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TNA 'Impact Wrestling' results and live blog for Sept. 20: Open Fight Night

Photo via <a href="" target="new">Impact Wrestling</a>.
Photo via Impact Wrestling.

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., Sept. 20, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for yet another live show.

It's the return of "Open Fight Night"!

James Storm revealed last week he has plans on calling out Bobby Roode for a match for costing him the Bound for Glory Series. Something will happen there but hopefully not a full blown match before the two can tango at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view (PPV) next month.

The Aces and Eights are still reportedly "on lockdown" but you can bet that changes soon. Plus, "Gut Check" returns with another contestant vying for a contract that won't get him on TV.

All that and more.

Remember, the show starts at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Impact Wrestling live blog after the jump.


Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.

Hulk Hogan backstage with Shaquille O'Neal.

Shaq says that he heard about Aces and Eights and said he has Hogan's back. Shaq says that he is right across the street if Hogan needs him. Hogan thanks him.

Shaq poses for the camera.


"Open Fight Night": Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

The team is out and Angle has the mic. Angle says that they were TNA World Tag Team Champions just a few months ago. He says the current champions Kaz and Daniels screwed them then and screwed them at No Surrender.

Angle says there is a dilemma as Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez also have a shot, so he calls them out.

Lockup and Chavo gets a side headlock takeover. Guerrero is reversed into a headscissors choke by Styles. Both men back up.

Hernandez tagged in and Angle is, too.

Angle with a punt to the gut. Strikes to the head of Hernandez. Angle attempts a whip, but he is reversed off into the ropes and Hernandez shoulders him to the mat for a nearfall.

Guerrero in and a swanton over the top rope for a nearfall. Guerrero drops Angle with an uppercut. Into the corner and Angle fights out. Guerrero with a drop toehold and he transitions into a side headlock. Angle fights out and lands a side suplex. Angle drops Guerrero with a dropkick. Angle whips Guerrero into the corner and runs into a boot. Belly-to-belly from Angle.

Kazarian and Christopher Daniels on the ramp as viewers as we go to commercial.

Back and AJ Styles has the sleeper in on Chavo Guerrero.

During break, Styles hits a dropkick on Chavo.

Chavo fights out, but Styles stifles that with an elbow to the spine. Styles flips out of a back bodydrop, but Chavo eventually gets it. Hernandez in with a battering ram to Styles. Angle comes in to save Styles, but he eats a clothesline. Styles with a kick to the hamstring and goes off the ropes, but Hernandez sends Styles flying across the ring with a shoulder block.

Hernandez has Styles up, but Angle boots him in the stomach. The two attempt to double-team Hernandez, but he levels them with a dual clothesline.

Hernandez crawls slowly over and tags Guerrero in. Dual missile dropkick from the top knocks them down. Guerrero trying to suplex Styles, but Styles fights out and hits a spinning hook kick.

Angle tagged in and he nails Guerrero with a German. Hernandez gets one, too. Angle puts in the Ankle Lock on Guerrero, but Hernandez gets Angle to break the hold. Hernandez eats a Styles Kick.

Guerrero with a rolling kick on Styles. Chavo with the sunset flip on Angle, but Angle reverses into the Ankle Lock. He kicks Angle off into the Styles/Angle corner and AJ tags in. Flying springboard forearm onto Chavo. Hernandez with a gutwrench slam onto Styles.

Angle puts an Angle Slam on Hernandez. Chavo gets two of the Three Amigos onto Angle before switching to AJ, nailing all three. Chavo going up top, but Angle follows. Hernandez takes him down and Angle goes to the ropes, only to get clotheslined out by Hernandez.

Chavo misses the frog splash. Chavo goes at AJ, but Styles lands the Pele. AJ setting up for a Styles Clash, but Daniels and Kaz come and beat down Chavo and AJ.

Hernandez chases the men out.

I would suppose that makes this a no-contest.

Hulk Hogan out with a baseball bat and a mic. He says that he has 99 problems and Aces and Eights is his biggest one.

