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WWE Saturday Morning Slam results and reactions from this morning (Sept. 15): Around the world in 30 minutes

This morning (Sept. 15), WWE Saturday Morning Slam came back into our lives. We were given a tag team clash between WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth and perennial contenders Primo and Epico.

Let's get right down to the skinny:

  • I missed a few minutes there at the beginning, but when I turned on the program, a profile was being done on Justin Gabriel. It talked about how he got into professional wrestling and life in his home country of South Africa. Interesting little bit, as I enjoy learning more about these midcard guys, even if the stories vary in terms of kayfabe.
  • The next segment was "Around the World in 40 Superstars." The likes of Iron Sheik, Kamala, Antonio Cesaro, Yoshi Tatsu, and the various superstars from Parts Unknown were featured. Pretty nice little recap with a bit of a history lesson for the children.
  • Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Primo and Epico. Standard match between the two teams, while Santino Marella sat on commentary with Josh Mathews. There was comedy to go around, with all four men stopping in the ring to talk to Little Jimmy. The referee even spoke to Little Jimmy. Nothing extremely fun to the older crowd, but still worth a smile and the ol' once-over.
  • There were some highlights of WWE's recent tour of the Far East. Fans were very passionate and it seems like a fun time was had by all. It is fun to see WWE in these different environments.
  • Next week, the historic Intercontinental Championship will be recapped. Looking forward to that.
  • The show closed with United States Champion Antonio Cesaro speaking in five languages. He taught the kids how to say "welcome back to school" in five languages. This guy is excellent, folks.

As always, the show gets a recommendation from me. At 30 minutes, it is worth a brief skim to brighten your morning or a viewing with the little ones in your family.

Any of you Cagesiders watch this morning's show after putting some milk in your cereal?

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