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WWE Night of Champions results: John Cena injured during match with CM Punk

Photo via <a href="" target="new">@JohnCena</a>.
Photo via @JohnCena.

It's okay, though, it's only a rolled ankle. Still, it looks ugly, and speaking as someone who has wrecked both ankles, injuries like this can be extremely painful and temporarily debilitating.

During his WWE championship match against CM Punk in the main event of Night of Champions last night (Sun., Sept. 16, 2012) in Boston, Massachusetts, John Cena suffered an ankle injury, as he himself reported on his Twitter with the above picture.

"Wild night tonight, nuthing [sic] to do now but move forward. This is my left ankle. It was rolled early in match..."

Adrenaline is a powerful thing, but Cena should be commended not only for pushing through and finishing the match but for also putting on one hell of a show in the process; even if it was ultimately a losing effort.

For more on that click here and for complete results, including the live blog, from Night of Champions click here.

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