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Pic: 25 longest WWE championship reigns of the last 25 years

Photo via <a href="" target="new">WWE Facebook</a>.
Photo via WWE Facebook.

The WWE Facebook page has an awesome graphic illustrating the 25 longest WWE championship reigns of the past 25 years. The company is trying really hard to get over the fact that CM Punk has held the belt for a really long time, as he's at 300 days and counting since winning the title at Survivor Series in November of last year.

The man with the longest reign on the list is John Cena, with 380 consecutive days with the belt. Assuming Punk holds the title until the Royal Rumble, where he will presumably lose it to The Rock, that would easily give him the new record, at least over the past 25 years.

It would be a strong storyline point and, one would think, would serve to establish him far more than any clean win over Cena ever could. That is, of course, if the plan is for Punk to retain the title until the Rumble next year and as we all know too well, plans change.

Still, it's a cool illustration of the best of the best, at least pertaining to their standing in the company at the time they were there. I still can't believe Diesel held the belt for 358 days in a row.

The reason they won't go back further than 25 years is because, well, it was a different business then and title reigns typically lasted much, much longer. Hulk Hogan, for instance, won the WWE championship in 1984 and didn't lose it until 1988. We don't even need to get into how long Bruno Sammartino was champion.

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