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WWE Raw results and live blog for Aug. 6: Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night

New Raw logo
New Raw logo

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 6, 2012) from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, and features all the continued build to Summerslam, which is just two short weeks away.

Oh, and it's Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night!

Okay, so it's likely that's just a gimmick for the live crowd, as WWE has made almost no mention of "The Heartbreak Kid" returning in advertising, but we here at Cageside Seats would never miss out on an opportunity to appreciate the greatest who ever did it.

For those still hoping to see Brock Lesnar toss Michaels around to get inside Triple H's head in advance of their main event match at Summerslam, it's possible that could happen tonight. Brock will be in the building to continue hyping the big pay-per-view. Let's hope they do something interesting because so far?

Swing and a miss.

Plus, CM Punk is dealing with the fallout of AJ Lee announcing Big Show and John Cena will challenge for the WWE championship, Daniel Bryan is still going absolutely crazy, and oh my god, this is a three hour show. I just remembered. Oh, dear.

All that and more.

Raw starts at 8 p.m. ET on USA, so be sure to make your way back here to chat with all your favorite Cagesiders during the show. It's always a fun time. Raw live blog after the jump.


Nolan checking in. Get your snacks and drinks ready, folks!

Broadcast is live.

Video package of last week's Cena/Big Show/Punk doings to start us off.

Cue the new intro and we are ready to go.

Lawler and Cole on the call.

Ladies and gentleman, the lovely new RAW GM is in our presence.

She has blockbuster matches for us. Big Show vs. Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena and...

Enter Chick Magnet Punk, Mr. CM Punk. Fans pop pretty hard for him.

Punk says he lives his life without regrets, but there is something he did last week that he isn't proud of. He wants to apologize for being out of line with our new RAW GM. Punk says she doesn't deserve disrespect, just like the WWE Champion doesn't deserve it. He utters the big "I'm sorry."

AJ says she accepts his apologize. Punk hopes they can continue to be friends and that he wants his triple threat match cancelled at Summerslam since that was a "mistake."

Fans are not pleased and unleash the "NO!" chants.

AJ acknowledges she is new and will make mistakes, but the triple threat is not one of those. The decision stands and Punk looks a little upset.

Punk wonders if she is bitter about AJ's failed marriage proposal. He hopes AJ doesn't try to stick to the guy "everyone likes."

Crowd boos.

Punk wants them to get on with this...and out comes John Cena!

Cena says that Punk has become "one of those guys." One of those guys that "DEMANDS RESPECT!" Cena says respect is earned, not given.

Cue "LET'S GO CENA!" and "CENA SUCKS" duel.

Cena says he has to fight each day for respect and has the gold to prove it. He says that if Punk wants to play the blame game, it is on Punk, "homes." Cena congratulates AJ and wants to get a little chummy.

Punk says he hasn't become anything and that Cena was the one who has something going on. Punk says Cena was the catalyst for all of his actions last week. He will not tolerate anyone's disrespect. He says he saved Cena's life by preventing Cena's body from giving out on the AA he was going to deliver to Big Show. "You're welcome, John Boy!"

Cena says Punk hasn't checked the facts and that champions don't do too well in triple threat matches.

Punk says that he beat Cena and that's enough.

Enter Big Show.

AJ is not pleased and she is laying down the law. She wants everyone to stop their aggression and save it for the matches.

Punk says he wants the main event. AJ obliges, but doesn't know who his opponent is. She declares that we, the WWE Universe, will determine who CM Punk will face.

Our choices: The Miz, Kane, or Rey Mysterio. Eh...

That match is next.


Video tease about tonight's potential HHH/Lesnar confrontation and Lesnar's elite submission skills that left HHH with a broken arm.


Our votes have been tallied and Doug Gilbert's best friend Jerry Lawler has the results. The winner is 230 pounds and just recently turned. And no, it isn't Miz.

Rey Mysterio enters.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Bell rings and we are on.

