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'No Surrender' results and reactions from last night (Sept. 9): The night TNA let us down

James Storm isn't happy either. Photo via <a href="" target="new"></a>.
James Storm isn't happy either. Photo via

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling aired its latest live pay-per-view (PPV) offering with the No Surrender event from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, last night (Sept. 9, 2012).

The main points of this show were wrapping up the Bound for Glory Series and Austin Aries confronting the member of Aces and Eights who broke his arm.

There was also title action, as the X Division, Knockouts, and tag team titles were up for grabs.

Let's cut to the chase.

  • I've been flying the TNA flag. I was the captain of the TNA ship. If the TNA fan club was the Four Horseman, I would have been Ric Flair. Sadly, they let us down last night. Jeff Hardy was injured during the scuffle between TNA and Aces and Eights, having his shoulder destroyed after being lawn darted into the ring post. He was scheduled to wrestle Bully Ray, but Hulk Hogan came out and hinted the match wouldn't happen. He told Bully that if he really hated Aces and Eights, he would wait until Impact to fight Hardy in a fair match. Hardy came out, selling the hurt shoulder to all hell. And he beats Bully Ray. Bully Ray, who put up a good fight against James Storm, was defeated by a one-armed man. I can't really type how furious I am. I know TNA is prone to mistakes, but this took the cake for me.
  • In all, the Bound for Glory Series matches were good. They were really good. In fact, this PPV as a whole was pretty damn great. Sadly, it will be overshadowed by the stupid decision making in the main event. The crowd went dead after Hogan cut the promo on Bully's legacy being decided on whether he'd fight an injured man. I guess this was the dark cloud that overshadowed the nice silver lining that was this show.

After the jump, more thoughts on last night's No Surrender live PPV event.

  • The show kicked off with Samoa Joe taking on Jeff Hardy. This wasn't as great as the match they had on Impact last week, but it was a fine outing. Hardy came out on top after a roll-up. The two men fought tooth and nail, Joe with power and Hardy with speed. These guys have good chemistry. Hey, Joe has great chemistry with everyone. It was a great start to the show.
  • James Storm squared off with Bully Ray next. Not exactly a great technical match like the previously mentioned opening bout, but it had some good psychology. Bully was at his heelish best, playing off to the crowd and being frustrated. There were three ref bumps, the third proving fatal for Storm, as Bobby Roode appeared and cracked Storm over the head with a beer bottle. He dragged Bully on top of Storm and woke up the ref, who counted to three. Roode versus Storm is something I can dig. This was a good way to kickstart it again.
  • Tara lost to Miss Tessmacher in a Knockouts Championship match. Solid psychology, as Tara was playing too rough for her "student" Tessmacher. The champ turned it on and ended up rolling up her mentor for the win. Not much to say here. It was okay, which is a compliment for most women's wrestling in mainstream companies.
  • Roode and Storm got into it backstage next. Hogan wanted both thrown out, frustrated at Roode ruining Storm's special night. It was all good until Hogan got involved. Certain old coots appreciate Hogan's..."talent," but he is involved in far too much.
  • Austin Aries' fight with The Armbreaker was okay enough. It ended with, hold on to your pants here, folks, a backstage clearing brawl between TNA and Aces and Eights! That seems to happen every week. Anywho, decent enough segment. The Armbreaker was nearly unmasked, but Aces and Eights saved him. So much for a new kink here.
  • Anyone think The Armbreaker looked like Luke Gallows? Could just be me...
  • Hogan put the arena on lockdown after this brawl between the groups. He brought in the police and instructed them on how to do their job around the arena. Typical Hogan.
  • Zema Ion retained his X Division belt in a great match with Sonjay Dutt. The X Division is one of the best reasons to still watch TNA. These guys are scary fun to watch.
  • Magnus lost to Rob Van Dam. Don't really see the point of why you'd make a big deal of Magnus interrupting everyone each week, but hey, it is TNA...
  • Kazarian and Christopher Daniels defeated Kurt Angle and AJ Styles in another great match. It ended with Daniels splashing the appletini of doom in Styles' face, which lead to Kazarian getting the roll-up and win. If they can make a feud out of this, I'll be pretty happy. These guys all work well together, despite Angle being somewhat limited with his messed up leg. We'll see where they go from here.

Fun show, but it gets brought down to a "C-" for me. The main event happenings brought everything down.

What do you Cagesiders make of No Surrender?

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