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WWE Smackdown results and live blog for Sept. 14: The Night of Champions go home show

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08:  The Celtic Warrior Sheamus during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.  (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08: The Celtic Warrior Sheamus during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa. (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
Getty Images

WWE Smackdown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Fri., Sept. 14, 2012) from Ottawa, featuring a taped show on SyFy that represents the final television show before the Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV) this Sunday night in Boston, MA.

This is an interesting Smackdown because it was taped on Tuesday, just one day after Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack on Raw the night before. While good news slowly but surely has been rolling in, when they taped this show not much was known on what the future would hold for the beloved color commentator.

That led to a fairly tame show, by all reports. That's not to spoil anything but don't expect everyone to be at their absolute best with such a dark and heavy cloud hanging over their heads.

If you don't want to wait until tonight, you can click here to read full spoilers.

Remember, the show starts 8 p.m. ET on SyFy so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Smackdown live blog after the jump.


Nolan here.

Broadcast is live.

Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga, and Ricardo Rodriguez await us in ring. Otunga and Rodriguez are rocking the neck braces.

Del Rio has the mic and gives Smackdown GM Booker T credit for banning the Brogue Kick before, during, and after a match. Del Rio says he can't tell us how his dear friend Ricardo feels right now, so he hands him the mic.

Ricardo thanks ADR. He thanks everyone around the world for the support, especially his mom and his little chihuahua Pico.

Oh, it is funny because he is from Mexico, right? You slay me, WWE.

Ricardo starts babbling incoherently and Otunga takes the mic.

He thanks Ricardo and says he would like to talk about the irresponsible actions of Raw GM AJ Lee. He says that he doesn't think AJ understands that he is an officer of the court and that Sheamus is a brutal hooligan. He says only an unbalanced individual would make a match like that and because of her, his vertebrae right between the C4 and the C5 is ruptured. Not to worry, Otunga says he will recover handsomely.

ADR says that his cohorts aren't the only ones suffering from this brutal Brogue Kick. He directs us to the Titantron, where a clip of Sheamus Brogue Kicking Christian at last year's Night of Champions is played. ADR then welcomes, via satellite, Christian.

Christian has a sling around his arm and implores ADR to get this over with. Otunga says that Christian just had shoulder surgery, but he hasn't competed at 100% in a long time. He cites the Brogue Kick as the reason.

Christian cuts Otunga off and tells him that he is one of the toughest guys there is. He tells ADR he doesn't like him and calls him a weasel. He says that he hopes Sheamus beats him on Sunday. He says that he isn't doing this for ADR or himself, but the guys in the back afraid to stand up for themselves. He tells about his championship dreams and how the Brogue Kick derailed them, costing him a year of his career. He says he doesn't like saying this because he respects Sheamus, but he believes the Brogue Kick should be banned.

It seems like he has more to say, but Otunga cuts him off and the Titantron goes back to the Smackdown logo. ADR says that it proves the Brogue Kick is dangerous and that Booker made the right decision. He says he will be taking the title away from that peasant at Night of Champions.

A wild Daniel Bryan appears.

"NO! NO! N...please, I just came out here to say 'thank you!' Please don't say 'YES!'"

Daniel comes out to thank the trio for bringing this case to light. He says he has been a victim of the Brogue Kick. He states how Otunga said he'd recover handsomely, but notes that people say that he has a goat face.


Bryan also thanks Booker T for granting him a Wrestlemania rematch against Sheamus tonight. He states how embarrassing that moment was, citing how Sheamus used that illegal maneuver to defeat him in 18 seconds.

The trio all pat Bryan on the shoulder, consoling him.

Bryan says that he "asked for this rematch," only to bet cut off by a "GOAT FACE!" chant. He tells the crowd to shut up and says that he asked for this rematch to prove that Sheamus only won because he caught him by surprise.

Sheamus enters.

"Hey Goat Face!"

He asks Bryan if he thinks he would have won had the Brogue Kick not caught him by surprise. He tells how much of a surprise when everyone found out his Aunt Marie had an Adam's apple and a set of onions, making her his uncle.


He says that Bryan didn't lose because of the Brogue Kick. He says after he defeats Bryan and ADR, they'll know that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Otunga wants to have some words with Sheamus on the apron, but Sheamus grabs him by the neck brace and gives him a hangman's neckbreaker. Sheamus walks off with the neck brace, giving it to a lucky little kid in the front row.


Sin Cara going up against The Miz next.


Sin Cara vs. The Miz

Test of strength wanted by Miz, but he just boots Cara in the gut. Stomps to a downed Cara. Unloading a few punches, then some more stomps. Miz gets a suplex and gets a nearfall out of it. Stomps again by Miz.

