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Death Before Dishonor X: Another ROH iPPV blighted with technical difficulties

Adam Cole's "reward" for having the best match of the show is to feud with Matt Hardy.  Photo via <a href=""></a>.
Adam Cole's "reward" for having the best match of the show is to feud with Matt Hardy. Photo via

You know the old saying, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Well, Ring Of Honor on iPPV is long past that stage now.

It all started with their Showdown In The Sun iPPVs over WrestleMania weekend. Day one saw the audio be out of sync with the video feed for most of the show, while day two they had the bad luck of a brownout in the building happening during the middle of the event and it took them over half an hour to fix the problem.

In what may have been a rash decision, these problems caused ROH to ditch GoFightLive as their iPPV provider and take production in house instead. Having less than six weeks to prepare for the move, it's perhaps unsurprising that their Border Wars iPPV was the biggest technical disaster yet, with very few people who ordered the show being able to see the whole event and most giving up after a fruitless hour of constantly getting error messages whenever they attempted to log in to view the broadcast. ROH tried to make good by offering their next iPPV, Best In The World 2012, free to all Border Wars customers, but the wasted time still left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

After a run of two iPPVs without a hitch, ROH fans may have been lulled into a false sense of security for last night's Death Before Dishonor X iPPV. But sadly there was another repeat of the Border Wars debacle with most customers being unable to log in to watch the show until intermission. Even then some people still experienced problems with the quality of the feed. It's enough to drive off whatever loyal iPPV buyers they have left.

It's absolutely mind boggling that ROH gets bought out by Sinclair Broadcasting, a major telecommunications company and they've managed to kill off a growing revenue stream in iPPV in just over a year by a series of major production errors. With a syndicated weekly television show in 20% of the country, ROH should come across as a plausible alternative to WWE and TNA with better in ring action and more captivating storylines, but instead they seem like a low rent indy on its death bed with the uninspired booking and workrate to match.

After the jump, you can read the results for the Death Before Dishonor X iPPV, another by the numbers ROH offering. Did any of you Cagesiders manage to watch the show and if so, then what did you think of it?

1. Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs beat Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander in the first ROH tag title tournament semifinal match.

2. Tadarius Thomas beat Silas Young for a spot in the Survival of the Fittest Tournament next Saturday.

3. Kyle O'Reilly beat ROH debutant ACH.

4. Rhett Titus & Charlie Haas beat the Briscoes in the second ROH tag title tournament semifinal match, despite miscommunication throughout the match between the winning team.

Davey Richards returned to announce that he was the final member of the Survival of the Fittest Tournament for an ROH World title shot, despite the stipulation that he isn't allowed to face Kevin Steen for the title ever again.

5. Jay Lethal beat Homicide in a match where Lethal showed more killer instinct.

6. The House Of Truth (Michael Elgin & Roderick Strong) beat The Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist) in another match with miscommunication in the winning team.

7. Adam Cole beat Mike Mondo to retain the ROH TV title. Matt Hardy made his ROH debut by doing commentary during the match. Afterwards, Hardy shook both guys hands and cut an interview where he said that everyone tells him that Adam Cole is like a young Matt Hardy, but that when he was Cole's age, he was better and he's still better than him. Hardy got booed coming out, so it's a good thing he was being brought in as a heel.

8. Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs beat Rhett Titus & Charlie Haas (with Shelton Benjamin) to become the new ROH World Tag Team champions when Benjamin turned on Titus.

9. Kevin Steen beat Rhino to retain the ROH World Championship in an Anything Goes Match, after interference from Corino and Jacobs. After the match, The House Of Truth finally broke up. When they came down to confront Steen, as Elgin has the next World title shot on iPPV, Corino shoved Strong into Elgin and Elgin, thinking Strong had intentionally ruined his big moment again, laid him out with a spinning powerbomb to end the show.

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