He says that at Bound for Glory, Kaz and Daniels will defend against Kurt Angle and AJ Styles AND Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero.


Al Snow backstage and he gives us a rundown of tonight's "Gut Check".

Joey Ryan comes up and he is asked if there are repercussions from what happened. Snow said he was totally in-line.

He said we'll find out if he crossed the line, as he is being called to the "principal's office" now.

Gut Check performer is shown warming up.


Hogan on the phone with Joseph Park.

He hears that Park has the evidence in hand and he tells him that he will want him to report immediately.


Bound for Glory moment featuring Samoa Joe leaping out of the press box at Sting back in 2008.


TNA "Gut Check" promo featuring tonight's contestant, Evan Markopoulos.


Dixie Carter with Bruce Pritchard.

They are talking about Aces and Eights and an attack plan, but nothing seems to be agreed upon as of yet.

Al Snow in to talk to Dixie as we cut to the ring.


TNA "Gut Check": Evan Markopoulos vs. Doug Williams

Lockup and Williams drags Evan to the ground with a wristlock. Back rides circles around him until he gets up.

Back up and Williams pushes Evan into the corner and slaps him. Lockup and Evan pushes him into the corner and breaks, only for Williams to slap him again. Evan slaps back and tries to whip Williams into the corner, but gets reversed. Williams charges and Evan gets a boot up, but Williams throws it over the second rope and kicks the inner thigh. Clothesline from Williams sends Evan down.

Williams stomping Evan and hits an European uppercut. Side headlock and a punch from Williams drops Evan. Shoulder block to the gut and an European uppercut drops Evan again. Evan with a sunset flip, but Williams gets back to his feet and hits a hard knee to the face of Evan.

Williams goes to the ropes and floats on them to land a hard knee drop to Evan's face. Toying with a downed Evan in the corner. Back up and Evan hits a dropkick. Crossbody for a nearfall from Evan, but he gets clocked with a clothesline after.

Williams stomping on Evan. Williams picks Evan to his knees and drops him with a strike. Evan fighting back with strikes to the stomach of Williams, but Williams with a knee to the body. Delayed brainbuster for Williams. Williams sends him into the ropes and charges, but misses. Evan opening up with strikes, but Williams slams his face into the turnbuckle.

Middle of the ring and a hip toss by Williams into an armbar/neckcrank. Evan taps out and is unsuccessful in his TNA Gut Check match.


"Cowboy" James Storm will be venturing out next, it seems. We'll see after the break.


Video package detailing the road that lead to this revitalization of the Bobby Roode/James Storm feud.


"Open Fight Night": James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

Storm says he is here and he backs up any trash he talks, which is why he loves coming out to this Impact Wrestling Zone crowd. He calls Roode a coward and says this went from a personal issue to a "I want to kick the crap out of you" issue.

He invites Roode to come on out.

Roode is coming to the a suit. Oh, no.

Roode on top of the stage. He asks Storm if he wants him to get in that ring and fight? Roode said he is overdressed and he isn't prepared to fight. He says that Storm will never, ever be as good as him. He says Storm will never have his success or the TNA World Heavyweight Championship either.

He says Storm is barking up the wrong tree and as far as he is concerned, he's done with Storm. He goes to the back.

Hogan backstage with Roode and he tells him that he has to fight Storm. He says he'll give him a, a, a year off if he doesn't decide to get in that ring in three minutes.

We'll find out what Roode is going to do after the break.

We're back and Storm is working the crowd. He tells Roode that he doesn't have all night and he needs to "get his ass down there so I can kick it!"

Roode comes back out and he is still in his suit.

Sport coat off and Roode undressing halfway down the ramp.

And Storm meets him and drops him with a punch. Storm hits Roode with his own shoe and drops him with a punch. Storm choking Roode with his dress shirt. Storm beating Roode up on the stage.

