and lost his footing upon liftoff.

As a result, his peaks came up about a foot short for his freaks, crashing into Test and nearly giving him a Sid Vicious type of leg injury. Credit to the Canadian, he reacted like Steiner had been shot out of a cannon rather than merely tumbling into his calf.

Jerry Lawler: "Look out!"
Good ol' J.R.: "Steiner tried to leap off the edge of the ring and slipped! In any event, Steiner relentless in his pursuit of Test."

That would be the beginning of their bout and one hell of a way to set the tone for the rest of their match. Not surprisingly, with those kinds of moves, Steiner would suffer an injury a short time later and be taken off television for good. He was future endeavored in late 2004.

But as far as having a good laugh, falls really do count anywhere.

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