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WWE Raw results and live blog for Sept. 17: The Night of Champions fallout show

Raw-New Logo
Raw-New Logo

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 17, 2012) from the Webster Bank Arena At Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and features all the fallout from the Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV) that took place last night in Boston, MA.

It's also the first episode of Raw since Jerry Lawler's heart attack live on the air in Montreal. It feels good to know he's recovering and on his way home this week.

CM Punk is still WWE champion after last night, despite being pinned by John Cena. That's because Cena's shoulders were down as well, leading to a draw. Surely this means a rematch at Hell in a Cell, hopefully in a match of the same name.

And destruction.

Daniel Bryan and Kane are new tag team champions and surely everyone is eager to see the latest wacky adventures these two will get themselves into on their path to recover in anger management.

Plus, The Miz is still Intercontinental champion, Antonio Cesaro still has the U.S. title on his shoulder, and Eve Torres is the new Diva's champion. Time to reset tonight on the road to the next PPV.

Raw starts at 8 p.m. ET on the USA network, so be sure to make your way back here to chat with all of your favorite Cagesiders during the show. It's always a fun time. Raw live blog after the jump.


Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.

Paul Heyman comes out to CM Punk's music.

Heyman said he witnessed history last night as he saw Punk retain against John Cena. He admits the ending of the match is controversial, so he requests that WWE referee Chad Patton join him in-ring.

Patton comes out.

Heyman thanks him for joining him and shows the arena the still photo of last night's finish. He asks Patton if he made the right decision, to which Patton replies affirmatively. He thanks him for the correct call and he says that there is more evidence to suggest Patton is correct.

Heyman shows ringside footage from a fan's video phone, which was taken off of Youtube suspiciously. Heyman says that because both men's shoulders were down, it is a draw. Therefore, CM Punk is still the WWE Champion.

Fans boo and Heyman says that this is exactly what Punk is talking about. He says that Punk now deserves the fans respect, but they refuse to give it to him.

John Cena enters.

Heyman attempts to clarify for Cena, but Cena tells him to shut up. He says he agrees with Heyman surprisingly, but he didn't take down any video. He says he has known Patton and knows he is a good referee. He says that what he took umbrage with was the lack of finality in his decision. Cena said that last night would be like ending The Super Bowl in a tie.

Cena asks the fans if they would want to see the match in the draw, to which they reply negatively.

Cena asks Heyman if Punk has earned respect via a draw.


Cena says that he believes Heyman's and Punk's definition of respect differs from his own. He says that people don't get respect with draws, nor for attacking their opponent with the championship belt after said draw.

Cena says he wants to do the rematch here tonight, as he wants to figure out who would win. Heyman says that Punk would love to answer that challenge...when he gets here. He then states that hearing it from him would be the same as hearing it from Punk.

"I am the voice of the voice of the voiceless!"

Alberto Del Rio enters.

He tells Cena to stop whining and puts the spotlight on him. He says he was robbed last night after Booker T reinstated the Brogue Kick seconds before the match. He says that if anyone deserves a rematch, it is the man who never lies named Alberto Del Rio.

Raw General Manager AJ is out. She speaks on the behalf of the SmackDown General Manager Booker T. She says she is making the two main events from last night and creating a super main event.

Alberto Del Rio & CM Punk vs. John Cena & Sheamus.

AJ says that the winner of this match could end up moving into a rematch for a title.

AJ skips off and Heyman takes chase, wanting a word. AJ heads to the back before Heyman can speak.


Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio will be in tag action next.


Michael Cole giving us an update on Jerry Lawler, all the while wearing a "Long Live The King" shirt.

They show Lawler's TOUT, the one where he thanks the fans, to the WWE Universe.

Jerry Lawler is back in Memphis and at home.

Lawler will be getting an exclusive interview next week on Raw.

JBL joins Michael Cole on commentary.

As does Jim Ross.


Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Primo & Epico

Primo starts with Sin Cara.