Sin Cara sent off the ropes and ducks under a Miz clothesline, landing a headscissors takeover that sends Miz outside. Sin Cara goes for a suicide dive, but Miz cracks him with a left hand before he can dive between the ropes.

Miz looking in control as we go to break.

We're back and Miz has a nearfall.

Miz with the chinlock in on Sin Cara. Sin Cara trying to unlock the hands of Miz. Elbows Miz's gut to get out and goes off the ropes, only to eat a running knee to the stomach. Miz mounts Cara and unloads some punches to the face. Miz working Sin Cara over in the corner. He lands his signature seated clothesline in the corner. Miz going up top for the double axhandle and gets a nearfall.

Miz now working the sleeper hold and Sin Cara trying to work his way out. Elbows to the stomach and Sin Cara gets out. He goes off the ropes and Miz tries to counter with his running knee, but Cara gets a rollup for a nearfall.

Miz stifles with a neckbreaker over his knee, then a more conventional neckbreaker. Nearfall for Miz. He taunts the fans a little and throws Sin Cara into the corner. Mocking the fans a bit more, he goes for his signature seated clothesline again. Sin Cara moves and Miz crotches himself on the second turnbuckle.

Both men down and the ref starts a count.

Sin Cara with a triad of leg kicks and he goes off into the ropes. He attempts his handspring back elbow, but Miz goes off the ropes looking for a big boot. Sin Cara ducks under and hits a springboard headscissors takeover in a nice sequence. Cara charges at a cornered Miz, but he ends up floating over to the ring apron. Enzuigiri from over the top rope by Cara.

Sin Cara inside and looking for a kick, but Miz turns him around and has him set for the Skull-Crushing Finale. Sin Cara elbows his way out. He goes for a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but it looks like it was botched. He holds an armbar and turns it into a rollup.

Sin Cara with the pinfall and victory.


Randy Orton will take on Tensai tonight, while Sheamus will take on Daniel Bryan.


Matt Striker with The Miz. He details his struggles with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio, while also noting Cody Rhodes embarrassed him on Raw. He is scheduled to face an unknown opponent in an Intercontinental Title match Sunday at Night of Champions. He asks for a comment.

Miz asks if that was Striker's big question.

Cody Rhodes is here and Miz tells Striker to ask him why he attacked him from behind on Raw.

Rhodes tells Striker to tell Miz that, among all that chaos, he needed to make a statement that he wants his Intercontinental Title back. Rhodes asks if anyone associates anyone else with that title but him. Miz asks about the person actually wearing it.

Rey Mysterio appears.

He says he pinned Miz last week in that tag match, so he deserves a shot.

Sin Cara appears.

He simply points at the Intercontinental Championship. Cody notes that he doesn't get anything by pointing.

Miz points out that he would have beaten all of them had his title been on the line.

Guess who is here, playa playa playa?

Teddy Long sets up a Fatal Four Way match, courtesy of Booker T.


Recap of how the new number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships at Night of Champions, Kane and Daniel Bryan, ended up teaming up.


Kane is backstage with Dr. Shelby. He is squeezing a stress ball in his right hand.

Daniel Bryan enters and tells Kane he is doing it wrong, citing that it is to be done with the left hand. He asks to talk about Monday night, saying Kane did that wrong, too. Kane said he'll do whatever it takes to be the next tag team champion. Bryan says he'll do whatever it takes to be the next tag team champion. The two bicker over that.

Dr. Shelby steps in and says he sees that both have balls. They both look at their stress balls. Dr. Shelby said he gave them both balls because, when they squeeze them, it helps them feel better.


He says for them to squeeze the balls to help them feel better.

Kane and D-Bry look like they are trying not to lose it.

They both squeeze, until Kane holds his ball in Bryan's face.

"Mine's bigger than yours."

Bryan looks at his and wonders if it is.


Kofi Kingston vs. Kane

Kane attempts a lockup, but Kofi ducks under and follows with leg kicks. He hits a jumping forearm. He goes off the ropes once again, but Kane throws him into the top rope. Kofi maintains balance and hits Kane with a dropkick. Kofi once again goes off the ropes and charges, but gets dropped with an uppercut.

Kane working Kofi in the corner with punches until he drops. Snapmare and Kane off the ropes with a running dropkick. Nearfall. Kane puts Kofi in the corner and whips him to the opposite one. Clothesline follows. A repeat of that process and Kane picks Kofi up for a slam of some sort. Kofi doesn't allow it and reverses it into a DDT.

Both men down.

Kofi up first and goes for the Trouble in Paradise, but Kane catches him for a chokeslam. Kofi gets out and runs to the corner, hitting his enzuigiri between the ropes. Kofi going up top and comes down...

