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Precap to the September 13, 2012 episode of 'Impact Wrestling' or, the one after 'No Surrender'

Tara tries to be a good teacher to Miss Tessmacher (photo via <a href="" target="new"><em></em></a>)
Tara tries to be a good teacher to Miss Tessmacher (photo via

Aries! Hardy! The Business! Typical TNA! TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

On Sunday (Sept. 9), "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy went over Bully Ray to win the TNA Wrestling's 'Bound For Glory Series'.

Next he will face Austin Aries (champion) for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the Bound For Glory pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza, which will air to a world-wide audience on Sunday, October 14th, in select theaters nationwide and online around the world at

At first glance, it seemed shocking that TNA would put Hardy in the title picture when Storm, or even Bully, appeared to be better options.

But then I remembered, this is TNA we are talking about.

Hardy has been nothing but a consummate employee since returning to TNA. He has put his drug abuse behind him, and has still retained his popularity with the Impact Wrestling Zone. Hardy has proven himself worthy a title reign at some point in time. So, I don't want to come off sounding like a stereotypical smark, complaining about how things didn't turn out how I expected.

However, I just don't see why they pulled the trigger now.

'The Bound For Glory Series' was supposed to be special. Maybe that sounds as dumb to read as it did to type, but that's how it felt to me. It really could have been something great. Storm had returned to Impact as a man on a mission. He ran through the entire BFG Series, proving his dominance over the rest of the roster. Him and Aries -- who had proven himself by being the best in the X Division and defeating Bobby Roode twice -- would have had a hell of a match. It would have been the most satisfying conclusion to what had proven to be a great tournament.

Now it just seems like any other match. If Hardy's popularity was the only reason for him to win, then TNA should just have had a fan poll to determine the number one contender.

It would have made as much sense as what they did.

The rest of the show after the jump.

Storm! Roode! Revenge! Beer Bottles! Typical TNA! Part 2!

Everything was supposed to come full circle. Bobby Roode would remain the champion until Bound For Glory. James Storm would win the BFG Series. They would face off in the main event of TNA's biggest show of the year, and Storm would finally get his revenge for getting screwed out of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. It was a beautiful storyline of friendship turning into rivalry, of the good guy overcoming challenges to finally defeat his nemesis.

In strolls Austin Aries though, and the entire equation is changed.

TNA, I don't fault you for giving the title to "A Double." After all, he was as hot as anyone on the roster. Destination-X was the perfect event to crown the former X Division Champion with the promotion's namesake title. However, its place on the calendar just three months before Bound For Glory meant that Roode's reign would have to end before Storm could have his receipt. Such are the problems with having a year-long storyline.

There was just a better way to have handled it, I think.

Storm could have matched up against Aries, and then dealt with "The IT Factor". Hell, Roode needed Aries to lose in order to get another title shot. There would have been an incentive to help Storm win the championship, only a year removed from screwing "The Cowboy" out of it.

That's about as full circle as you can get.

Instead, we have Roode interfering in the BFG Series semifinals and costing Storm the victory via beer bottle to the dome. This feud will continue, which is a good thing. Except it is much farther down the card than where it started, which is not so good.

Aces and Eights! Hogan! Sting! Ballroom Blitz! Typical TNA! Part 3!

Nothing new was furthered in the Aces and Eights storyline at No Surrender. If you've seen a single episode of Impact Wrestling in the last month, you know exactly how it played out. Aces and Eights get called out. They bum-rush the ring. There is a brawl. Someone almost gets unmasked. Someone on the TNA roster gets hurt. Aces and Eights leave. Nothing new is revealed. We don't know who is leading the masked group, nor do we know what they want.

Expect the same tonight.

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