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Ric Flair talks Jerry Lawler still wrestling for WWE on Raw

Photo via <a href="" target="new">Wikimedia</a>.
Photo via Wikimedia.

Wrestling well into your 60s is by no means an easy feat. On Monday night (Sept. 10), Jerry Lawler had the misfortune of showing one of the downsides in doing that. Taking the strenuous steps to be in professional wrestling shape is something that takes a toll on younger athletes, so it would be hard to imagine how much more amplified it would be as one reaches their golden years.

If there is one man who knows just as much about wrestling into their 60s, it would be "The Nature Boy," Ric Flair. He made an appearance on Headline News earlier in the week to discuss the sad situation that occurred on Monday Night.

Given his knowledge on the risk of the pro wrestling business, Flair was quoted as saying that if "you worry about getting hurt, you shouldn't get in the ring." When asked more in detail about if it was right for Lawler to step in the ring at his age, Flair stated that he thought "he did the right thing, if that's what he wanted to do." He believed Lawler to be in good health, stating that "age is only a number."

One of the most truthful statements Flair gave was that he felt Lawler is "better than 70-percent of the guys they have on the show that are 30 years younger."

Although Flair is an indirect source here, he clearly knows the risks of wrestling at an age when most are retiring and collecting social security. His insight is pretty valuable in this sense.

How do you Cagesiders feel about a baby boomer still stepping inside the squared circle?

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