Lockup that has Punk push Rey into a corner. And a break. Drop toehold attempt fails for Rey and we have a grappling exchange that Punk is winning. Punk takes the back, but Mysterio turns him out of it. Rey with an irish whip into the corner, but gets matador'd into the ring post.

Punk taking advantage with two nearfalls. Punk working the leg scissors on Mysterio's cranium. Rey struggling to get out here. He escapes and eats a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for his troubles. Punk working Mysterio, and he goes to the top.

And he is pushed off.

Mysterio taking advantage and gets a senton facebuster from the apron onto Punk on the arena floor.

Commercial time.

We're back and both men are hurting, with Punk in the corner and Mysterio on the mat. Mysterio going to the top and pummeling Punk's chest. Both men upstairs now. Punk boxes Mysterio's face and hits a superplex, but only gets a nearfall.

Action from the commercial break shows Mysterio almost hit the 619, but got flatlined by a clothesline.

Now Punk working the leg scissors on Mysterio's body. Mysterio trying to punch his way out, but Punk slugs him with some forearms. Now Punk working a neck crank, but Mysterio bites his way out.

Punk throws Mysterio under the bottom rope and he hits the floor. Mysterio hits a senton facebuster from the top and almost pins Punk, but Punk gets a spinning back kick off to stifle Mysterio. Mysterio looking for something, but Punk puts him on his shoulders for the GTS. Mysterio with elbows.

Mysterio is able to set up the 619 and hits. Going for a flying move and gets caught with the knees of Punk.

Punk hits the GTS for the 1,2,3 and he is your victor.

Decent match to start. We'll see where that takes us.


Alberto Del Rio backstage trying to park his Ferrari. He doesn't look very pleased, but he is in the building. We'll see what "The Mexican Aristocrat" wants soon.


Promo shown for Wade Barrett, emphasizing his bare knuckle boxing past. Actually a good video package to build up Wade Barrett.


Alberto Del Rio is backstage with AJ, and he is already kissing up.

Del Rio says AJ should respect his decision to not compete until Summerslam, to which AJ seems pretty content with. Del Rio says that "he knew she wouldn't do something crazy."


AJ changes her mind and gives him a match next.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian

Del Rio has trouble getting off his business attire en route to the ring.

Recap of Del Rio beating up Sheamus with his Rolls Royce.

Christian starting off by bringing the brawl to Del Rio. Del Rio scoots out of the ring, drags Christian out, and pushes him into the ring post. He then tosses him into the barricade. Back into the ring, nearfall.

Del Rio now working the left arm of Christian. Christian bringing some fight, but Del Rio headbutts that idea out of him. Hits an armbreaker. Christian smacks Del Rio and that swings the momentum to Christian's side. Christian with a crossbody.

A couple of nearfalls for Christian, with one off a jackknife cover.

Christian now looking for the spear, but he eats a hard superkick. Del Rio looking for his cross armbreaker, but Christian looking for the Killswitch. Action goes into the ropes, where Christian wants to go up top. Rodriguez ain't having that and shakes the ropes.

Del Rio gets the cross armbreaker and that's the end of Christian's night. Del Rio is your winner.

Sheamus calling for "Bertie!" He says he has been thinking of what Del Rio said and wants to change, starting with the car he drives. He finds Del Rio's Ferrari and Rodriguez left the keys in. Sheamus is going on a joy ride through San Antonio and Del Rio is looking really butthurt about it. We are off to commercial after Sheamus peels out of the arena in the beautiful Ferrari.


Big Show vs. Randy Orton

Internet problems plague the Howell lair, but as far as I can tell, Orton was working some offense to start, then Big Show started using the size advantage.

Show still working restholds and beating the tar out of Orton, but Orton is fighting back. Punches, clothesline, and a dropkick knocks down Show!

RKO time!

