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Report: Jerry Lawler will be able to wrestle again after heart attack on WWE Raw

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If you were shocked to hear that Jerry Lawler went without oxygen for up to 20 minutes and required seven shocks from a defibrillator to revive him after suffering a heart attack on WWE Raw and DIDN'T suffer any brain damage from it, you might be even more shocked by the latest update on his condition.

According to his son, Kevin, he'll be able to get back in the ring and wrestle again after making a full recovery. From the WREG report:

A CAT scan showed no signs of brain damage and doctors expect him to make a full recovery. Kevin talked to his dad for the first time today and says he sounded just like himself. He says doctors say his father is healthy for his age and they see no reason why he won't be able to wrestle again.

My reaction to that news ranges anywhere from elation that he'll recover to the point that he'll be able to resume doing what he loves to horror at the idea of him getting back in the ring after what happened to him live on television. The jarring nature of what occurred made for such an uncomfortable feeling that I'm not sure I could ever watch him wrestle again without feeling some sense of discomfort at what I was watching.

I'm curious to hear what you Cagesiders would think about seeing Lawler wrestle again.

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