Primo starts with some offense, but Sin Cara hits his handspring back elbow. Then gets his flying armdrag. Primo sent into the corner.

Rey in.

Rey down on all fours and Sin Cara launches off him for a splash. Nearfall. Rey gets a wristlock and tags in Sin Cara. They get a dual kick on Primo.

Sin Cara has Primo in an armbar as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Epico has Sin Cara in a front headlock. Primo tags in and he gets a straightjacket choke. Sin Cara flips him out of it. Sin Cara jumps to tag in Mysterio, but Primo holds onto him. Sin Cara turns it into a tornado DDT.

Hot tags and Mysterio uses a arm drag on Epico. Kick to the head gets him a nearfall. Mysterio sent into the corner and he floats through. Hurricanranas Epico into the second turnbuckle. Sin Cara in and he lifts Rey into a headscissors takeover on Epico, setting him up for the 619.

Primo runs in, but he gets a headscissors into the second rope, too. Mysterio with a double 619. He follows Primo to the outside and gets a seated senton from the apron.

In-ring, Sin Cara hits the Swanton Bomb for the pinfall and victory. Mysterio and Sin Cara are your victors.

Prime Time Players come out and clean house. Darren Young hits a gutbuster on Sin Cara. Titus O'Neill hits a sitout powerbomb on Mysterio.

O'Neill on the mic and says the team will be doing all the taking, as they were the legitimate number one contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championship. Young echoes that sentiment as they go backstage.


Kofi Kingston and R-Truth will wrestle Kane and Daniel Bryan for the WWE Tag Team Championship tonight.


Tonight will feature the debut of Miz TV, with SmackDown General Manager Booker T being the first guest.


Eve vs. Beth Phoenix

Layla on commentary.

Lockup and Beth Phoenix tosses Eve to the mat.

Eve with a side headlock, but Beth gets out. Eve is sent off into the ropes and evades the back bodydrop. Beth drops her with a shoulder block. Beth now pummeling Eve with punches on the ground.

Glam Slam time? Eve kicks Beth's knee to get out. She follows up by clubbing Phoenix's back. Eve sent into the corner. Phoenix with a splash in the corner on Eve. She sends Eve into the opposite corner, but Eve floats over. Beth goes for a powerslam, but Eve out. She shoves Phoenix into the corner and follows with a rollup.

Pinfall and victory for Eve in this non-title match.

She poses down at ringside, which causes Layla to step up and stare at Eve. Nothing comes of it as Eve continues to celebrate all the way to the back.


Brodus Clay vs. Heath Slater

Antonio Cesaro and Aksana are at ringside.

Brodus Clay sends Slater down with a clothesline. Slater ducks under Clay attacking him in the corner. Opening up with punches and he knocks Clay down with a kick to the leg.

Elbows to a seated Clay. Slater now working the front headlock. Clay picks Slater up and sends him to the mat face-first. Knocks down Slater with an elbow to the head.

Clay about to attack a cornered Slater, but Cesaro gets up on the apron. Slater gets a neckbreaker off that. He goes up top, but eats a headbutt. Splash lands for Clay.

Brodus Clay wins, despite distractions.

Kids join the party and some dancing occurs.


Miz TV next.


Miz asks what you give one of the best WWE Intercontinental Champions of all time? He says he had the worst odds of anyone on the roster, but still overcame. He said you give him a talk show.

Welcome to Miz TV.

Miz says that all the other highlight shows such as Piper's Pit, The Cutting Edge, and The Highlight Reel weren't as great since none of the hosts were as controversial and awesome as himself.

Without further ado, Booker T is introduced.

Miz ask Booker how it feels for him to be the first guest on the prestigious first episode of Miz TV. He holds the mic in front, but then says it must be the best moment of his career. He says it is better than being the "five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time" world champion. He says it was better than Booker's first WrestleMania.

He then says it is only almost as great as Miz winning last night's match.

He asks Booker why he is against him. He asks Booker why he put him against three competitors. He asks why he reinstated the Brogue Kick.

