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WWE Night of Champions results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Sept. 16) from Boston, MA

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WWE is all set to pop off with its Night of Champions event tonight (Sun., Sept. 16, 2012) from the TD Garden Arena in Boston, Massachusetts, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Night of Champions below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature a main event pitting CM Punk (putting his WWE championship on the line) against John Cena. Paul Heyman may or may not have something to do with the outcome of this one. Don't be surprised either way.

Also on the card, Sheamus defends his world heavyweight championship against Alberto Del Rio for what feels like the 678,596th time, The Miz puts his Intercontinental belt up for grabs in a Fatal Four-Way match, Antonio Cesaro risks his U.S. title against a battle royal winner from the pre-show, Layla's Diva's strap is available for the taking - if Kaitlyn can defeat the lovely lady's champion, and finally, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth will try to hang on to their tag team titles when they take on the fairly odd (and angry) couple, Daniel Bryan and Kane.

All that and more.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


CM Punk goes to a draw via double pin with John Cena, retaining the WWE Championship.

Sheamus defeats Alberto Del Rio to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Eve defeats Layla to become the WWE Divas Champion.

Randy Orton defeats Dolph Ziggler.

Antonio Cesaro defeats Zack Ryder to retain the WWE United States Championship.

Daniel Bryan and Kane defeat Kofi Kingston and R-Truth to become WWE Tag Team Champions.

The Miz defeats Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and Cody Rhodes to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Zack Ryder won a battle royal to become number one contender for the WWE United States Championship.

Nolan in.

Pre-show is live.

WWE United States Championship number one contender battle royal

Participants: Brodus Clay, Primo and Epico, Justin Gabriel, Tensai, Tyson Kidd, Michael McGillicutty, Zack Ryder, The Prime Time Players, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Ted DiBiase, Heath Slater, Santino Marella, JTG

Your final four end up being The Prime Time Players, Tensai, and Zack Ryder.

Young and Titus teaming up on Tensai. Now they go after Zack Ryder. Titus charges Ryder, but Ryder pulls down the rope. Young tries to throw Ryder over, but Tensai up ends Young and Ryder skins the cat.

Ryder up for a powerbomb on Tensai's shoulders, but he uses a headscissors takeover and holds on to the top, putting Tensai out.

Your winner is Zack Ryder.


Video package about the Punk/Cena buildup.

PPV is live.

Michael Cole brings us up to date on Jerry Lawler's health, telling us he would like to thank all of us for the support. He will be returning home to Memphis this week.

John Bradshaw Layfield takes his place at the booth.


WWE Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (c) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes

The Miz is out and he is upset about having to defend his title in a fatal four way match. He says he will being filing a formal complaint against Smackdown General Manager Booker T.

Match is underway.

Cody Rhodes pairs up with Sin Cara, while Miz gets Mysterio.

Mysterio and Sin Cara gain an advantage. Mysterio puts Miz outside with an assisted headscissors takeover from Sin Cara. In ring, Sin Cara being taken care of by Rhodes.

Rhodes and Miz now double-teaming Sin Cara. Sin Cara sends Miz outside with an armdrag. Cody tries to attack Rey, but Rey sends him outside with a headscissors takeover.

Rey and Sin Cara squaring off. They exchange leg kicks. High-flying offense being shared. Mysterio with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Nearfall broken up by Cody.

Cody taking care of Sin Cara with a front suplex. Miz drops Mysterio with a knee to the gut. Cody drops Sin Cara with a punch for a nearfall.

Cody and Miz now squaring off. Miz sends Cody off the ropes. Cody misses a Disaster Kick and attempts a backbreaker. He gets pushed out and Cody charges, but Cody is sent over the top with a back bodydrop.

Nearfalls exchanged in-ring between Mysterio on Miz and Sin Cara on Mysterio. The luchadors fight again, exchanging leg kicks once again. Mysterio whipped into the corner and Sin Cara charges, but he eats a drop toehold into the turnbuckle. Mysterio goes up top, but he eats an enzuigirl from Sin Cara.

