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Pay-Per-View Pick 'Em Game Update

The prize.
The prize.

The Pay-Per-View Pick 'Em Game is really rolling now that we're three events in and the standings are getting more and more clogged both at the top and in the middle of the pack.

Unfortunately, we've got some bottom dwellers who haven't been participating in each event.

In anticipation of future issues with this, we're going to do our best to avoid potential problems. So here's how we're going to work this:

If you miss three events in a row, you will be eliminated for the remainder of the season. That means many of you who participated in the SummerSlam event but skipped No Surrender and Night of Champions will need to be sure to check back in for Bound for Glory or be eliminated from contention.

In addition, if you miss a total of eight events throughout the season, you will be eliminated from contention.

We have plenty of Cagesiders who are being sure to participate each time and we want to focus on those who actually want to play and go after the prize, which is the Big Gold Belt like the one you see above.

If you do miss three events in a row but still wish to participate, please send me an e-mail to state your case on why you should get to come back in.

And, as a final reminder, the season will run through SummerSlam next year.

For the current standings and to see if you qualify for elimination in the next event click here.

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