Right into a chokeslam.

Kane with the pinfall and victory.

Dr. Shelby comes out and stands near the stage entrance, giving Kane a perplexed look. Kane reenters the ring and picks Kofi up by the throat. Dr. Shelby looking on and gives Kane a look. Kane takes that and embraces Kofi in the middle of the ring.

Kofi looks terrified.

Dr. Shelby applauds his patient as the two head backstage.


Matt Striker with Randy Orton. He asks Randy why he'd ask for Tensai tonight if he has to face Dolph Ziggler Sunday.

Randy says why not? He wanted a good ol' fashioned brawl, since both men weren't busy tonight.

Striker asks about the matchup with Ziggler.

Randy states that maybe Ziggler would cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase after the World Heavyweight Championship match and become champion. If he did that, he would face Ziggler and defeat him later in the night, becoming World Heavyweight Champion himself. Then again, maybe he just doesn't like Ziggler and wants to tear him a new one on Sunday.


Randy Orton vs. Tensai

The two lockup and Tensai works Orton into the corner. Kick to the gut by Tensai off the break. Punches from Tensai and he whips Orton into the opposite corner. Orton trying to bounce out with his trademark clothesline, but Tensai blocks it. Orton then lands a spinning back elbow and follows with punches.

Orton tries to knock Tensai down with a dropkick, but Tensai swats him away. Tensai fails on an elbow drop. Orton with a knee drop on the face. Tensai grabs Orton's throat, but Orton fights out and lands two more knee drops.

Tensai stops all this with an uppercut once both men are back on their feet.

Tensai picks Orton up and rams his head into the turnbuckle. A few elbows are followed a boot to the gut. Forearms from Tensai. Orton fights back with a kick to the stomach and forearms. Tensai stifles this and puts Orton into the corner, landing a few headbutts. He turns Orton around and headbutts the back of Orton's head, dropping him.

Tensai measuring Orton up, but Orton ducks under and unloads punches. Clothesline in the corner by Orton. And another. Orton goes off the ropes, but Tensai runs him down with a huge shoulder block.

Orton moves to the outside and Tensai follows to throw Orton back in the ring. Tensai eats a punch while on the apron. Orton turns him around and starts uppercutting the back of the head. Dropkick to the back of Tensai sends him into the barricade.

Tensai down and out on the arena floor as we go to commercial.

Back and Tensai splashs Orton into the corner. He goes for the Vader Bomband hits it. Nearfall.

Commercial break action shows Tensai ramming Orton into the ring post back-first.

Tensai drops Orton with a punch back inside. Tensai with a claw to the shoulder of Orton, working a nervehold. Orton kneeing the thigh of Tensai, but Tensai locks in two nerveholds now. Orton fights out and the men exchange strikes. Tensai off the ropes and he eats a powerslam from Orton.

Tensai creeps to the apron. Orton lands quite a few strikes to soften him up and lands his rope-assisted DDT. Orton punishing Tensai with stomps all over his body. Sakamoto climbs to the apron, only to have Orton punch him off.

Viper is coiled.

RKO is pushed off and Tensai gets the Baldo Bomb. Looking for the back splash, but Orton rolls away. Orton up.

RKO hits.

Pin and victory to Randy Orton.


Vickie arrives and tells Randy that Dolph Ziggler didn't appreciate the comments Orton made. She says Ziggler would have been here tonight, but Vickie advised he take the night off. She tells Orton that he will never be a champion again.

Orton says that he hears her loud and clear, but her talking to him while he is in-ring with his back turned can only mean one thing. He turns around as Ziggler is trying to slide in-ring. Ziggler scurries away from Orton.

Orton stares down as Ziggler and Vickie make their way backstage.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd

Antonio Cesaro is appalled that a battle royal will determined who he will face at Night of Champions.

Thus, his five-language word of the week is "outraged."

Kidd has the mic and says that he will put it to Cesaro in plain Canadian. After Sunday, he'll be a former United States Champion, "eh?"

Cesaro drops Kidd with a European uppercut. He tosses Kidd out of the ring.

He asks if anyone else has anything for him. Nobody obliges, so he says that is what he thought.

Until Brodus Clay hits the ring.

Cesaro tries to downplay everything and tries to exit the ring. He eats an enzuigiri from Kidd, followed by a headbutt from Brodus Clay. Clay hits the splash afterwards and Cesaro rolls out of the ring. Kidd and Clay dance and celebrate as Cesaro is left with Aksana to lick his wounds.


Wade Barrett here and he has a mic.

