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Kevin Nash called out by his colleagues for Eddie Guerrero insult

Not the moment the business ended, despite what Kevin Nash says. Photo via <a href=""></a>.
Not the moment the business ended, despite what Kevin Nash says. Photo via

Kevin Nash sure knows how to get everyone talking, but unfortunately he had to resort to negativity to get the attention he desperately craves. Nash caused uproar with his comments about the late Eddie Guerrero in an interview with Grantland yesterday, saying that Latino Heat winning the WWE Championship was the end of the business and he was far too short to ever be taken seriously as a world champion.

Of course, that's not true. He was the best choice at the time to dethrone Brock Lesnar as Smackdown's top champion, who was becoming difficult to work with and would soon walk out on WWE, while Eddie had become a model employee and a huge ratings mover, as Hispanic fans took to him well beyond his push. Though he didn't quite take off when given the pole position on the blue brand as some in the company had hoped for, those believing he could be an ethnic star of Stone Cold Steve Austin's magnitude, it wasn't for a lack of trying in a very tough position.

With Lesnar gone and Kurt Angle forced onto the sidelines thanks to his recurring neck problems after WrestleMania XX, Eddie was left with no marketable challengers for his belt. This could have been easily rectified in the 2004 post WrestleMania Draft Lottery, but instead Smackdown got screwed over when Triple H was drafted but got traded straight back to Raw in return for Booker T and The Dudley Boyz, which just made them look like chumps and their new brand look like crap. At least the boss' son-in-law got to be put over the whole roster, which is the main thing I suppose.

Instead, Eddie was left to feud with career mid-carder Bradshaw, who had just turned heel and metamorphosised into John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL), an arrogant Texan rich man, in the mould of the villainous J. R. Ewing and "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. It was a hard sell and Eddie went to extreme lengths to get him over, such as getting his mother involved in the angle by having JBL threaten her at a house show and cause her to have a heart attack, and doing a monster blade job in their first pay-per-view match together at Judgment Day 2004. Even with all this help, Eddie still drew much better than JBL did as WWE champion, despite JBL having 10 inches on him, a title switch that was largely forced on WWE when the pressure of being champion got too much for Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero's colleagues know the facts behind his World title run, so it's unsurprising that many of them rushed to his defence when they heard about Nash's delusional potshot at his memory. After the jump, find out what some of them had to say on Twitter:

Chris Jericho: "Funny how @realkevinnash says wrestling "died" when Benoit and Guerrero were champs-Yet the worst year for WWE biz was 95 when he was on top

Hope @realkevinnash doesn't tear his quad tweeting! #typicalbigman #nwothirdwheel"

Rowdy Roddy Piper: "The only Big Guy I knew of in the biz was named Andre! All the rest of us are little guys. I love all the real deal boys in biz. Fact, I'm one of the smallest. Fact I out drew almost everyone. Fact, without ALL the boys, I'm nothing"

Chavo Guerrero Sr.: "Nash remains a f--- moron idiot, just because he was a freak and bigger than normal people he stll has no clue what a wrestler, entertainer or worker is. My grandson that i am training now could have a better match than him. Idiot i can take his fat ass down now. Cant do a promo and if you saw his last promo in WWE with Punk, Punk punked him, he had no clue. What a waste of body! Maybe, maybe he's a syncronized wrestler. Diesel, my ass. Has anybody ever heard of Nash shooting or knocking somebody out anywere? I haven't ,what a piece of sh-- for this business."

MVP: "Kevin Nash is right. Smaller guys don't draw. I mean who would pay any money to watch itty bitty guys like Mayweather or Paquiao?"

Nash was clearly prepared for the reaction by his response to Jericho on Twitter:

Once again the puppet master pulls the marks strings. Knew Jericho was a closet mark. First one eliminated on a bullshit sing show...REALLY!!

No, Kevin, bashing a dead man's legacy doesn't make you a master manipulator, smarter than everyone else in the room! It just means that you're a lazy thinker with not much in the way of integrity, resorting to cheap heat to get a reaction and try to stay relevant in a business that long passed you by.

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