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CM Punk rips the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Twitter

via <a href="">WikiMedia Commons</a>
via WikiMedia Commons

CM Punk is at it again.

WWE is currently touring overseas in Australia and you would think most people would take their downtime to relax and enjoy the beautiful "Land Down Under." But that's not how this WWE Champion works; never one to shy away from the hot topics of the day, be it Jon Jones Nike sponsorship deal or the cancellation of UFC 151, it seems Punk just couldn't help himself from jumping on Twitter and getting a bit political:

"I'm stoked to be in Sydney and nowhere near the RNC to hear how they intended to limit the rights of women and destroy the education system."

This sparked a brief firestorm of tweets from fans on both sides of the aisle, either condemning or supporting him. While Punk is certainly allowed his own political views, I'm not too sure if WWE will be happy about the champion polarizing its fan base. To paraphrase Michael Jordan, "Republicans buy merch, too."

Making matters a bit more complicated, is Linda McMahon's senate run in Connecticut. It may not be a direct shot at her but Punk is attacking the Republican Party she's running under -- and that can't sit well with the McMahon family.

It's unlikely Punk will be disciplined for his tweet, nor would any chastisement stop him from continuing to state whatever he wants; he's going to speak his mind and not censor himself. The fear is that one day he's going to say something which could end up hurting the "Straight Edge Superstar's" career.

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