He tells Booker that it is because he misses the spotlight and the attention. He says it drives Booker insane to know that his time is over.

Booker snatches the mic from Miz.

He says Miz needs a new guest for his show.

Ryback enters.

Ryback chases Miz out of the ring and begins to wreak havoc on the inaugural set of Miz TV. He throws couches and chairs, with the highlight being him pressing a couch over his head.


Jim Ross and JBL both send well wishes to Jerry Lawler as we go to break.


CM Punk chatting with Paul Heyman backstage.

Josh Mathews in and asks if Punk is excited to tag with Alberto Del Rio.

Punk calls Mathews an idiot and says that it is indicative of the state of things around here. He says he is tired of the disrespect. He smacks the mic away from his face as him and Heyman walk off.


Santino Marella vs. Dolph Ziggler

Lockup and Marella gets a judo toss that sends Ziggler to the mat.

Ziggler fakes a single leg that Santino sprawls out. He hits Marella with a dropkick as he gets up. Stomps to the chest of Marella. Ziggler whips Santino into the ropes.

And Santino power walks.

Ziggler stomps him and Santino scores a double leg takedown into a bridge nearfall. Armdrag for Santino. Ziggler drops Santino. Picks him up and hits a neckbreaker. Jumping elbow drop with a nearfall. Stomps to Santino.

He pulls The Cobra out and and rubs it in Santino's face. He tells him that the crowd is laughing at him. He calls Santino a joke. Ziggler with a punch, but it is blocked and Santino unloading. Ziggler drops him with a punch off the ropes.

Right hand from Ziggler. Jab from Ziggler. A looping right hand and Santino gets the advantage after blocking the punch and landing some of his own. Signature hip toss and diving headbutt.

Santino wants the Cobra, but he can't find it. It is on the mat and he walks over, but Vickie snatches it away from him while laughing.

Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag on Santino. He watches over him and then hits another one. Pinfall and victory to Ziggler.

Vickie stuffs The Cobra into Santino's mouth as they walk off smiling.


Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel

Barrett wanting to box. Gabriel with a leg kick. He ducks under a Barrett clothesline and slides under, getting a weak hurricanrana for a nearfall. Rollup for another nearfall.

Barrett ducks under a flying attack and hits a sidekick to the gut of Gabriel. Gabriel goes to the outside and Barrett cracks him with a knee to the gut. Barrett drapes him along the ring post and pulls Gabriel into the ring post stomach-first.

Back inside and Wade Barrett with a backbreaker. Elbow to the sternum and he gets a nearfall. Barrett isolating an arm and now cracking Gabriel with punches to the ribs. Right hand drops Gabriel for a nearfall.

Barrett grapevines Gabriel's leg and gets a stretcher. Gabriel out and Barrett eats a drop toehold into the second turnbuckle. Gabriel with speedy strikes and knocks Barrett down with a spinning back kick.

Barrett drops him with a punch to the ribs. Barrett looking for a pumphandle slam. Gabriel counters with an inverted DDT. Springboard moonsault for a nearfall.

Barrett back in control after Gabriel opens up with kicks. Barrett picks Gabriel up and he falls face-first to the mat.

Barrett with a straightjacket hold. He sends Gabriel for a whip, but pulls him back into a brutal right hand. Gabriel is knocked out and Barrett gets the pinfall and the victory.


R-Truth talking to Little Jimmy.

Kofi Kingston wonders if Truth knows they have a match.

R-Truth says, "Happy Birthday!"

Kofi says it isn't his birthday.

Jared from Subway is here and it is Subway's birthday. Truth tells Jared that Little Jimmy has some cool sub ideas. Jared is weirded out and gives Truth and Kofi subs, but Truth is offended that they only get two. They get a third for Little Jimmy.

Damien Sandow is here and he gives Jared his sandwich idea. He gets a meatball marinara.

Zack Ryder pitches his idea, too. He gets an Italian BMT.

Ryback wants to be fed more. Jared hands Ryback one sandwich...but Ryback takes a second.


