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Video: Jerry Lawler carried backstage after suffering heart attack on Raw

As you probably know by now, Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack while calling a tag team match during last night's (Sept. 10, 2012) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. Lawler reportedly clutched his chest or arm before convulsing and going unconscious while sitting ringside next to Michael Cole. The medical team on the scene acted quickly and instead of putting Lawler on the stretcher, they simply carried him to the backstage area, where they performed CPR.

According to reports, his heart had stopped but the medical team revived him before stabilizing his condition and rushing him off to a local hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. What you see above is the video of those medical personnel doing their job with incredibly efficiency and getting Lawler to the back as quick as possible.

It's difficult to watch, admittedly, but these men, although simply performing the duties dictated by their line of work, were heroic in the manner with which they sprang into action and took care of business. That business just so happened to be saving a man's life.

The latest updates on Lawler's condition were that he has undergone surgery to repair the blockage that caused his heart attack, which came out of nowhere. Indeed, Lawler had worked a match earlier in the night and looked just fine doing it. He looked healthy, even, as you can see after the jump.

Lawler is not out of the woods just yet but all the necessary steps have been taken to ensure his full recovery. We're still pulling for you, Jerry, and we sincerely hope you make it through.

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