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UPDATED: Jerry Lawler collapses during Raw, carried away by WWE medical personnel

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A scary situation is developing on Monday Night Raw tonight (Sept. 10, 2012) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Color commentator Jerry Lawler, who worked an impromptu tag team match with Randy Orton against CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler, reportedly collapsed and was carried away by WWE medical personnel after he returned to his commentary desk alongside Michael Cole.

Our friend Arda Ocal of The Score is live at the Bell Centre and is tweeting on the situation:

"Something is going on with Jerry Lawler right now at the commentary table... It looks like he collapsed. Not part of show. ... He is being carried away by personnel to the backstage area. He appeared unconscious as he was being carried. ... I sincerely hope Jerry is OK. When I looked over he was hunched over convulsing in his seat and collapsed, then multiple ppl carried him out ... Michael Cole is still alone at the broadcast table. I'm trying to get more information."

As of this writing, about 15 minutes after Ocal's initial tweet and with roughly 45 minutes left until Raw goes off the air, WWE has yet to acknowledge a situation exists on air, though it's obvious Cole is on commentary by himself right now.

We'll update this situation as word comes in.

UPDATE at 10:20 p.m. ET: After coming back from a commercial break, Michael Cole, while holding back tears, announced that Lawler had collapsed ringside and was taken to the back where they are currently performing CPR.

UPDATE at 10:27 p.m. ET: They just ran an entire match between Sheamus and David Otunga, entrances and all, with Cole remaining completely silent on commentary. He never said a word, although cameras caught him looking at the empty chair next to him. This is eerie and has quickly become extremely uncomfortable. With Bret Hart there and scheduled to come back out and a man's life apparently hanging in the balance, this all just feels so wrong and bad. The show is going on, though.

UPDATE at 10:32 p.m. ET: Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer tweets: "Apparently there is some discussion of scrapping the rest of the show." Heat of the moment, right now, sitting here and feeling this in my home, that feels like the right call. I can't imagine what it's like for those in attendance or those being asked to continue working.

UPDATE at 10:38 p.m. ET: Michael Cole announces that Lawler has been taken to a hospital and is receiving oxygen. He is breathing on his own but the situation remains dire. Out of respect for Lawler, they will go the rest of the show without commentary and hopefully be able to give us another update before the show goes off the air.

UPDATE at 10:55 p.m. ET: Cole came back with an update that Lawler is more responsive now, reacting to lights, in an isolated emergency room and he is apparently about to get a CAT scan. Just after the announcement, Bret Hart made his way to the ring to proceed with the show.

FINAL UPDATE FROM RAW at 11:13 p.m. ET: Cole says Lawler's heart is beating on its own and he's breathing on his own. According to the hospital, his condition has stabilized and he is getting prepped for a CAT scan of his chest and his head. "On a personal note, Jerry, beat this thing. Get 'em, King."

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