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TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for Sept. 13: the 'No Surrender' fallout show

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Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., Sept. 13, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for yet another live show, which features all the fallout from the No Surrender pay-per-view (PPV) that took place this past Sunday night.

Jeff Hardy won the Bound for Glory Series, much to the dismay of many, and will go on to Bound for Glory to challenge Austin Aries for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. Their first encounter comes on tonight's broadcast. Will one of them turn heel or will we get a classic babyface vs. babyface feud?

Elsewhere, Bobby Roode cost James Storm the BFG Series with yet another beer bottle to the dome. It's time these two settle their differences once and for all, and that also starts tonight.

Plus, the Aces and Eights answer to Hulk Hogan. Or wreak more havoc, whatever works.

All that and more.

Remember, the show starts at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. IMPACT live blog after the jump.


Nolan in.

Video package recapping No Surrender.


Broadcast is live.

Austin Aries is here. Suit jacket? Check. TNA World Heavyweight Championship? Check.

Austin thanks the crowd, then points out that he has the title. He says it is his power and it is what makes the world go round. He says it is why everyone laces up their boots. He says it is the reason why Aces and Eights is after him.

He tells the cult that he may not have unmasked anyone, but he took "a nice piece out of their ass."

Aries says his focus is on Bound for Glory. He says he will be facing a man who beat all the odds.

He invites him out. Jeff Hardy, ladies and gents.

Aries congratulates Hardy, saying he showed guts. He says that he knows what it takes to beat Samoa Joe and Bully Ray, but in one night and with an injured shoulder? Aries is impressed.

Hardy thanks him.

Aries says it is funny that Hardy is a man of few words, but the fans still love him. Aries says that he is a man of many words and always tells the fans to quiet down, but they still cheer him. Aries starts previewing their match at Bound for Glory, saying that Hardy wants many things Aries has...

Enter Bully Ray.

He tells Aries and Hardy they're both lucky. Bully tells Aries he is lucky that he isn't facing him, saying he would beat him at Bound for Glory. Bully tells Hardy he is lucky because he felt sorry for him, which made him take his eye off the ball and he lost. He tells Hardy that he has been "kicking his ass for 15 years." US, Japan, tag, singles, doesn't matter. He wants to fight Hardy.

Aries says Bully is lucky because, last time they met, Aries tapped Bully. Aries says that if Bully wants to fight Hardy, then why not tonight? Hardy agrees and the shirt comes off. Bully goes to the outside, looking a bit upset.


Storm is walking around backstage. Guess he has something to say.


X Division Championship: Zema Ion (c) vs. Sonjay Dutt

Ion charges at Dutt, but Dutt pushes him into the corner and unloads punches. Ion whipped into the corner and he floats over to the apron, pulling Dutt down to the mat. Dutt gets a headscissors takeover from in-ring to the floor. Dutt rolls on the apron and grabs another headscissors takeover.

Dutt charging at Ion, who puts him on to the ring apron. Dutt stands and hits a springboard moonsault to the arena floor.

Action back inside and headscissors takeover from Dutt. Ion goes to the apron. Dutt pulls him up by his hair, only to get hangman's neckbreaker. Missed DDT from Ion leads to some rope running, which Dutt uses to get a hurricanrana. Nearfall.

Ion charges Dutt, only for Dutt to land a Kofi Kingston-like kick. Another headscissors takeover from the apron back inside. Ion with a sunset flip, but nothing. Dutt goes for his standing moonsault, but Ion moves out. Submission from Ion, but Dutt with a rollup for a nearfall.

Dutt with a flipping inverted DDT. Dutt going for his moonsault stomp. Lands it. Nearfall as Ion gets his foot on the rope. Ion goes to the outside.

Dutt goes out and brings him back in. Going for the moonsault stomp once again. Ion crotches him. Stacks Dutt.

Pinfall and victory for Ion.

After the match, Ion clobbers Dutt from behind with his hairspray can. Armbar on the injured shoulder of Sonjay Dutt.


Daniels and Kaz in Hogan's office. They wonder what Hogan will have to say to them and Kaz is rocking a Hulkamania shirt.