Cody in and he cracks Sin Cara with a Disaster Kick for a nearfall.

Cody back to Mysterio on the top. Setting up for a superplex. Miz comes in and powerbombs Cody, who suplexed Rey.

Miz gets a nearfall on both men.

Miz and Rey now in the ring. Miz choking Mysterio with the ropes. Mysterio with leg kicks, but Miz boots him in the stomach and plants him with a DDT. Nearfall for Miz.

Mysterio slides out under Sin Cara on the apron. Sin Cara takes advantage of this with a missile dropkick to Miz, sending him outside. Miz eats a suicide dive from Sin Cara.

Other side of the ring and Rey sends Cody into the barricade with a headscissors. Seated senton from the apron.

Inside, Sin Cara gets a nearfall on Miz with a corkscrew crossbody from the apron. Mysterio hits a springboard moonsault on Miz for a nearfall himself.

All four men inside and Rhodes gets a facebuster on Mysterio for a nearfall. Sin Cara broke the pin.

Cody sent into the middle rope by Sin Cara for the 619. Miz ends up there, too. Rhodes ducks out of dodge before Mysterio hits, so he only gets Miz. Mysterio pulls the rope down as Cody charges. Flying headbutt from Mysterio gets a nearfall. Cody breaks it up.

Cody loses his cool and tries to unmask Sin Cara, costing him dearly.

Sin Cara attempting to mask Cody with his mask, but Miz hits a neckbreaker on Sin Cara. Going for a powerbomb, but Sin Cara masks Miz.

Sin Cara is taken out by Cody, but Cody is locked in a Skull-Crushing Finale by a blinded Miz.

Miz gets the pin and victory, retaining the Intercontinental Championship.


Eve backstage with The Prime Time Players, who are upset about not having a Tag Team Championship shot.

Eve has an emergency, as Kaitlyn has been taken out backstage. She hurt her leg, as someone came from behind with a mask and took her out.

Kaitlyn wants to compete, but Eve is not having it and helps walk Kaitlyn to the trainer's room.


Kane and Daniel Bryan's rise to being number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship is chronicled in a video package.


WWE Tag Team Championship: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (c) vs. Daniel Bryan and Kane

Technical difficulties on my television. Storm affecting my cable.

We're back and Kane has a nearfall on Truth. Chinlock in for Kane. Truth fights out, but he eats an uppercut and is cornered into the opposition's corner.

Bryan tagged in. He goes for the running dropkick in the corner, but he misses and Truth rolls outside. Kane helps his partner up. They start a shoving match, which culminates in Bryan pushing Kane's face.

Bryan wants nothing to happen between the two and wants to hug it out!


The two embrace and they get on the same page.

Bryan trying to keep Truth from tagging in, but Kofi gets in regardless.

Flying forearm and a dropkick. Kofi takes out Kane. Boom Drop hits. Kofi wants the Trouble in Paradise, but Kane drags Bryan out of the ring. Bryan gets mad at Kane, but Kofi capitalizes with a baseball slide. He then gets a flip dive on Bryan.

In the ring, Kofi going for a flying attack, but Bryan gets the "NO!" Lock! Truth breaks it up. Truth goes outside to deal with Kane, but lands on the floor after jumping over the top.

Kane tags himself in and is going up top. Kofi going up for a Frankensteiner, but Bryan holds Kane's leg on the outside, and Kofi falls flat.

Bryan sends Kane to the floor after pushing him off the top, but Kane flattens on top of Kofi. Pinfall and victory to Bryan and Kane.

The two pose, but then here comes the trouble. The two argue in-ring, screaming that each of them is the true Tag Team Champion.

Kane ends the argument by summoning the fire.


Backstage, Booker and Teddy ponder who should take the WWE Divas Championship match.

Eve comes up and Booker ends up giving Eve the shot as a favor for doing so well as an assistant.

Booker tells Teddy that he has to go take care of business.


