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TNA 'Impact Wrestling' results and reactions from last night (Sept. 20): Don't touch me!

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TNA Impact Wrestling aired live from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida last night (Sept. 20, 2012) on Spike TV. It brought us more of the Aces and Eights saga, while we also had "Open Fight Night" and "Gut Check". The main event turned out to be Austin Aries taking on Bully Ray.

Let's dive right in:

  • Your main event was Austin Aries calling out Bully Ray. This was all for Aries to prove that he can do anything that Jeff Hardy can, building up their Bound for Glory championship match. Before the match, Bully cut a promo that was interrupted by a fan touching him. He told the fan he'd punch him in the face if he touched him again, with Aries saying that he'd punch the guy, too, if he touched Bully. The match was solid with Bully picking up the win after laying Aries out with his chain while the ref was down. Bully was going to nail Aries with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but Hardy saved the day and held the belt. Aries took umbrage and didn't know Hardy saved him and the two stared down. Solid build, solid main event, not much to complain about here.
  • Also, Bully Ray was touched by a person who looked to be suffering from a genetic condition or disability. He snapped to stare, but then just said, "Forget about it." Props to Bully for knowing not to cross a line.
  • In other news, Aces and Eights kidnapped Joseph Park. They took a sledgehammer to his laptop, which contained evidence about the gang. Hulk Hogan wanted to trade, saying he'd meet Aces and Eights in their clubhouse in exchange for "Joseph Parks." Yes, old man Hogan can't get his talent's name correct. Anyway, the less we talk about this until more closure is offered, the better. Nothing was solved here.

After the jump, more thoughts about last night's happenings.

  • The show opened up with Shaquille O'Neal chatting it up with Hulk Hogan, saying he had his back against Aces and Eights. Nothing came of this, but it is Shaq, so it is worth a mention.
  • AJ Styles and Kurt Angle called out Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero to prove who would be the best contender for the TNA World Tag Team Championship, since both teams had shots after last week's matches. The teams put on a great match, as Styles and Angle usually can't miss. The match ended in a no contest as Kazarian and Christopher Daniels jumped in and beat up Chavo and AJ. Hogan came out and made the three teams compete in a triple threat tag team match at Bound for Glory. Should be good, but too much could be going on at once there.
  • Evan Markopoulos took on Doug Williams in a "Gut Check" match. Really wasn't too bad of a match and the guy who is younger than me at 18 years old deserves a shot.
  • Also, more Doug Williams, please.
  • James Storm called out Bobby Roode, who just told Storm he wasn't dressed to compete and went away. Hogan told Roode he'd be fired if he didn't make the right choice in three minutes. The two men put on a hell of a brawl that had some great moments. Roode wore dress pants the whole time, too. Epic stuff here, folks.
  • Roode also told a woman at ringside that was giving Roode the ol' "FU" to "kiss his ass." A.) Roode is awesome. B.) That woman was sitting with people with missing teeth, if I remember correctly. Stay classy, Impact Zone.
  • Tara called out Christy Hemme as a powerplay. She smacked Hemme around after she told Tara that Miss Tessmacher was her favorite Knockout. Tessmacher saved the day. Not bad for the Knockouts division, as we have some decent-enough female wrestlers building something that you can care about.

All said and done, I'd give this show a "C+." It wasn't bad at all, but the Aces and Eights debacle showing no signs of ending brings it down from about a "B."

What did you Cagesiders like about this episode of TNA Impact Wrestling?

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