Sheamus backstage with John Cena, who is spaced out.

Sheamus asks him what's wrong and not to be down on himself for the match last night. Cena says he isn't and that he is a realist, saying he needs to win tonight for another title shot. Sheamus says they will and will get a couple of pints later.

Sheamus walks off ready to go and Cena is left mumbling to himself.


Daniel Bryan walking around backstage saying, "I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPION!"

Kane doing the same.

They are in action next.


Footage shown of Jerry Lawler returning home to Memphis.


WWE Tag Team Championship: Daniel Bryan and Kane (c) vs. R-Truth and Kofi Kingston

Bryan out and he is angry already.

"NO! NO!"

Kane and Bryan arguing who is going to start the match.

Bryan will start against Kofi.

Lockup and side headlock on Kofi. Bryan sent off into the ropes and knocks Kofi down with a shoulder block. Rope-running situation and a corkscrew elbow from Kingston.

Truth in and has a wristlock. Bryan reverses into one of his own. He reaches out to tag Kane.


Bryan stays in and sends Truth off the ropes for a back bodydrop, but he eats a boot.

Kofi tagged himself in and hits a crossbody for a nearfall. Bryan with a hard tag and Kane is in. Kane looking to brawl with Kofi. Kofi landing kicks, but Kane reverses him into the corner with punches and kicks. Kane whips Kofi into the corner, but Kofi floats over and unloading body and leg kicks.

Kane gets an armlock and some knees. Sends Kofi into the ropes, but Kofi stops himself. Kane charges for a clothesline, but he goes over the top. Bryan in and he gets sent over the top, too. He lands on Kane.

The crazy tag team arguing on the outside as we go to break.

Back from commercial and Kane has a bearhug in the middle of the ring on Truth.

Action from the commercial break shows Kane landing the big boot on Truth.

Kane rams Truth into the corner. He charges, but eats a Truth elbow. Truth going up top and hits a missile dropkick. Both men down and Kofi in. Flying forearm. Kofi in the corner and he lands the ten punches to Kane's head. Attempting to whip Kane, but Kane whips him back into the corner. He charges, but Kofi ducks under and lands his signature kick.

Kofi up top and gets a crossbody for a nearfall. Kick to the face gets another nearfall. Kofi gets his Boom Drop and wants the Trouble in Paradise.

He goes right into a Chokeslam. Kofi fights out and goes to the top to get a flying maneuver, but gets a stiff uppercut coming down.

Bryan tags himself in. Kane is not pleased. While they argue, Kofi brings in Truth. Truth with clotheslines and a flying elbow. A little juking and jiving gets a facebuster on Bryan for a nearfall.

Truth with a strike to a downed Bryan, hurting his ear. Another strike. Kofi tagged in and Truth bodyslams him on top of Bryan, only getting a nearfall. Kofi holding an Americana on Bryan. Bryan gets out, but eats a dropkick and Kofi gets a nearfall.

Truth back in and a double Russian legsweep. Dual elbow/leg drop from Kofi and Truth gets a nearfall. Truth holding on to the sleeper on Bryan. Bryan gets out and goes to the corner. Truth whips him into the opposite corner. Bryan ends up countering with a drop toehold to the second turnbuckle.

Kane tagged in and a clothesline from the top. Dropkick gets him a nearfall. Kane whips Truth into the corner and gets a splash. Sidewalk slam and Kane looking for a chokeslam.

Kane catches Bryan attempting to tag himself in. Kane chokes Bryan, but Bryan gets a hangman's neckbreaker. Truth hits the Little Jimmy on Kane and Bryan BARELY gets breaks up the pin. Kofi takes Bryan out over the top.

In-ring, Kane gets the Chokeslam.

And Bryan tags himself in. "NO!" Lock in and Truth taps.

Bryan takes both belts and starts screaming that he is the Tag Team Champion. Kane rips them from him and starts screaming the same. Bryan starts screaming "NO!" and the fans reply with "YES!"