WWE United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Zack Ryder

Cesaro's five language word is "unfair," describing this title match.

Match starts.

Lockup and Cesaro gets a takedown. He rubs Ryder's face in the mat. Ryder fights out and Cesaro is upset.

Cesaro side headlock. He is sent off into the ropes and shoulder blocks Ryder down. Stomp to Ryder. Rope running leads to Ryder getting a flapjack. Dropkick for a nearfall from Ryder.

Cesaro back in control. Stomps to Ryder and he locks in a chinlock. Ryder gets out and goes off the ropes, but is flatlined with a clothesline for a nearfall.

Cesaro with the Karelin lift suplex for a nearfall. Cesaro choking Ryder on the second rope. Cesaro with a double foot stomp to Ryder. And another. He gets a nearfall out of it. Cesaro with a snap suplex and he gets another nearfall.

Cesaro locking in the neck crank and Ryder cracks out with punches to the stomach. The men exchange strikes. Ryder goes off the ropes and he is sent into the air, coming down on a European uppercut. Nearfall. Ryder being stomped on.

Cesaro locks in a neckbreaker submission, stretching Ryder's neck across his shoulder. Ryder fights out and gets a facebuster. Ryder drops Cesaro with a lariat. Nearfall for Ryder. Ryder going up top and he hits a missile dropkick for a nearfall.

Cesaro fights out and gets a suplex, but Ryder stops it with a neckbreaker for a nearfall.

Cesaro moves to the apron. He slams Ryder's head into the top turnbuckle. Cesaro goes up top, but Ryder crotches him. Hurricanrana sends Cesaro to the floor and he crawls to the corner.

Broski Boot time. Aksana saves Cesaro's butt by dragging him outside. Cesaro runs back in-ring and Ryder takes chase, only to eat a stiff European uppercut.

Cesaro with the Gotch Neutralizer. Pinfall and victory for Cesaro, retaining his title.


Otunga chatting with Alberto Del Rio.

Ricardo Rodriguez comes in with his neck brace off. Otunga is shocked and upset, but Ricardo says he is feeling better. Otunga says he needs to keep it on for the case.

Alberto Del Rio and Otunga call him stupid and walk off.

Ricardo straps it back on.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton

Lockup and a stalemate with a lot of reversals. Ziggler gets the side headlock. Shoulder block from Ziggler. Rope running and Ziggler stops himself on the ropes, strutting and taunting.

Lockup against and Orton with the side headlock. Shoulder block from Orton. The same duck-under and leapfrog leads to Orton dropping Ziggler with a clothesline.

Orton working the body of Ziggler with stomps. He drops Ziggler with an uppercut. Dropkick from Ziggler stifles this and Zigs gets a nearfall.

Ziggler chokes Orton with his boot in the corner. Orton sends Ziggler into the ropes, but his back bodydrop is stopped with a kick to the face. Nearfall for Ziggler. Ziggler working strikes to a seated Orton. Ziggler brings him up and elbows the back of Orton's head.

Ziggler looking for a suplex, but Orton gets a slingshot suplex. Nearfall for Orton. Ziggler tries a haymaker, but Orton ducks under for his signature backbreaker. Two clotheslines and a powerslam from Orton.

Ziggler to the apron. We know what is next.

Orton sets him up, but Ziggler rolls in and gets a nearfall. Ziggler trying to set up a monkey flip, but Orton holds and slams with a powerbomb. Nearfall for Orton.

Randy puts Ziggler to the top and he wants to superplex Ziggler. Ziggler punches his way out and Orton falls to the mat. Missile dropkick to Randy. Ziggler nearfall.

Orton and Ziggler exchanging strikes once they both get up. Ziggler goes off the ropes with a axehandle that hangs Orton on the top rope. Ziggler leaps over the top and brings Orton's neck down on the rope, hangman's neckbreaker. Nearfall.

Ziggler stomping Orton and playing to the crowd. Elbow drop after elbow drop. The final jumping elbow drop for a nearfall. Ziggler now locking in the sleeper.