Orton is poised and ready, but he instead eats a chokeslam from Big Show. Close nearfall and Orton is regrouping outside. Show isn't having this and picks Orton up with two hands on the throat. Hangman's neckbreaker stuns Show, but we are back outside. Ref is counting as Orton eats a hard chop to the chest.

Orton is out in-ring and Show is ready to end it. Chokeslam set up, but Orton punches out of it. Show then tosses Orton back to the outside. He lays Orton across the announce table and lands another hard chop. He's ready to lawndart Orton into the ringpost, but Orton evades and Show goes in full-force. Ref nearing a ten count.

Orton looking to gather himself and he turns around into a Big Show spear. Ref hits ten and we have a double countout.

Orton hits an RKO after the bell.


Reks and Hawkins vs. Ryback

Here we go. Ryback taking some lumps from Reks and he turns the tide. Hawkins in and tags out immediate after a big boot.

Reks uses Hawkins' distraction to capitalize and hits boots and clotheslines.

Hawkins back in and some double-teaming from Reks and Hawkins is taking it out of Ryback. Ryback gets Hawkins on a backdrop to the outside onto Reks.

Ryback is ready.

Ryback with a huge clothesline to Hawkins and he hits his finisher. Ryback gets the pin on Hawkins after showing some vulnerability.

Commercial time.


Primo and Epico vs. The Prime Time Players

AW is on fire as we are ready to go.

Dropkick to Darren Young before we go.

Titus owning in-ring right now, and he tags in Darren Young.

Young working Primo into a corner, but Primo handstands and mulekicks Young. Young gets the upperhand and takes him to their corner, where Titus is in. He pummels Primo.

And AW is happy to tell the fans about.

Chop hard from Primo to Titus, but that only serves to upset him more.

AW demands a tag-in and O'Neil brings in Young.

Darren Young is suplexed onto Primo by O'Neil and is now working a headlock. Primo getting some punches and turns the table. Slam attempt from Young turns into a nearfall off a reversal from Primo. Primo trying hard for the tag, but Young is containing him.

Young swings on Primo, who rolls under the punch and tags in Epico.

Epico coming in on fire. Punches, dropkicks, dropkick to O'Neil off the apron. Slams from Epico turns into a trifecta and AW wants Titus to bring Young outside.

AW says adios to Primo and Epico, calling it a night. But Kofi and R-Truth meet them on the ramp. A brawl ensues.

We move back to the ring and Young is preoccupied with outside action, which allows Epico to get a Backstabber for the victory.

Prime Time Players are mad.


Our martyr Damien Sandow gets his own video package. They first show the DX embarrassment, then the beatdown he laid on Brodus Clay.

Josh Matthews asks Sandow to explain his actions, who says his job as our martyr and intellectual savior is to rid the WWE of tomfoolery and he'll back that up tonight against Brodus Clay. He says we are welcome.


Brodus Clay vs. Damien Sandow

Brodus Clay walking out and Damien Sandow attacks him from behind. Clay is thrown off the stage and Sandow laying into his right leg and getting some punches in. Clay fighting back, but Sandow hits a running forearm from the stage.

Sandow lays Clay's right leg on the stage and stomps on the ankle. Now working more stomps on the ground and a leg lock.

Sandow standing near the curtains and looking quite impressed with his work. He looks like he wants some more.



AJ backstage looking befuddled. Of course, Daniel Bryan sits across from her.

AJ says that Bryan may be sane, but he has definite anger management issues. Daniel wonders if it had something to do with AJ's leaving him at the alter, but he says he is calm. Daniel wants to be in the main event and be big time at Summerslam. AJ thinks that's dandy, but Bryan already has a match at Summerslam.

Kane is taking on Bryan.

Dueling "NO!" and "YES!" from the formerly happy couple.

Bryan bucks at AJ and looks on in disbelief. A final "NO!" takes us to commercial.


Kelly Kelly vs. Eve Torres


Eve didn't wanna wrestle, but Kelly Kelly pulls her back in-ring. Lou Thesz press and punches and cat fighting from the blonde one.

