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Video: A Day in the life of indie wrestler John Kermon

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Ever wonder what a day in the life of an indie wrestler is like? Allow Mr. EJ Miranda to tell the tale with his video camera in this profile of John Kermon aptly entitled "A Day in the Life."

Miranda takes us along for a ride with Kermon through a full day leading up to his scheduled title defense against indie Internet sensation Colt Cabana at Vanguard Championship Wrestling in Norfolk, Virginia.

Kermon's life isn't all that different than yours, I'm sure. He wakes up, walks his dog, eats, goes to his day job at a mixed martial arts (MMA) gym, and fits in some time to train. Later, he hits the ring to pursue his passion working in the pro wrestling industry.

The American dream, right?

It helped, undoubtedly, that Kermon was working with Cabana while this short film was being shot. And to that end, Kermon told Cageside Seats how much he enjoyed doing so.

"I love working with guys like him, makes me step my game up," he said. "It was an honor, no pun intended."

Will we see Kermon in WWE someday, working with the likes of CM Punk and John Cena? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, he's doing what he loves because it's what he loves, even if he has to make a few sacrifices for it.

Just another day in the life of an indie wrestler.

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