The two bicker a bit more and the fans start chanting for them to hug it out. Bryan agrees to the idea and wants to do it. Kane drapes both belts around his shoulders and the two hug it out.

Bryan uses this to snatch one of the belts. The two both scream at each other about being the Tag Team Champion.


Be a Star rally footage.

Randy Orton will be in action next.


Randy Orton vs. Tensai

Lockup and Tensai sends Orton into the corner. Back to the middle of the ring and Orton with a kick to the gut. Tensai chokes him into the corner, but Orton fighting out. He gets dropped by Tensai's elbow.

Orton coming back and hitting Tensai with a body shot and a spinning back elbow. Orton off the ropes and Tensai drops him with a shoulder block. Headbutts in the corner by Tensai. Headbutt to the kidneys of Orton. Drags Orton out of the corner, throws him chest-first into the ropes and slams his fist into the kidneys. Fishhooking the nose of Orton and does it once again.

He goes to the well one too many times as Orton clobbers him with a forearm coming off the ropes this time. Tensai stifles this with a powerslam for a nearfall.

Tensai rubbing Orton's face in the mat. Tensai off the ropes and an elbow drop gets him a nearfall. Tensai locks in a bearhug. Orton clubbing the back. Now he moves with strikes to the head, but Tensai headbutts him to the mat.

Tensai with knees to the kidneys of Orton. Nervehold on Orton.

Crow breaks out into "Albert!" chants.

Orton trying to fight out of the nervehold. Strikes to the gut of Tensai, but Tensai with an uppercut. Tensai off the ropes, but he eats a powerslam from Orton.

Tensai rolls to the outside and Orton trying to get his rope-assisted DDT. Tensai hits him with a hard right hand. Tensai up to the apron, but Orton is there with knees to the head. More knees and a kick to the stomach. He hangs Tensai's feet on the second rope and gets the DDT.

Viper is coiled.

Orton goes for the RKO, but Tensai pushes Orton into the corner. He chases Orton, but rams his chest into the corner. Coming out and Orton gets the RKO.

Pinfall and victory to Randy Orton.


Punk and Heyman talking.

Otunga comes up with Alberto Del Rio.

He speaks on ADR's behalf, saying ADR hopes Punk follows his lead tonight.

Heyman says that, on behalf of Punk, Punk follows no one's lead.

Otunga says that, on behalf of ADR, it is irrelevant because Punk looks like he sleeps in a box on the street.

Heyman says, on behalf of Punk, that ADR shouldn't buy so many cars and should buy a time machine to go back to Survivor Series of last year when Punk beat ADR for the WWE Championship.

Punk ends it and says he looks forward to tagging with ADR, to which ADR says it will be an honor. He winks and Punk smiles, quickly frowning as Otunga and ADR walk off.


Damien Sandow vs.

Sandow has a mic.

He asks for them to silence the music, as he is about to speak. He says that summer is over and it is time for everyone to go back to school. He says he feels obligated to prepare the unwashed masses for this season as our martyr and intellectual savior.

He tells JR that "slobberknocker" is not a word.

Sandow has vocabulary for us. "Temerity," as in "how dare you have that temerity to question anything I say?" "Ignoramus," as in "WWE has an ignoramus at every corner." "Miscreants," as in "you are all miscreants."

"Please remain silent while I am speaking, as we have a lot to get through."

Zack Ryder out. Speaking to "Professor Buzzkill," his words are "shut," "up," and "now." "Now," as in AJ has scheduled them to be in a match "now."

After the break, that is.

Back and Sandow has the side headlock. He is sent off the ropes and gets a shoulder block. Ryder gets a flapjack after rope-running. Ryder clotheslines Sandow to the outside and goes over the top with a crossbody.

Sandow rolled back in for a Ryder nearfall. Ryder holding an armbar, but Sandow slings him into the ropes throat-first. Sandow stomping on the ribs and a punch. Knee drop for a nearfall.

