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On this date in NWA history: Ric Flair beats Dusty Rhodes to win his first world title

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Ric Flair is a 16-time world heavyweight champion, as recognized by many outlets. That number jumps to 21 depending on who you're talking to at any given moment, but the point stands either way. He's a highly decorated champion spanning a 40 year career in the industry.

It was on this date in history (Sept. 17, 1981) that he won his first world title, defeating Dusty Rhodes for the NWA world heavyweight championship which he would make famous throughout the next decade.

It's fitting that he did so by defeating Rhodes, his longtime rival.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the complete match, so you'll have to settle for highlights.

Also on this date in history: Booker T pins Kevin Nash to win the WCW world title (Seriously).