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Video: 'Head Games' movie trailer from the book by former WWE star Chris Nowinski

It's that topic nobody wants to likes to talk about.

Former Harvard graduate turned World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Christopher Nowinski, who retired from professional wrestling in 2004 after developing post-concussion syndrome, wrote a book titled "Head Games," focusing on football's concussion crisis.

That book, which has not come without its critics, is now a major motion picture.

Nowinski also played football in college and has, in recent years, been critical of professional sports -- along with the WWE -- for failing to implement stronger measures to help protect its athletes. Unprotected chair shots are banned inside the squared circle.

Except when they're not. In either company.

The Head Games trailer includes footage of Nowinski in the WWE and the timing couldn't have been worse, especially considering what Linda McMahon is up to (and up against). So, Cagesiders, are we ready to settle this debate once and for all?

Let's hear your take on the concussion "crisis."

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