Hogan comes in and Daniels has an appletini for him, as Hogan congratulates the champs.

He then drops a bombshell as Kaz will face AJ Styles or Kurt Angle and Daniels will face Hernandez or Chavo Guerrero. If Kaz loses, that team will get a rematch. If Daniels loses, that team will get a rematch.

The TNA Tag Team Champions are flustered as Hogan wishes them luck.


Bobby Roode walking around backstage.


Kurt Angle and AJ Styles talking it out. Styles will take on Kaz.

Wes Brisco meets up with Angle and they go ready themselves to watch Styles.


Recap of the Storm/Bully Ray match which Bobby Roode made his return in.


Bobby Roode is out and he has a smile on his face.


He does a history lesson, starting from his loss to Aries that cost him future rematches. He says he took his ball and went home. While he was at home, he had a chance to watch James Storm in the Bound for Glory Series. He saw him inch his way closer and closer to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship shot.

Roode says why would he let someone who rode his coattails get a title opportunity? He says he came back Sunday to change his destiny and cost him the Bound for Glory Series.

Enter Storm and he means business, by the looks of it.

The two trade punches back and forth in-ring. Storm clotheslines Roode outside after getting the better of it. Sends Roode into the barricade. He is choking him out with his tie. Roode again sent into the barricade and Storm landing punches. Roode gets thrown into the stage and Storm still brawling.

The two are going at it as we go to commercial.


Bound for Glory memories package, recounting Styles defeating Sting at the 2009 edition.


AJ Styles vs. Kazarian

Bell rings. Lockup and AJ gets the wristlock. Kaz gets out and sends AJ into the ropes. Kaz for a hip toss, but Styles reverses and gets one of his own. Armdrag from Styles.

Kaz goes to the apron to escape attack, but Styles drops him to the outside with a right. Kaz back on the apron and Styles pulls him in via the top rope. He catches him and attempts a Styles Clash, but nothing as Kaz boots Styles' mush to get out.

Kaz with a side suplex attempt, but Styles flips out. Rope run leads to a Styles dropkick and Kaz is on the outside. Styles eventually follows suit and gets a right hands. Kaz breaks the count, then comes back to retreat, only to get clubbed on the back.

Kaz outside and AJ back in as we go to commercial.

We return and Kaz reverses Styles into the corner. Ref wants a clean break, but Kaz delivers a right hand. And another. Kaz wants to whip Styles, but Styles reverses. Styles charges at a cornered Kaz, but Kaz raises the boot. Styles with a backbreaker.

Kaz into the corner and Styles charges. Back bodydrop from Kaz, but Styles floats over to the apron. Kaz with a shoulder block to the gut. Suplex attempt from Kaz, but Styles brings him out to the apron. Styles then hits a DDT onto the apron.

Styles breaks the count, comes back out, and gets his eyes raked. Kick to the back of Styles. Kaz wants an Irish whip, but Styles reverses and sends him into the barricade. Styles runs off the steels steps, but he lands jaw-first on the barricade. Kaz runs off the steps and hits a brutal monkey flip.

Kaz back in and the count starts. AJ gets in after a while and numerous rollups for nearfalls by Kaz. AJ back up and drops Kaz with two clotheslines and a punch. Kaz in the corner and Styles hits the flying forearm. Styles going for a Styles Clash, but Kaz deposits him on the apron. AJ goes to the springboard forearm right over the ref and onto Kaz.

Kaz in the corner and he reverses Styles into a pin attempt with his feet on the ropes. Nearfall. Both men back and Styles hits the Pele Kick. Styles Clash lands. Pinfall and victory.

Styles is your victor and AJ Styles and Kurt Angle will get a rematch.


Hogan backstage and talks to Brooke Hogan, telling her that she wants her to hop between LA and NYC, only occasionally showing up for TNA. When she does, he wants her to have two bodyguards.

Joseph Park in. He says that he has evidence, but he can't quite confirm it. He says next week, he will have some evidence that will officially blow this case wide open.

Hogan is glad to hear it, but he will be going out to the ring to call out Aces and Eights. Until then, he wants Joseph Park to be the bodyguard for Brooke.

