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Video: Dawn Marie "clears up" past Wrestlers Rescue controversies

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As she promised, Dawn Marie has issued a lengthy video statement discussing her recent dealings with amputee James "Kamala" Harris and past controversies involving her Wrestlers Rescue foundation, which was set up to help retired professional wrestlers with their healthcare needs. Important details to note from Marie's two part video (second video embedded after the jump):

  • Wrestlers Rescue is a for profit organisation, though she also has a non-profit entity named Pro Wrestling Relief.
  • Her account of how she contributed $3,000 to "Dr. Death" Steve Williams' escalating medical bills matched the story regarding that matter Dave Meltzer reported two years ago. The Wrestlers Rescue campaign for Dr. Death was left with a balance of $1,773:73, according to a spreadsheet on their website. She didn't discuss what happened to that leftover money, but supposedly that money may be used to create a scholarship fund in his name.
  • She claims that the false rumours that Wrestlers Rescue never paid Williams any money before his death were spread by Michael Porter, a former WWF ring crew member, who she refused to help out with his rent arrears because he wouldn't provide evidence that he was due to be evicted from his home.
  • Regarding the aborted campaign to help pay for Jerry Lynn's back surgery in 2010, she collected items to be auctioned off on his behalf, but decided against going through with the fundraising due to all the bad publicity Wrestlers Rescue got from Porter's smears against her foundation. She kept all the items to use on future fundraising campaigns.
  • She reiterated the strange claim that Kamala returned the cheque she sent him for $500 earlier this month. Marie has offered to resend Kamala the money and if he still refuses it, then she will give a full refund to anybody that sent in a donation for Kamala who wants their money back and contacts her by email.