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Pic: The Rock's custom 'Brahma Bull' WWE championship belt that never made it to TV

Photo via <a href="" target="new"></a>.
Photo via

Look at that thing. has a photo gallery up looking at championship belts from the vault, and one of the designs is what you see above, a custom made belt for The Rock that never made it to TV.

They called it the "Brahma Bull" title and it's pretty damn sexy, if you ask me.

It makes sense they never actually took this to air, considering "The Great One" never held the title for very long, despite winning it seven times. In fact, his longest consecutive reign registered at just four months.

Then again, Edge debuted the Rated-R WWE title design one month into a short two month reign that was quickly switched back once he lost it to John Cena.

Either way, this puppy never showed up on television and that's a crying shame. She's a beaut.

Remember to click here to check out the complete photo gallery at

Thoughts on the design?

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