Ziggler doing the handstand, then turns it into a front chancery as he bridges.

Orton struggling as the crowd is split between the two wrestlers.

Orton fights out and gets a side suplex. Both men slow to get up.

Orton charges at Ziggler, only to eat an elbow. Clothesline drops Orton. Nearfall once again for Ziggler. Ziggler still locking in the sleeper. Orton fights out and gets a headbutt. Strikes from Orton. Orton knocks him down the dropkick. Orton walking towards Ziggler, but Ziggler with the jumping DDT that plants Orton. Another nearfall!

Ziggler going up top, but Orton gets up and crotches Ziggler. Orton unloading with right hands. Orton goes up top for the superplex. He converts! Orton crawls into a cover, but Ziggler once again kicks out.

Excellent outing between these two.

Orton up and gets the uppercut. Ziggler gets the right hand, but Orton gets it into a brawl. These man exchanging punches, headbutts, body blows, everything but the kitchen sink here, folks. Ziggler gets the advantage and runs off the ropes, but Orton drops him. Orton with strikes and going for his powerslam. Ziggler locks the ropes, then charges at Orton.


Cover! Only another nearfall!

Ziggler gets up and tries to lock in another sleeper. Orton dumps him to the apron and goes for the rope-assisted DDT. Ziggler escapes to the arena floor and drags Orton to the outside.

Orton sending Ziggler into the barricade hard. Orton puts Ziggler on the barricade and setting up his signature DDT. Ziggler gets planted on the arena floor.

Orton carries Ziggler back to the ring with only a few seconds left in the count. Orton with the cover, but Ziggler gets the right foot on the rope.

Orton now stalking and I think the Viper is ready to coil. That he does.

Orton goes for the RKO, but Ziggler slips out into the rollup for a nearfall. Ziggler now trying to get in the sleeper. Orton escapes and Ziggler goes off the ropes.

Orton presses him into the air and Ziggler comes down into an RKO!

Orton pin. Orton victory. Randy Orton takes home the win.

What a match.


WWE Divas Championship: Layla (c) vs. Eve

Lockup and Layla with a rollup for a nearfall. Another lockup and Eve with a side headlock. Headlock takeover for Eve. Layla counters into a headscissors choke.

Arm drag from Layla. The two stare each other down and feel each other out. Eve grabs a wristlock. Layla with a wristlock. The two exchange back and forth until Layla grabs the side headlock. Layla into the ropes and a shoulder block.

The two exchange unique rollups for nearfalls.

Layla with a dropkick to a downed Eve.

Eve looks hurt, but extends a hand to Layla. She then uses that to kick Layla in the stomach. Layla sent to the outside. She whips Layla to the floor by her hair and sends her into the apron numerous times.

Eve working the ribs back in-ring. Boots to the ribs and strikes to Layla's ribs. Eve choking Layla on the second rope. Rear naked choke from Eve as she sits atop the corner. She shoves Layla to the floor for a nearfall.

Layla gets caught in a body triangle from Eve. Now Eve turns it into a reverse triangle choke. Rolls over on all fours and slams Layla's face to the mat. And again. Layla gets a rope break and Layla with a DDT. Running dropkick to Eve. Clothesline and a facebuster from Layla.

Layla going for her signature springboard crossbody, but nothing doing. Eve hits a swinging neckbreaker.

We have a new champ. Eve Torres, folks.


Daniel Bryan going around backstage screaming, "I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!" He shouts it in AJ's face, then in Dr. Shelby's.

Dr. Shelby says he knows who Daniel is.

Kane comes in saying the same.

AJ stops the two bickering, saying that she has worked so hard to bring the two together and they can't be happy for each other.

Dr. Shelby asks Daniel if he has anything to say to Kane, to which he congratulates Kane. Dr. Shelby asks the same of Kane, who just walks off. Daniel is mad, saying that this is why he is the "Tag Team Champion."