Park says it is intimidating because Brooke is so beautiful, then begins to ask if Brooke has representation. Brooke states she does, but Joseph can be her bodyguard. He takes a seat next to her.


Bully backstage with Jeff Hardy.

He tells Hardy if he wants to fight him so bad, he'll put up his Bound for Glory spot. He taunts Hardy, telling him that he knows his "balls aren't big enough."

Hardy says he will put that shot on the line.

Bully looks flabbergasted as he walks away.


Aries and Aces and Eights video package.


Hulk Hogan here.

He says that the Bound for Glory Series put TNA in high-gear. He says when he looks back on it, it blows his mind how intense it was. He says that the "Creatures of the Night" came out on top. He says Hardy is from a whole other universe. He isn't saying he understands Hardy, but he knows Hardy will always put it on the line.

He confirms the Bully Ray/Jeff Hardy rematch.

He then moves on to Aces and Eights, saying that No Surrender was a game-changer. He says the Impact Zone will be on lockdown forever.

Aces and Eights on screen. They ask Hogan if he knows for sure if he locked them out or locked them in. He says Hogan will suspicious of everyone in that arena now if it is on lockdown, as anyone in that arena could be a part of the group. He then says "checkmate" and the group applauds.

Hogan looks paranoid as we go to break.


Chavo and Hernandez backstage.

Chavo is ready to beat Daniels and get another shot.


Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

Daniels runs to the outside to start, trying to formulate a gameplan and antagonize the crowd.

Daniels goes back inside, still jawing at the fans. Lockup. Daniels puts Chavo into a corner and throws a right, only to have Chavo duck under and unload a combo. Chavo whips Daniels into the opposite corner and unloads with punches and stomps.

Daniels reverses and puts Chavo in the corner, only for Chavo to come at him with a clothesline. Side headlock for Chavo. Daniels tosses him into the corner, but Chavo floats over and gets a backbreaker. Nearfall for Chavo.

Another side headlock for Chavo. Chavo sent off the ropes and gets a monkey flip. Snapmare for a nearfall for Chavo. Side headlock once again for Chavo. Rope running situation and Christopher Daniels escapes to the outside. Chavo goes to the apron, but Daniels thinks he is out of the woods. Not so, as Chavo gets a somersault off the apron.

Chavo loading up on punches and clocking Daniels on the outside. He tosses Daniels back inside the ring. Chavo high-fives a fan, only to get on the apron and have Daniels charge off the ropes. Chavo is sent into the barricade. Daniels to the outside and a chop. Slams Chavo into the apron.

Back inside and Daniels gets a running knee to the stomach for a nearfall. Daniels holding a hammerlock and knees to the midsection. STO gets him a nearfall.

Reverse bodylock for Daniels, bearhugging Chavo. Chavo fights out, but eats a punch. The men exchange strikes and Daniels comes out on top with an uppercut that slaps Chavo. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for Chavo. Shoulder blocks. Headscissors and dropkick all for Chavo. Nearfall after the kick from Chavo.

Daniels sent off the ropes and he kicks Chavo's face off a failed back bodydrop attempt. Hip toss from Chavo sends Daniels to the outside.

Daniels has the title belt.

Chavo trying to bring Daniels in from the apron, but the ref admonishes him. Daniels tries to swing over the ref, but Chavo ducks. Three Amigos suplexes. One, two, all three land.

Chavo up top for the Frog Splash. Pinfall and victory.

Chavo and Hernandez will be getting a shot at the TNA Tag Team Championships as well.


TNA Gut Check promo.

Evan Markopoulos from Hudson, Massachusetts. He is 18 and has been wrestling since he was 13.

Tells a bit of his story and he looks excited to be given a shot.


Tara will have something to say tonight.


James Storm saying he didn't get enough of Bobby Roode. He says he will make Roode's life a living hell. Next week is Open Fight Night and he will be calling Roode out.


Gail Kim's Bound for Glory moment is when she won the first TNA Knockouts title in 2005.


Tara says that she would like to congratulate her best friend and TNA Knockouts Champion, Miss Tessmacher.

Miss Tessmacher hits the ring.

