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WWE Diva Cameron reportedly pulled from future appearances for next few months

Photo via <a href="" target="new">Wikimedia</a>.
Photo via Wikimedia.

In perhaps the least surprising news of all time, WWE has reportedly pulled Ariane Andrew, who works for the company under the name "Cameron", as one of Brodus Clay's Funkadactyls, from any and all future appearances over the next few months.

The word comes from the latest edition of the Figure Four Weekly (subscription required), which notes her 15 day suspension is up but there are no plans to bring her back just yet, perhaps because WWE is waiting for the fallout of her arrest.

It was a bizarre sequence of events that led us here. Cameron was pulled over in Florida and popped for driving drunk back on Aug. 24, 2012, in her hometown of Tampa. Had that been the extent of it, maybe the issue dies down after a while and she comes out none the worse for the wear.

Instead, she attempted to bribe the arresting police officer with $10,000 in exchange for not filing any charges against her because she was fearful of losing her job. This didn't work, of course, but she never actually got around to informing WWE of the situation. The powers that be within the company found out on their own and you can imagine just how pleased they were with that. By then, she had already hopped a flight to participate in the extremely lucrative tour of Australia. She never got to enjoy the spoils, however, because she was abruptly sent home and suspended for 15 days.

The reaction to the incident itself paled in comparison to WWE's reaction to her not informing anyone, especially considering she was featured on the first edition of Saturday Morning Slam, their kid's series on CW.

Add it all up and the future looks grim indeed. There have been performers before her who were suspended and simply never brought back. Don't be surprised if she meets the same fate.

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