Sandow with a pull-in knee lift. Rubbing Ryder's face in the mat. Punch to the back of the head and a nearfall. Sandow pulls the knee pad down and hits a knee drop for a nearfall.

Sandow bows to the crowd and gets another nearfall.

Sandow with a side headlock and Ryder clubs the side of Sandow's torso. Ryder fighting back and Sandow hits the Russian leg sweep. The Elbow of Disdain lands. Sandow shoulder blocking Ryder into the corner.

Ryder fighting back with two nearfalls. Sandow setting up for a slam, but Ryder out. Facebuster and clothesline hit for Ryder. Ryder with a flying forearm and looking for a Broski Boot. Sandow scoots outside, but Ryder plants him to the mat.

Sandow back inside with a shoulder block to the gut. Sandow now unloading with strikes in the corner. Ryder drops him and looking for the Broski Boot. He nails it and gets a nearfall.

Ryder looking for more, but Sandow kicks Ryder and he falls throat-first into the second rope. Sandow gets the straightjacket neckbreaker.

Pinfall and victory to our martyr.

The celebratory cartwheel.


Lawler back in Memphis and we will have him in an interview next week.


Sheamus and John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk

Heyman and Punk high five en route to the ring.

Punk doing his few minute raising of the belt.


Back in and the bell rings. Punk tags in ADR immediately to chat with Paul Heyman.

Lockup and ADR with a side headlock on Cena. Cena with a headlock takeover. ADR leg kicks and punches in toe corner. Stomps to Cena. ADR gets whipped into the opposite corner and Cena with a monkey flip. Back bodydrop by Cena.

Sheamus tagged in and a punch to ADR's back. Sheamus pummeling ADR in the corner. Rolling fireman's carry slam for Sheamus gets a nearfall.

ADR tags in CM Punk and Cena hits a bulldog on him. Cena trying to pick Punk up and Punk grabbing the apron. He thumbs Cena's eye and gets to the outside.

ADR and Punk chatting and Punk gets back in the ring. Punk stomping Cena and standing on his chest. Punk tags in ADR and ADR with a sidekick to the stomach. Punk cheap shots Cena on the apron as ADR chokes him on the bottom rope.

ADR isolates Cena in the corner and tags in Punk. Cena fights out and gets Punk in a leg lock. He gets up and tags Sheamus in. Sheamus with a clothesline and a nearfall from it. Sheamus splashes Punk in the corner. ADR manages to get tagged in and levels Sheamus with a kick.

Exchanges of offense and Sheamus gets the advantage. ADR dives at Sheamus but only falls through the ropes. Sheamus with the ten forearms to the chest. White Noise lands.

Sheamus wants the Brogue Kick.

Sheamus drops Punk off the apron and ADR gets a Backstabber for a nearfall. ADR tags in CM Punk, who attacks a grounded Sheamus. Hard chop to chest of Sheamus. Sheamus fights back, but Punk drops him with a dropkick to the knee.

Punk with a back stretcher submission. After a while, Sheamus rolls over and gets the nearfall.

ADR brought in and he boots a downed Sheamus in the head. ADR with a sleeper on Sheamus. Sheamus fighting out and drops ADR. Sheamus off the ropes, but he eats a running knee lift to the stomach. ADR stomps on the head of Sheamus for a nearfall.

ADR sent into the ropes, but he breaks up a back bodydrop attempt. He ends up on the wrong end of the Irish Curse.

Hot tags bring in Cena and Punk. Cena with shoulder blocks, side slam, and looking for the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

Punk tries to kick at Cena, but Cena reverses it into an STF. ADR breaks the submission, but he eats a Brogue Kick. Sheamus is then leveled by a Punk clothesline.

Cena hits the AA.

Cena with the cover and pin, but Punk had his foot on the ropes.

Ref counts to three and Cena and Sheamus win.

Heyman and Punk argue with the ref, chasing him as he makes his way backstage. Heyman trying to restrain Punk and Punk is in the ref's ear as they go backstage.

Fade to black.


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