And Bryan gets a Gatorade shower. Dr. Shelby and AJ get caught in the crossfire of the drink, too.


The soaked group is upset and wet.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Booker T out. He has a decision on the Brogue Kick.

It is legal.

ADR mad at Otunga and pulls him to the apron, but Otunga eats a Brogue Kick.

ADR almost eats a Brogue Kick himself, but he leaves the ring.

Back in-ring and Sheamus bullying ADR in the corner with punches. ADR securing a Thai clinch, but Sheamus ends up whipped into the corner. Sheamus comes out with the swinging neckbreaker.

ADR in control with strikes now, stomping on Sheamus. Sheamus out to the apron and ADR running, but he goes through the ropes. Battering ram from the apron by Sheamus.

We go back in-ring and both men go to the top. Del Rio gets control and tosses Sheamus from the steel steps into the announce table. Del Rio working Sheamus and brings it back inside for a nearfall.

Del Rio now working the Crippler Crossface. Both men up and Sheamus going with strikes. Del Rio gets a kick to the arm and drops Sheamus. He stomps on Sheamus for a nearfall.

ADR sends Sheamus into the ring post. He stretches his arm and then kicks it against the post. ADR going up top and he gets double chops to the head of Sheamus. ADR working an armlock.. Sheamus fights out and sends ADR into the corner. Charges at ADR, but ADR gives him an elbow.

ADR with the Cross Armbreaker while Sheamus' arm is draped over the ropes. ADR going up top once again. He eats an axehandle from Sheamus and both men down.

Both men up and Sheamus with clotheslines. Sheamus with a shoulder to the gut in the corner. ADR fights out a bit, but Sheamus counters that with a high knee. Bodyslam for a nearfall.

Fight out on the apron leads to ADR going face-first into the post. Sheamus now draping ADR over the ring post and lands the ten forearms to the chest.

Back inside and ADR counters out of White Noise with a Backstabber. Nearfall. Del Rio stomps Sheamus.

Del Rio wants the Cross Armbreaker, but Sheamus counters with White Noise.

Brogue Kick time, but ADR ducks under. ADR counters with an enzuigiri in the corner. Nearfall for ADR. Stomps to Sheamus. ADR holding Sheamus' face and talking smack, but ADR drops Sheamus with a kick to the arm.

ADR going for the Cross Armbreaker after ducking a Brogue Kick. Sheamus counters and tries to get a Texas Cloverleaf. ADR fights out. Sheamus charges at ADR, but he goes to the apron and his arm is trapped in the ropes. ADR with kicks to the arm.

Back in-ring and ADR gets an armbreaker. Cross Armbreaker in. Sheamus struggling. He picks up ADR and slams him on his head. Both men down.

Sheamus up and Brogue Kick attempt fails. ADR ducks under and he gets the Cross Armbreaker once again. Sheamus fighting for the ropes. He is able to put his foot underneath the bottom rope and it breaks the hold.

Del Rio going for the enzuigiri in the corner, but Sheamus ducks out. Brogue Kick hits!

Sheamus with the pin and victory.


WWE Championship: CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena

Paul Heyman out.

He says he is here to witness history from ringside, as he'll be here to pay respect to the title and the champion. He says Punk has extraordinary character and that he respects the man who calls himself a "Paul Heyman guy."

Both men out and Punk spends a few long minutes posing with his belt.

Lockup and a stalemate. Cena wants a double leg, but he eventually gets the headlock takeover. Punk counters with headscissors choke.

Back to the feeling out process. Punk flicking out leg kicks. Lockup again and Punk gets the side headlock. Punk sent off into the ropes, but he stops himself. Cena gets a front headlock and a fisherman's suplex. Cena has the back of Punk and Punk getting up. Punk drops Cena with a elbow.

Punk unloading with strikes against the ropes. Punk with a headlock takeover. Punk holding a headlock on the ground. Cena sends Punk into the ropes and gets a back bodydrop. He charges at a cornered Punk, but Punk ducks and Cena goes into the turnbuckle. Nearfall for Punk.