Tara says that she beat the teacher at No Surrender. She was partly upset and partly proud of Miss Tessmacher. She said it was an honor to be out there with her. She says that Miss Tessmacher will always her best friend and her "boo." She says she loves her and that she wants to properly present her with the TNA Knockouts Championship.

She straps the title around the waist of Miss Tessmacher. She once again introduces her as the champion and encourages her to play to the crowd.

Tara cheers from the arena floor as Miss Tessmacher goes to every corner and plays to the crowd.

She comes off the top and Tara cracks her with a beast of a clothesline. She clobbers Tess with a stomp to the face. She lays Tessmacher out with a Widow's Peak.

Tara looks at the camera devilishly, symbolically kicks dirt on Tessmacher, and leaves.


No Surrender video package on Hardy vs. Bully Ray in the Bound for Glory Series finals.


Dixie Carter backstage with Bruce Prichard, Al Snow, Brooke Hogan, Hulk Hogan, and D'Lo Brown.

Dixie Carter wants them to handle Aces and Eights.

D'Lo says let them in so they can trap them.

The group all bicker, with no real conclusion in sight.


Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

Bully attacks Hardy from behind as he is posing to the fans on the ropes.

Bully with power offense, such as kicks and punches. Hardy turns the tide and gets punches of his own. Bully whips him into the ropes, but Hardy knocks him down with a clothesline. Hardy working Bully in the corner. He mounts him and goes for the ten punches to the head. Gets seven. Headscissors takeover. Stepover spinning kick.

Hardy with a pin and nearfall.

Bully runs off to the outside. Hardy gets his baseball slide kick. Hardy then goes over the top rope with a crossbody, knocking Bully down.

We go to commercial with Hardy playing to the crowd and Bully down.

We are back and Hardy unloading with punches. Both go off the ropes. Double clothesline knocks both men down. Bully drapes his wrist over for a nearfall.

And we are back to commercial.

Back again. Bully whips Hardy into the opposite corner they were in. Bully charges, but only eats two boots. Hardy goes up top and he gets a splash. Nearfall.

Hardy off the ropes, but Bully hits the big boot. Bully with a nearfall. Bully up and an elbow drop. Another nearfall.

Bully working the chinlock, but Hardy fights out. Hardy gets on the offensive and goes off the ropes, only to be on the wrong end of a back bodydrop. Splash from Bully gets him a nearfall. Clothesline from Bully, followed by an elbow drop. Once again, only a nearfall.

Bully working Hardy with punches as Hardy is down. Bully backs off and looks for a big boot, only for Hardy to counter into a Twist of Fate attempt. Bully pushes Hardy chest-first into the turnbuckle. Hardy then gets sent into the opposite corner's ringpost shoulder-first.

Hardy down and out on the arena floor. Ref is counting and Hardy gets in at eight. He rolls in just to break the count, then goes back to regroup. Bully with a forearm smash across the back from the apron.

Hardy in a corner. He tries to fight out, but Bully with a hard chop to the chest. Bully sends Hardy into a corner and follows him with a splash. Going for it in the opposite corner, but this time he is met with an elbow. Hardy up top and he converts with the Whisper in the Wind.

The two men exchange strikes from their knees. Hardy gets the advantage, but Bully gets a boot to the gut.

"SCREW YOU!" to the fans.

Hardy with an inverted atomic drop and leg drop to the balls. Basement dropkick for a nearfall for Hardy. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but he eats a Bubba Bomb. Bully stacks Hardy for a nearfall.

Bully gets nailed with a jumping DDT, but Hardy only gets a nearfall. Hardy going up top, but Bully shakes the rope. Crotches Hardy. Punches lead to a superplex. Nearfall for Bully. Bully going for a Vader Bomb, but he misses.

Hardy capitalizes and goes up top for a Swanton bomb. No, he misses. Bully gets his Bubba Bomb. Pinfall, but Hardy kicks out. Bully goes for the big boot, but he eats the Twist of Fate.

And another for Hardy puts Bully down. Hardy goes up top and hits the Swanton.

Pin and victory for Hardy.

Hardy plays to the fans as we fade to black.


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