Roode fights back, but Storm drives Roode into a steel fixture on the stage. Storm drops Roode with a haymaker. Storm going with an axehandle from the stairs on the stage, but Roode with a forearm to the stomach. Roode beats him with his shoe and lands punches on the way to ringside.

Ringside and Roode slams Storm into the barricade.

And we are now in-ring and the match starts.

Storm puts Roode in the corner with punches. Mounts and goes for ten punches. Roode with an inverted atomic drop after a few, but Storm puts him down with a clothesline.

Roode moves to the outside, but Storm takes chase. He drops Roode with a right hand. Storm picks him up and puts him back inside. Storm charges at Roode, but Roode back bodydrops Storm to the outside.

Right hand from Roode sends Storm reeling into the barricade. Roode setting up for a whip, but he is reversed and Roode goes side-first into the steel steps. Storm looking to slam Roode's head into the steps, but Roode turns the tide and whips him into the barricade.

Roode breaks the count and he whips Storm into the barricade on the opposite side. He slams Storm's head into the steel after walking him a bit. He slams Storm into the barricade face-first once again.

Roode now has the beer bottle. He spews it on Storm, but Storm takes umbrage and drops Roode. He then takes a sip himself and gives a fan ringside a big helping, too. Storm now in control. Headlock and punch to the face of Roode. Headlock again and Roode reverses to send Storm into the ring post.

Roode has a chair.

Well, had as Storm ducks it and Roode cracks the ring post, hurting his hands. Fans stick their feet up on the barricade and Storm slams Roode's head into it. Roode reverses the offense and sends Storm into the barricade via whip again.

Roode once again breaks the seemingly non-existent count.

Roode rocking Storm with a right and rakes the back of Storm.

At ringside, a less-than-classy woman says "Fuck you, Roode!" Roode promptly tells her to "kiss his ass." Roode tries to whip Storm into the barricade again, but Storm reverses.

Fans once again have their shoes up and Storm sends Roode into the soles face-first. Storm setting up for a suplex on the outside, but Roode reverses and plants Storm into the mat with a suplex of his own.

Back in the ring and Roode drops Storm with a clothesline. Referee admonishes Roode and Roode shoves him. Roode sends Storm outside.

Back outside and Storm punches Roode. Storm pushes the referee, too.

The ref rings the bell and we have a no contest.

The two brawl at ringside more and they move to the concrete siding of the crowd. The two brawling to the back and the ref gets shoved a little more. Roode is sent through the door on the opposite side of the arena (not the stage side).


Hogan has a phone call after talking a production assistant.

Aces and Eights tell Hogan that they have a lawyer, too. Hogan seems confident to win this game they wanna play.

He is ready to go with Aces and Eights.


TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries backstage with Jeff Hardy.

Aries says he feels slighted because of the hype with Hardy. Aries says that Hardy has been around the block a bit more on a bigger stage and says that he has a big following. He appreciates that Hardy has a flock of sheep following him.

Sadly, Aries says the only way he can do that is beat Hardy.

Aries says that he wants to prove to Hardy that anything he does, Aries can do better.


"Open Fight Night": Tara vs. Christy Hemme

Tara on the mic in the ring.

She says all these fans have used her to get some time on TV. She says her boyfriend in Hollywood that is a huge star opened her eyes that she is the best female wrestler in the world.

She calls out Christy Hemme.

Hemme comes to the ring and Tara asks Hemme who her favorite Knockout is. Hemme says it is Miss Tessmacher, which earns her a smack in the face.

Tessmacher comes out for the save, but Tara scurries off.


Hulk Hogan will be up after the break.


Brooke Hogan talking with Tara backstage.

Tara said she caught Christy Hemme a lesson and Brooke says there will be consequences for her next week.


Bound for Glory memories for Rob Van Dam.

He talks about his matches with Abyss and Jerry Lynn.


TNA Television Championship will be earned by someone next week on Impact Wrestling.


Hogan out.

Hogan says that Aces and Eights have grabbed Joseph Park and are holding him hostage. He says that if they wanna play hardball, he is willing.

