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Devon explains departure from TNA, holds no ill feelings

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We know Devon is no longer with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, despite the fact that he was the television champion before leaving, but we never heard the story from the man himself on how it came to be that he wasn't re-signed by the promotion.

Until now.

In an interview with Monday Night Mayhem, Devon reveals the details surrounding his departure from the company and what his future may hold in professional wrestling:

"The deal was up as of Aug. 28, and I was still television champion. It just so happened at that particular point in time, we were in the process of cutting a new deal, but we couldn't cut it in time before the deadline. A lot of fans speculated different things, and rumors were running rampant. Safe to say, I have no ill feelings towards TNA at all. It's just that we could not come to an agreement before the 28th, and the deal ran out. It is what it is. Where I'm going to go is where god wants me to go. If faith leads me to stay in TNA, I'll stay in TNA. If faith leads me to go to WWE, then I will go to WWE. I will go where god puts me, and I'll leave it in his hands. ... I would be lying to you if I said going back to the WWE wasn't a thought. It's always a thought for anyone who's ever been there and then left."

Devon turned 40-years-old last month and considering the fact Bully Ray re-signed with TNA for the next two years, it seems highly unlikely WWE would come calling with an offer. The Dudley Boyz have value in WWE, but as singles competitors there's a clear distinction between what Ray has been able to do and what Devon has been able to do.

That's not to say Devon isn't a talented worker who can add depth to a promotion, but where would he fit in on the WWE roster? A return to TNA makes sense but even that seems unlikely, at least for the time being. Hulk Hogan was asked about Devon leaving on Twitter and his response was surprising:

"I'm all over it," he tweeted. "Devon is too valuable to ever let him slip away. Huge screw up on somebody's part."

That tweet was deleted not long after, but don't be surprised to see Devon back with the promotion before long. Maybe he'll bring the television title with him.

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