Kelly Kelly with a gymnastics booty bump to Eve in the corner. She looks for the stinkface, but Torres left to the outside. Kelly Kelly brings Eve back into the ring and is working for a finish.

Eve now gaining the upperhand. Rear-naked choke from Eve in the corner, and they go to the ground now with the same sleeper hold. Kelly Kelly screaming like she got stabbed by Jason.

Eve catches a boot to the mush off a whip, but Kelly Kelly hits a botchacanrana for the victory.


Recap of the Del Rio/Sheamus incident. Allegedly Sheamus has sent a Tout from the stolen vehicle, so contain yourself for that.

Triple H/Lesnar recap.

HBK is next.


HBK comes in to a huge pop. Carrying a few retirement pounds, but still looking okay.

HBK playing to the fans, nothing of real substance. He thanks the fans for the DX reunion. Says he wouldn't miss an event in San Antonio for the world.

HBK saying he has been hearing chirping about the HHH/Lesnar confrontation and fans want his opinion.


Lesnar and Heyman enter.

Heyman wonders what HBK's opinion would be, but compliments him on his career. He says he doesn't particularly want HBK's opinion on this match, since Lesnar isn't coming to entertain fans at Summerslam. Lesnar only cares about fighting HHH. Lesnar wants to prove he is the baddest man on the planet.

HBK isn't here to dispute Lesnar's attributes, but Heyman wants to cut HBK off. Michaels isn't having.

And here comes the HHH love.

HBK saying Lesnar brought out a different side of HHH, since he got overly personal. He says he'll give his opinion anyway, and he'll tell you who he thinks will win.

Guess who? Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Michaels says he wants to be there for this match so bad that he'll corner HHH at Summerslam. Heyman is advising that he doesn't want to see what Lesnar will do to HHH at Summerslam.

Lesnar says that the only reason Michaels doubts him is because he hasn't been in the ring with him...and begins to walk HBK down.


HBK and HHH stand side-by-side and Lesnar wants none of it as he goes to the apron. He grabs a mic. Pointing to HHH, "I'll see you at Summerslam!" Pointing at HBK, "AND YOU! YEAH, YOU! I'll see you before then!"

Heyman and Lesnar exit and HBK and HHH share loving looks in-ring.


And yes, another recap of Sheamus/Del Rio.

Sheamus has a Tout ready and he is at The Alamo, enjoying the car. Riveting.


Alex Riley vs. Dolph Ziggler

Chris Jericho at the announcer's table. Trashing Ziggler and showing some brilliance on the mic.

Ready to go and Ziggler stares out at Jericho. Lockup with Riley and gets the back, only to eventually be flipped by Riley with a wristlock. Another lockup and Ziggler now working the wrist, but Riley sweeps the leg and gets a nearfall. Armdrag from Riley.

Ziggler now pushing Riley into the corner and working kicks and punches. Riley looking worn down as he gets another punch. Elbow to the back of Riley's head. Ziggler tires to punch, but Riley counters. Rope running leads to Ziggler landing a hard dropkick.

Ziggler taking his foot off the petal and does a standing elbow drop for a nearfall. Riley showing some fight, but Ziggler still able to brawl him down. Ziggler taunting Jericho all the while. Now pounding Riley with more punches.

Riley fighting back and landing punches. Arm drag into suplex from Riley. Ziggler goes into the corner, but Riley charges into the pole. Neckbreaker from Ziggler. Ziggler gets a nearfall with a "YEAH BABY!" foot on the chest pin.

Jericho decides he wants to Tout this and gets on top of the announce table. Ziggler isn't pleased, but gets rolled up for the 1,2,3 from Riley! Riley wins.

Jericho mouthing off to Ziggler post-match and they both look ready to go at each other.


AJ sent out a tweet saying Kane vs. Miz will happen.

And that will be next.