He says that he declared last week that he was open for business. He says it appears everyone was too scared or too stupid to listen. He says next week, someone will be getting a sample and business will be booming.

And that's it.


Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix

Lockup and Beth gets a side headlock. Beth almost whipped off, but she relocks the side headlock. Kaitlyn tries to fight out, but eats a knee to the ribs. Phoenix gets a backslide nearfall.

Kaitlyn with a kick to Phoenix's stomach. Uppercut from Kaitlyn. Beth shoves Kaitlyn back. Beth back bodydrops Kaitlyn to the apron, but Kaitlyn shoulder blocks Beth in the stomach. Rollup inside for a nearfall.

Double leg from Kaitlyn and she rolls through for another nearfall.

Layla is showing watching backstage as Beth secures a front headlock.

Beth Phoenix with a backbreaker submission, but Kaitlyn gets out and hits a shoulder block. Kaitlyn gets the back, but Beth runs her into the top rope face-first. Phoenix with a kick to the stomach and whips Kaitlyn to the mat by her hair. Scraping Kaitlyn's face on the mat and a nearfall.

Chinlock for Phoenix. Kaitlyn fights out with strikes to the body. Phoenix slams Kaitlyn's face into the turnbuckle. Strikes in the corner. Beth charges at Kaitlyn, but takes a leg kick. Kaitlyn goes up top, but Phoenix yanks her down to the mat.

Beth looking for a Glam Slam here. Kaitlyn counters out and hits an inverted DDT.

Cover and pin. Kaitlyn is your winner.


Raw Rebound recaps what went down between Bret Hart, John Cena, and CM Punk Monday night.


Eve backstage with Booker T, telling Booker that she thinks Booker is handling the Brogue Kick situation well.

Teddy Long comes in and echos that sentiment. Booker tells him to give him some, and they can't seem to exchange the fist bump or hand shake.

Eve laughs and tells Booker they have stuff to look over before Sunday.


Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

Lockup and Bryan gets the wrist lock. Sheamus gets one of his own and goes into a side headlock. Sheamus with a shoulder block.

Rodriguez, Otunga, and Del Rio watch from backstage.

Side headlock once again for Sheamus and he again gets a shoulder block. Rope running and Sheamus catches Bryan attempting to leapfrog. Rolling fireman's carry slam from Sheamus. Nearfall.

Sheamus working Daniel Bryan in the corner. He sends Bryan off into the ropes and sets up a back bodydrop, only to catch a boot to the face. Bryan charges at him, but eats a shoulder block. Sheamus clotheslines Bryan over the top rope an d to the outside. Sheamus moves to the apron and attempts to kick Bryan, but Bryan catches the kick and whips it backwards. Sheamus bounces off the apron. Bryan with a running dropkick on the outside.

Action moves back inside and Bryan gets a running dropkick on a cornered Sheamus. He gets a nearfall. Armbreaker by Bryan. Kick to the ribs of Sheamus. "NO!" kick to the chest of Sheamus, but Sheamus fights out with punches to the stomach. Bryan drops him with a headbutt.

Bryan with another armbreaker and he moves into a hammerlock. Sheamus fights out with elbows to the face of Bryan. Sheamus off the ropes, but Bryan hits a knee lift to the stomach. Bryan runs at a cornered Sheamus for a dropkick, but misses. Sheamus skins the cat to get up top and hits a battering ram on Bryan.

Both men down. Sheamus up and dropping Bryan with the double axhandles. The two exchange some offense and Sheamus lands an Irish Curse backbreaker to win the exchange. Nearfall.

Bryan out on the apron and a shoulder block to the stomach of Sheamus. Sheamus reverses it and lands the ten clubbing forearms to the chest of Bryan. Sheamus runs at Bryan on the apron, but Bryan is able to get the rollup. Nearfall. Sheamus is the victim of a drop toehold to the second turnbuckle. Bryan kicks the second rope. Sheamus kneeling and Bryan drops him with a head kick. Bryan only gets a nearfall.

Bryan shaking his head and losing control here. Bryan with the Thai kicks to the chest. Goes for the final one, but Sheamus catches him and muscles him into the corner. Bryan counters with an elbow. Sheamus tries to catch a slam, but Bryan locks in the guillotine choke.

Sheamus' pale face going a bit crimson here. Sheamus flips Bryan over, but Bryan rolls up Sheamus for a nearfall. Sheamus charges at Bryan and Bryan almost locks in the "NO!" lock. Bryan sent off into the ropes and eats an Irish Curse.

Texas Cloverleaf in. Bryan inching closer and closer to the bottom rope.

Sheamus pulls him back to the middle and Bryan is forced to tap. Sheamus is your winner.

Sheamus poses as we go to black.


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