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Precap to the September 14, 2012 episode of WWE SmackDown or, the one before ‘Night of Champions’

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Sheamus! Del Rio! Ricardo! Otunga! Banned! World Heavyweight Championship!

On last week's (Sept. 7) edition of WWE SmackDown Sheamus' one-hit kill finisher, the Brogue Kick, was temporarily banned.

Alberto Del Rio hired David Otunga as his legal representation, and the Harvard graduate is working tirelessly to have the move declared permanently illegal. He has witnesses and testimonials, as well as X-Rays to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the move is above and beyond what is acceptable in a WWE ring. Del Rio and Otunga even plan on bringing out a "surprise witness" tonight to help convince Booker T that the Brogue Kick should be permanently banned.

Booker T, always looking out for his employees, is actually conducting an ongoing, independent investigation of his own as to whether the Brogue Kick is an exceptionally dangerous move or not. Until said investigation is finished though, Sheamus will be stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship if he even thinks of raising his foot above his opponents' shoulders.

On one hand; this is a good addition to the Sheamus - Del Rio feud, as it adds another dimension to "The Mexican Aristocrat's" character. Otunga is able to work wonders as a lawyer for hire. Ricardo Rodriguez gets a chance to ham it up as the poor, injured victim (who we all know is going to throw off his neck brace at some point and show he was faking it the entire time). Sheamus also has a legitimate reason for adding a new submission to his arsenal.

It has always bothered me how and why pro wrestlers choose their finishers because it is something that never gets explained, so I'll give WWE credit this time for putting some thought into this one.

On the other hand; we get moments like the one where Sheamus was in a deposition spouting out nonsense like this.

While it is unlikely that the move will be outlawed, this has been a good angle overall. With Night of Champions only two days away, lets see how far WWE Creative is planning on taking it.

The rest of the show after the jump.

Remember when WWE could run multiple angles in a two-hour show, consistently updating storylines with fresh twists and turns? Because I'm not too sure they remember a time like that. So let's just jump to the bullet points.

The Rest of the Show! Bullet Points!

  • Layla is still the Divas Champion, Kaitlyn is still green and Eve Torres is still trying to steal the show.
  • Dolph Ziggler is still showing off, Vickie Guerrero is still being excused and Randy Orton is still over like my chances with Blake Lively.
  • The Miz is still the Intercontinental Champion, Sin Cara is still a botch machine, Rey Mysterio is still popular and Cody Rhodes is still pissing someone off backstage as he toils in the undercard.
  • Antonio Cesaro is still foreign, Aksana is still hot and a random battle royal is still the dumbest way to choose a number one contender.
  • Damien Sandow is still our savior.

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