Hogan says the word on the street is that Aces and Eights keep their word. Hogan says he will meet Aces and Eights in their clubhouse next week if they let Joseph Park go.

Also, Hogan keeps saying "Joseph Parks." Good job, Hogan.

Aces and Eights leader is on the screen. He says that they took Park hostage for getting too close to their business. They sledgehammer Park's computer and Park freaks out. They slug him with some tool.

We go to break.


Jeff Hardy video package that hypes his title shot at Bound for Glory.


"Open Fight Night": Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray

Aries says that everyone is focused on Jeff Hardy, but he is going to prove that he is ready to prove that he can do anything better than his Bound for Glory counterpart.

Bully Ray, come on down.

Bully Ray on the mic and says that his music needs to be shut off. He asks if his hearing is off. Aries says that his hearing is fine. Bully tells him not to get wise. Aries says he might, but he has to get in the ring.

Bully says Aries has a lot of nerve, calling him out that way.

A fan taps Bully's shoulder, so he says he'll punch him in the freaking face if he touches him again. He says he must be an Aries fan, since he has no brains.

Aries says that isn't his kind of fan because if he touches Bully, he'll punch him in the face, too.

A guy who appears to have a genetic condition, maybe Down's Syndrome, taps Bully, but he says "forget about it." Good on Bully there.

He asks Aries if he knows who he is, but Aries goes over the top with a corkscrew crossbody. Aries puts on the Bully Ray hat and starts taking it to Bully on the outside. Bully is seated on the ring announcer's chair and Aries puts ten punches to the head of Bully.

Aries sends Bully face-first into the steps.

Back inside and Bully calls timeout.

Aries gets in control after Bully turns the tide as we go to commercial break.

Back and Bully gets a side suplex for a nearfall. Back to commercial.

We're back and Bully clubs the chest of Aries on the apron with his forearm. Bully with a fishhook to the eye of Aries. Aries worn out on the outside, but he gets to the apron and Bully hip tosses him to the inside for a nearfall.

Bully stretching the chest of Aries with a surfboard maneuver. Aries gets out with a kick to the groin, but Bully puts Aries down. Splash only gets a nearfall, prompting Bully to ask the ref if he can count any slower.

Bully Slam gets him a nearfall once again. Elbow drop to a downed Aries only gets another nearfall.

Bully taunting Aries, but Aries with a series of left hands. He goes off the ropes, but Bully is there with an elbow. Bully striking the head of a downed Aries with punches. Big elbow drop to the chest of Aries gets Bully another nearfall.

He gets in the face of Earl Hebner, but Earl Henber starts putting the finger of the chest of Bully and walking him down. Aries turns Bully around with a chop to the chest. Aries striking his way back, but Bully counters with a side suplex attempt. Aries gets out, but Bully drops Aries with a palm strike.

Chop to the chest drops the champion.

Aries up and a spinning forearms and a series of forearms. Bully once again in control and sends Aries outside. Aries with a hangman's neckbreaker to counter and goes up for a missile dropkick. He hits it and gets a nearfall.

Aries wants to set up for a brainbuster. Bully with shots to the ribs and downs Aries. Aries with a sunset flip attempt, but Bully wants to splash him with his backside. Nothing, as Aries moves out.

Aries kicks Bully in the stomach and tries to whip him, but he gets reversed into Earl Hebner. Hebner is checked on by Aries and he locks in the Last Chancery on Bully.

Bully taps.

Earl is still down.

Bully gets the steel chain and clocks Aries with it. He kicks it out of the ring as Hebner gets back up.

Pinfall and victory to Bully Ray.

He celebrates by mounting Hebner and holding him. How lovely.

Bully wants to drop Aries with the title belt, but Jeff Hardy comes in and saves the day, sending Bully running.

Hardy holds the belt up and looks at it, but Aries comes to and thinks Hardy was out to make a statement. The two staredown and jock at each other to close.

Fade to black.


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