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On this date in USWA history: Eddie Gilbert runs over Jerry Lawler on Memphis TV

Jerry Lawler, a man who isn't afraid to take insane bumps for the sake of a good angle. Photo by <a href="" target="new">David Seto</a>.
Jerry Lawler, a man who isn't afraid to take insane bumps for the sake of a good angle. Photo by David Seto.

They just don't make angles like this no more.

Back when Jerry Lawler was still "The King" of Memphis and Eddie Gilbert was getting ditched by World Championship Wrestling (WCW) under dubious circumstances, the two concocted an angle that would go down in history as one of the best executed of its time.

Gilbert had returned to the United States Wrestling Association (USWA) and immediately started feuding with Lawler over his status as the best in the territory. They kicked it into overdrive one Saturday morning on this date in history (Sept. 1, 1990) when, on live television, Gilbert ran Lawler over with his brother's car.


It started when Gilbert was kayfabe fired by the promoter and led out of the building. He was irate enough that he attacked said promoter in the parking lot after being escorted out, all to set up Lawler rushing in to make the save. It was then that Gilbert climbed into a car with his brother and ran Lawler over.

I'm not talking like Rikishi running Stone Cold Steve Austin over in 1999. I'm talking Gilbert sped up so much, and Lawler took such a sick bump flying off the hood and windshield of the car, that viewers at home were concerned enough for his health they called the police.

Lawler was actually forced to appear on TV sooner than intended to assure viewers what they were watching was an angle and he was actually fine, though that wasn't exactly true seeing as he suffered injuries to his hip.

You can see why by watching the clip after the jump.

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