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WWE Diva Beth Phoenix reportedly leaving the company soon

Photo by <a href="" target="new">Shamsuddin Muhammad</a>.
Photo by Shamsuddin Muhammad.

According to multiple outlets like PWInsider and the Wrestling Observer, top WWE Diva Beth Phoenix will be leaving the company. The Observer gives no timetable for her leaving but PWInsider notes she will likely be gone "by the end of October."

Phoenix had recently taken time off over the summer due to a death in her family. According to Insider's sources, this news that she has put in her notice isn't surprising seeing as she's seemingly just been going through the motions for quite some time now, which is to say, she's been mailing it in.

That may or may not be a fair assessment and really, it's hard to tell with the Diva's division. That's because it's been in a state of flux for a very long time with little or no storyline direction for anyone other than AJ Lee, the acting Raw General Manager, and Eve Torres, who just won the title and has been featured prominently on both Raw and Smackdown for months now.

Phoenix was passed over in favor of both, obviously, and if she's got enough going on at home that she's worn out, it's probably a good idea to get out for now. Despite her head possibly not being in the game, she's still one of the best women on the WWE roster.

If she pops up outside WWE, where she's worked since 2005, she'll still be able to use the Beth Phoenix ring name. Let the speculation begin on where she'll end up and when we'll see her again.

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