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The show must go on: WWE handled Jerry Lawler's heart attack in the best way possible


There are times when we realize what truly matters in life. These revelations occupy our minds and we invest the entirety of our emotions into them for a few moments. Sometimes, everything is put into perspective when the show you are watching, or the game you are attending, takes a turn for the worst.

Jerry Lawler, as most of you probably know by now, collapsed at ringside during Monday Night Raw last night, (Sept. 10) leaving a serious cloud of emotions and questions over what was left of the show.

After all, the show we watch every Monday night was no longer all that important with this new found perspective. A legend of the sport, in any era, was in a dire situation. That's all that mattered -- and it showed; whether here at Cageside Seats, on social media, in our living rooms or in the seats of those live at the show.

In the end, the only certainty is the justified outpouring of support for Jerry Lawler. The wrestling world is behind him.

Given a night to reflect, one thing stands out above this terrifying situation; WWE handled this crisis like the true professionals they are. In the midst of tragedy, Michael Cole continued his commentary, all while helping to tend to his close friend and broadcast partner.

When the time was right the consummate professional, Cole, delivered the stunning news. Choking up, he told us that Lawler had been taken backstage where the medical staff was doing everything they could.

After this jarring moment, the WWE cast and crew continued the show, albeit eerily; with no commentary -- out of respect for "The King." Every superstar that came out after this incident showed concern for a fallen member of their pro wrestling family. Their faces were not as exaggerated as their character; their eyes were bloodshot and watered from fighting back their tears and their voices wavered as they spoke.

But, much like the company they work for, and the wrestling community, they pushed through and gave us their all. They gave us a bit of solace from the stunning tragedy right up until the show went off the air at its scheduled time.

For that, every person that stood backstage in the Bell Centre deserves a "thank you." The professionalism demonstrated from every WWE performer helped to give us a little peace of mind until Michael Cole gave us a final, somewhat uplifting, update to close the show.

In the midst of tragedy, I learned that I was proud to be a professional wrestling fan. From the fans to the performers, everything was handled as best as it could have been.

Get well soon, King.

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