More Touts from Sheamus. He makes an awful Mexican food joke and spills it in Del Rio's car.

My knee hurts so much from it being slapped.


The Miz vs. Kane

Lockup and break leads to Miz punching Kane.

Kane ain't happy.

He proceeds to beat down Miz in the corner. Goes for the big boot and Miz ducks it, hanging Kane up on the rope. Miz working that leg now. Stomps, knee blocks, holds, etc. Miz working Kane down in the corner.

And there's the slaps from Kane.

But Miz dropkicks the leg of Kane, then boots him in the face for a nearfall. Sleeper hold from Miz now. Kane breaks out and hits the uppercut. Bodyslam into a dropkick from Kane for a nearfall. Clothesline in the corner from Kane. He gets greedy and misses Miz.

Miz looking for the Skull Crushing Finale. Kane keeps charging Miz and missing. Miz charges Kane and gets snake eyes...kind of.

Anyway, Miz stumbles into a chokeslam and a loss. Kane wins.

Main event is next with 30 minutes left. Could be a good one.


Sheamus is back and ADR's car is shot to hell with food, plants, etc. Yep...

ADR is backstage and he's mad about his ride. He blames Ricardo and tells him to clean this mess.

That laughfest and Daniel Bryan's entrance lead us to commercial.


Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

Lockup to start and Cena grabs a headlock. Break.

Daniel Bryan goes out to confront the "YES!" chanting fans.

Cena with a hip toss and working Bryan on the ground with headlocks and chokes.

Bryan now able to stretch the leg out and get an armbreaker out of it. Now working the armbar. Cena tosses him into the ropes and Bryan is able to stop and get outside. Cena takes chase and around they go. Cena is baseball slide kicked off the apron. Bryan gets to the apron and gets a flying knee.

Bryan confronts fans dressed like referees with "NO!" at the top of his lungs. And that takes us to commercial.

We're back and Bryan working Cena's arm. Now working his Thai kicks. Cena is down in the corner and takes the baseball slide kick for a near fall. Bryan wondering what he has to do to put Super Cena down.

More kicks to the back and body of Cena. Now they turn into mudhole stomps. Bryan gets reversed into the corner and ends up on the receiving end of a back bodydrop.

Cena charges at Bryan and gets the drop toehold into the turnbuckle, which is kicked by Bryan. Cena now down and Bryan working a chicken wing. Bryan still working with a knee to the back of the head for a nearfall. Bryan goes back to the chicken wing and Cena is hulking up.

Cena with the shoulder blocks, the slam, and here it is, the Five Knuckle Shuffle!

Attitude Adjustment? No. Guillotine choke from Daniel Bryan! Cena's face turning red as he rams Bryan into the corner. Bryan still holding it as Cena falls. Cena shakes him and almost has the STF, but gets kicked in the head and Bryan gets a nearfall.

Bryan going up-top and hits a flying headbutt, but just gets a nearfall. Bryan is going mad here, but now is winding up for the kicks to the chest. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven...and the STF! Cena has the STF now. Bryan is in the middle of the ring and he reverses into the "NO!" lock! Transitions galore.

Cena has Bryan up on his shoulders! Attitude Adjustment. One, two, three. Cena wins.

CM Punk's music hits. He looks like he means business as he walks to the ring.

The two are staring down as Punk raises the belt. Cena gestures around his waist, but throws Punk out of the way as Big Show comes in. Shoulder blocks from Cena to Show, but chokeslam coming! Cena counters into the AA, but Punk topples that tower.

Punk looks on and gets on the announce mic. Punk is frustrated and cuts a hell of a promo. He speaks about disrespect and how he is going back to his roots to just kicking ass. He says every show will end the same as the one before, with Punk standing tall.

He enters the ring and attempts to kick Show, but he eats the WMD. Cena gets the same.

Big Show raises the belt and puts it around his shoulder, looking defiant.

Replay of the action that just occurred.

Show holds the belt up as we fade to black.


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