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Alberto Del Rio talks about WWE, his past in Mexico and working with Ricardo Rodriguez

via <a href="">WikiMedia Commons</a>
via WikiMedia Commons

Alberto Del Rio gave an excellent interview when he appeared on The Abe Kanan Show on Thursday (Aug. 30). For a pro wrestler who some fans find boring on television, he showed off a side of himself people seldom see. Del Rio joked around with the hosts and seemed to have fun with it. Among the topics that were covered:

  • Wrestling with a mask in Mexico and the protection it offered from being noticed in public.
  • Driving Bentleys, Rolls Royces and Mercedes into the arena but being seen driving a Honda in between shows.
  • Partying on the road with his best friend, Drew McIntyre. (Wouldn't that be a fun tag team?)
  • The uncertainty he had about joining WWE because of the job security he had in Mexico.
  • Working with Ricardo Rodriquez and their eventual break-up.
  • WWE becoming too politically correct and Del Rio wanting more slack for the heels to do what they want.

Del Rio was pure money during the conversation. Give the entire thing a listen, I strongly encourage this.

The complete interview after the jump.

Alberto Del Rio Interview (VIDEO)

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