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Jerry Lawler update: 'The King' thanks WWE Universe via TOUT

TOUT via <a href="">@Lauryn911</a>
TOUT via @Lauryn911

Jerry "The King" Lawler reaches out to his fans via TOUT, live from his bedside in Montreal.

In the brief video he makes it a point to acknowledge the entire WWE Universe, thanking us all for our well wishes, while letting us see for ourselves just how quickly his condition is improving and how tremendous he looks only a few days after being revived from a massive heart attack live on the air on this week's WWE Monday Night Raw (Sept. 10).

Lauryn McBride, Lawler's girlfriend, had this to add:

"Hey guys! Jerry's girlfriend, Lauryn here! Jerry wanted to send a special thank you to all of you in the WWE Universe!!"

For those of you who may not be able to play the TOUT video in your country; although "The King" references being hooked up to monitors via electrodes and wires, Jerry is standing up in his hospital room by his bedside, looking good (as seen in the picture above).

With enthusiasm he says:

"Hi, everybody! Jerry 'The King' Lawler here, still in a Montreal hospital, and I feel sorta like 'The Bionic Man'; I got more wires coming out of me than AT&T but, I wanna thank the entire WWE Universe for all your well wishes. Thank you all."

For a nearly 63-year-old man who was revived via no less than seven shocks from a defibrillator, was administered CPR for at least fifteen minutes, underwent emergency angioplasty AND was feared to have suffered possible brain damage, all just a few days ago, I think he looks fantastic.

This is great and reassuring to see, isn't it Cagesiders?

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