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On this date in WWE history: Vince McMahon's illegitimate son is revealed

"This is an awesome idea." A thought Vince McMahon probably had when presented with this storyline.
"This is an awesome idea." A thought Vince McMahon probably had when presented with this storyline.

Back in 2007, Vince McMahon badly wanted to go forward with a storyline centering around his death. He had his writers get creative and they went really far with it, blowing him up in a limo, trying to convince everyone it was real (which worked, sadly), and even holding a memorial service for him.

Then real life happened and Chris Benoit's double murder suicide put an end to all that.

Instead, McMahon went ahead with a new storyline that year. In this one, it was revealed he had an illegitimate long lost child, a son, who actually worked for him in WWE. They teased a big reveal a few times, dropping various clues along the way until they finally paid it off on this date in history (Sept. 10, 2007) on Monday Night Raw.

They did so by having the lawyer of the illegitimate child slowly but surely eliminate most of the roster via various small reveals like the son has fair hair, or the son is attached to gold, or the really dumb clue, "things are looking up."

By the end, the wrestlers were brought into the ring and eliminated one-by-one until only Triple H remained. The fact that they thought WWE fans would get a kick out of incest is indicative of how sick and how out of his head McMahon actually is, and this was five years ago.

It was revealed, of course, that Triple H was not the son but rather Hornswoggle. Yes, the guy they used to call "Little Bastard." This was so dumb you'll be shaking your head all these years later when you watch the big reveal again after the jump.

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