Elbows from Punk. Punk whips Cena hard into the corner. He goes to the corner and poses up top. Cena with an electric chair, but Punk falls out and plants Cena with a DDT for a nearfall.

Punk with elbows on the ground. Nearfall. Punk with the sleeper in on Cena. Cena turns out of it, but Punk has a Thai clinch. He sends Punk into the ropes and gets a shoulder block. Rope running leads to a drop toehold. Punk has a bridging STF. Cena trying to turn out.

Cena goes outside, as his leg is jacked up.

Punk stalking and he gets a suicide dive on Cena. Punk staring at John Cena's dad and smiling. Punk brings Cena back in the ring.

Cena takes advantage of Punk posing to the fans and hits a baseball slide. Cena puts Punk on the barricade and hits a fisherman's suplex.

Back in-ring and Cena goes for the AA. Punk out and drops Cena with a head kick.

Punk locks in the Camel Clutch. He is attempting to humble Cena here. Cena gets up, but Punk drops elbows to the back of the neck. Elbow to the forehead of Cena. Jab from Punk drops Cena. He goes off the ropes and drops Cena with a right. Nearfall.

Punk going up top and drops down with a double axehandle on Cena. Punk going for the GTS, but Cena fights out of it and Cena taking control. Cena with the side suplex, but Punk turns into it for a nearfall. Punk with clotheslines and punches, but Cena sends Punk into the ropes and hits a huge clothesline.

Five Knuckle Shuffle.

No, Punk gets the boot up and Cena falls on it. Swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall for Punk. Punk going for a crossbody, but Cena rolls through and has Punk up on his shoulders. Punk grabs the ropes and goes to the outside.

Cena follows with a suicide dive to the outside.

Back inside and Cena with the side slam and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. No, Punk flips him and has the Anaconda Vise. Cena gets out. STF in!

Punk out and he gets the Crippler Crossface in. Punk gets picked up and is on the wrong end of a sidewalk slam.

Cena with a right, Punk with a right. They exchange strikes. Cena gets the advantage and goes off the ropes, but he eats a dropkick.

Cena in the corner and he eats a flying knee. Punk goes up top for the elbow drop. Punk wants the GTS. Cena up and down, but Cena counters into the STF! Punk flailing. Punk crawling towards the ropes and he gets them.

Cena charges at Punk, but Punk gets him up for a GTS. Cena eats it. Pin, but only a nearfall!

Punk unloading with stomps and kicks. Punk picking up Cena and a kick to the stomach. Clothesline from Punk gets a nearfall. Punk slaps Cena in the face and goes for the GTS. Cena out and sets up for the AA. Punk out. Cena gets him up again and hits it.

Pin, but Punk gets the shoulder up!

Punk rolls to the outside.

Cena brings Punk in and goes for the leg drop from the top. He misses. Punk with a head kick. Pin, nearfall!

Cena picked up and they exchange strikes. Punk hits a spinning backfist and a knee lift to the face. Punk gets a nearfall out of it. He drags Cena to the middle of the ring. Punk going up top. Punk going for a moonsault, but Cena barely rolls out.

The two down and Cena picks Punk up for the AA. Punk counters into the GTS! Cover! NO, nearfall once again!

Punk stalking Cena. He wants Cena up. Punk hits the Rock Bottom! Cover, pin, nothing. Nearfall!

Both men up. Cena picks Punk up for the AA. Cover! Nearfall again.

Wow, this is electric, folks.

Cena puts Punk up on the top rope. Punk elbows him.

Cena goes up top again. GERMAN SUPLEX!



Referee wants Cena right now.

Ref takes the title and hands it to Punk.

Both men's shoulders were down! It is a draw!

Oh, man.

Cena talking to the ref, turns around, and Punk clocks him with the title belt. Punk and Heyman both scurry out.

Punk poses at the top of the ramp and Cena is down in the ring.

Fade to black.


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